Jason Pierre-Paul thinks he’s halfway there

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Yesterday, we had Steve Smith saying he wanted the Panthers to double their offensive output, which would put them over 50 points per game.

Today, Jason Pierre-Paul of the Giants raised the hyperbole bar, saying that he’s about 50 percent of where he could be as a pass-rusher.

That would be after a 16.5-sack season which saw him earn Pro Bowl honors.

“I am still improving,” Pierre-Paul said Saturday, via Ohm Youngmisuk of ESPNNewYork.com. “Trust me, I don’t know it all, I still got a lot to learn in this game of football. I am like right here.”

That’s when he put his hand at his chest level, then raised it over his head to show how much higher he could go in his third season.

“I am about 50 [percent],” Pierre-Paul said. “I am still learning. That is the good thing about it. I want to come out here and learn and keep on improving.”

Along with Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora, he gives the Giants plenty of pass-rush, but Pierre-Paul is trying to maintain his humility, even as he’s poised to break out as one of the top defensive players in the game.

“I am just trying to be that 20-year-old kid trying to make a football team and be a sponge to the game and teach these rookies something too,” Pierre-Paul said. “That is basically it. Stay a 20-year-old kid trying to make the football team like I don’t even have a spot on the team.”

If he gets even 5 percent better than he was last year, he’ll be making plenty of teams, like the kind that play in Hawaii.

8 responses to “Jason Pierre-Paul thinks he’s halfway there

  1. He’s already made the Pro Bowl. Chances are he’ll make it plenty more times in his career. Something tells me he’d prefer to hoist the Lombardi a few more times instead.

  2. To say we might be watching the best defensive player ever to play the game is a little early. After a few more seasons we can make that declaration. Until then it will always be Reggie White.

  3. killer678 – IF he stays healthy, and in football that’s always an “if”, he’ll be better than Strahan. Even Strahan would admit he didn’t have the physical tools this kid does. Tom Brady didn’t complain during Strahan’s Super Bowl “It’s like throwing in a forest, dude.”. The upside this kid has is amazing.

  4. They need to check to see if he is legal to be in this country. Send him back to that toilet of country they call haiti.

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