Dolphins owner sounding a more realistic note


As nice as it was for the Miami Heat to win the NBA title, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross knows his team winning a championship would create a much different atmosphere.

The small matter of when they might is a different question, though.

Ross admitted it was going to be hard for his team to match the neighbor’s success, at least this year.

When asked if he thought the Dolphins had the talent to push for a playoff spot this year, Ross replied: “I sure hope so.”

Go get ‘em, boys.

That kind of tepid endorsement is at least a realisitc view of where his team stands. And having honest expectations will be a key for the Dolphins, since they lack the kind of talent, specifically on offense, to contend for much of anything but a top-10 draft pick this year.

But Ross seems to understand that, which for a guy who has come off as star-struck in the past is progress.

He seems to have a good rapport with coach Joe Philbin (which was noticeably missing with Tony Sparano), and Philbin invited him to talk to the team as camp opened.

“Well, I told them what I believed,” Ross said. “Why I bought the team. What my vision was for it, and tell them how excited I am. My position as an owner is to support the team and do everything we can to produce a winner. There is a tradition here in Miami. It’s a great place to play. There’s a responsibility both to the team and to the fan base.

“[I] just let them know a little bit about who I am. I thought it was good. Joe really encouraged it. As you know, it hasn’t really been encouraged in the past. It was kind of a new beginning, if you will.”

For a guy who has made some clumsy moves in the past, adopting a slow and steady approach is at least a step in the right direction.

5 responses to “Dolphins owner sounding a more realistic note

  1. There is arguably more talent on the roster right now than there was last year (and this team finished 6-3). There were 3 key losses–Marshall, Taylor and Bell.

    Marshall was more trouble than he was worth. He dropped several key passes on 3rd down and he had several sure TDs fall through his hands. If you remove the ones that would have been difficult catches you still have 5 sure-fire TDs that slipped through his fingers. He had a lot of catches for the team but the impact was not as it should have been.

    Taylor was a great player but his production was down. He still played pretty well but there is no denying he is past his prime. His leadership will be hard to replace but the loss of production can be minimized.

    Bell was a strong leader and an outstanding tackler but he was a liability in the secondary. He has lost a step and didn’t have a step to give to begin with. I would have liked for him to stay but the pass defense needed a boost.

    The Dolphins had a strong draft whether or not you feel Tannehill was a reach. The offensive line should be fixed. That was a huge issue the last few years. Good players but a bad unit. Long, Incognito, Pouncy, Steinbach/Jerry, and Martin can be very good if they gel.

    The scheme and tempo on both sides of the ball should be better. They system suits Bush much better and I like the TE potential. The RB stable is arguably one of the best in the league. With stable QB play this offense can be capable if not dynamic. (the WR may not be big-name guys but they run decent routes and can catch the ball)

    Philbin is the biggest reason I am so optimistic. I like what he has done and whet he wants to do. He brings the leadership, brains, and accountability this team has sorely lacked for much of the last decade. Ross has a lot of reasons to feel optimistic. Thinking they have a shot at the post-season is not absurd. They have been competitive but have not been able to get over the hump. Philbin can change that. It is merely a matter of how much time it will take.

  2. As a Packer fan I want to say that the Dolphins should be on the upswing with Philbin – he really is a great coach, and the fact that he is developing a proper relationship with both the owner and the players already demonstrates his ability to lead men.

    I don’t honestly know if the Dolphins have the talent to get into the playoffs this year or not, but if they do I expect they’ll be put in the best possible position to do so.

  3. I am a diehard Dophins fan back from when I saw my first football game in the early 70’s. The above analysis is one of the best written in a while.

  4. I have been die hard as well, and it pains me to say this team has become THE CHICAGO CUBS OF THE NFL! I am predicting every other team will win the Super Bowl at least once BEFORE Miami wins again! Fifteen have done it so far! Either that or they won’t win again in my lifetime.


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