Jags place Jones-Drew on reserve/did not report list

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With Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew not reporting for training camp, the Jaguars had a roster spot that isn’t being used.  So they shifted Jones-Drew, as expected, to the reserve/did not report list.

He can be removed from the list whenever he shows up.  As long as he shows up by the Tuesday after Week 10 of the regular season, he can play this year and get credit for a year of service under his contract.

The point, then, is that the Jaguars wanted to use the roster spot on someone else.  They used it on fullback Will Ta’ufo’u, who becomes the team’s fourth fullback.

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  1. Why in the world would the most productive back in the league the last 5 years play for 4.5 mil? These are his 2 options. Play for 4.5 and be a “so called” good team player and be thrown out like yesterdays trash in 3 years. Or, hold out now and get paid and then get thrown out like yesterdays trash in three years.

  2. Man up and play your contract….of course as a previous Team Captain…you should lead by example… of ccourse people forget you had a front loaded contract and technically you already got prepaid…..so 4.5 is more like 8….I guess MJD is NOT ALL IN!!!

  3. @KIR

    The Jags paid Jones-Drew a $9 million dollar signing bonus, and $17 million dollars over the first three years of a five year deal, which was three years ago. The Jags have paid Jone-Drew over $7 million dollars per year, on average, for the past three years. The deal was all front loaded.

    Ultimately, the Jags played this right, and fair. They locked Jone-Drew up for a fair deal, in the prime of his career. Even if Jones-Drew sits the year out, the Jags still own him for two years. Plus, they could use the franchise tag, and secure him for a third year.

    He has no leverage!

  4. I like the new owner. He seems like he has a clue and a plan. I hope he lets MJD go for about a week (start the fines) and then issue the 5-day letter. I believe that would force MJD to either show up or sit the whole year but the team couldn’t activate him later on even if they wanted to. I could be wrong but that is what I remember from the last time this site discussed the letter. MJD has no doubt been a great player for the Jags but he is being unreasonable with this. Why can’t these guys that hold out ever remember that they have already been paid much of the money slotted for this year. His $4.5M (or whatever he thinks he is being underpaid at) is what is left of his 2012 salary. He likely spent the rest 2 years ago when he got it. That’s not “free” money guys.

  5. He deserves a better contract. Yes he signed the original but they need to revisit as also they have the option to cut a player mid contract.
    Fools not to negotiate.

    Hidden agenda is present with this deceptive owner and becoming all that more obvious.

  6. It would be nice, for once, to see a team tell a pouty player “fine… Sit all year. We’ll move on without you”….

  7. The Jaguars paid Jones-Drew before he took a snap as the full time starter. They gambled on him being able to carry the load. I have no problem with the Jags holding their ground. They didn’t have to pay him like they did. He hadn’t proven he was capable of being the workhorse he is and they signed him long term anyway.

  8. Next time teams should either pay the money evenly over the length of the contract or backload the contract to ensure the players like Lance Briggs, Osi, Duhrelle Revis, or Jones-Drew honor their contract.

    The teams paid MOST of the money over the first two years meaning the players got monster payouts in the couple years, but these greedy players actually think they’re worth those first 2 year averages.

    Maurice, I followed your career since the days at De La Salle, but you’re being a greedy fool here. No sympathy.

  9. We’ll see how the fans feel when the season starts and the offense from a year ago actually looks great by comparison.

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