Arian Foster thinks his vegan diet has been overblown

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When Texans running back Arian Foster mentioned this offseason that he became a vegan, it got a lot of attention. Foster says that’s less because a vegan diet affects a professional athlete, and more because everyone is so desperate for any NFL news during the offseason that the obsess over the most trivial of stories.

“There’s nothing to talk about in the offseason, that’s why. I don’t know why it got so much attention. There’s other vegans in the NFL,” Foster said in comments distributed by the team.

When reporters persisted in asking Foster about his diet, he became testy.

“Nobody asked me what I ate last year. Why is everyone so concerned about what I’m eating? It’s really not that interesting. It’s not interesting at all, actually. It’s just the flavor of the week. Y’all will forget about it in a month,” Foster told reporters.

Foster, who says he feels healthier now that he’s not eating meat or dairy products, is probably right: Everyone will forget about it in a month. And that’s a great reminder that the NFL season is finally almost upon us.

17 responses to “Arian Foster thinks his vegan diet has been overblown

  1. As a Texans fan I wasn’t too excited about this but I trust the doctors and nutritionists. I seriously doubt avoiding animal products really feels all that different. As long as production is there I’m fine with it.

  2. I think Arian Foster is the most interesting person to listen to in the entire NFL — players, coaches, owners, whatever.

    That man thinks on a level that’s beyond his peers.

  3. Good for him. It’s much easier to be a vegetarian or vegan now than ever. There’s lots of choices at most supermarkets that taste great…plus they’re better for you than their animal based products.

  4. Actually you can tell a difference with a Vegan diet. Your body and over all health is much better. The reason everyone worries about Vegan diets is because they think only meat can give you protein when that is far from the truth. You can get plenty of protein from legumes, vegetables and mushrooms. Most of us are allergic to dairies and don’t realize it until our bodies start breaking down. Stop eating dairy for a few months and try eating it again. You will spend a lot of time in the bathroom and dealing with stomach aches. This was the best thing he can do to prolong his career.

  5. Many, many people have trusted nutritionists all the way to a heart attack.

    And its more of a when he struggles, rather than if he struggles. It is an absolute guarantee that he breaks down, and goes soft. THis diet turns you into a wimp. There is science behind this, which can back the idea that it turns you into an easily aggravated whining whimpy little girl with a suppressed imune system.

    “natural unprocessed fresh beef and other natural meats are used by the body to heal and prevent disease. The human immune system is composed of protein molecules made from meat. A diet high in meat will provide a robust immune system which prevents and cures diseases. Animal protein does not cause osteoporosis, reduce bone density, or cause kidney stones as claimed by many vegetarians and others who propagate lies.”

  6. No one cares about your protein intake until they find out that you are a vegan.

    Now, I’m no a vegan but I have friends who are. And I know they get bombarded with ridiculous questions about their diet all of the time.

    We should be more concerned with the diets that cause heart disease and diabetes.

    And guess what! The vegan diet ain’t one of those.

  7. See the study titled “Saturated Fat prevents coronary artery disease? An american Paradox”. You are a naive person if you think the vegan diet does not cause heart disease. Among the leading causes of heart disease is the high carb diet, which a vegan diet absolutely must be, if it is a true vegan diet

  8. He’s right. His diet is a non-story except for people who’ve never met a vegetarian.

    And anyone who says a vegan diet doesn’t reduce chances of multiple diseases, including heart disease, is an idiot, or someone who works for the meat industry!

    I’m not a vegan. My motto is Eat the Rich.

  9. the only thing that can have any effect on diseases in your body is vitamins and minerals which in todays world are not found in food. You are naive to think this diet helps any disease at all. And it is proven that high carb (all vegan diets are) vegan diets do cause heart disease. The only thing that stops heart disease is the cholesterol found in meat. It is said by many to be a killer but this is not true. It is vital nutrient to health and with a vegan diet the only cholesterol you get are bad cholesterol

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