Jim Harbaugh has five No. 1 receivers


49ers coach Jim Harbaugh takes issue with Rich Gannon’s contention that Harbaugh said Randy Moss is the team’s best receiver.

In Harbaugh’s mind, he has five best receivers.

“The way that was reported was misunderstood,” Harbaugh said Friday, via Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com.  “What I said — and I remember the conversation vividly — I was describing Randy having the fastest time in a specific drill on a specific day of the offseason OTAs.

“What we have here on this team, really, we’ve got five guys who are No. 1 receivers as we go into camp.  It will play out what the roles are, who the starters are, who the backups, the contributors.  We’ve got five guys tied for first.”

The five No. 1 wideouts are, in Harbaugh’s assessment:  Moss, Michael Crabtree, Mario Manningham, Tedd Ginn (no, really), and Kyle Williams.

Coincidentally, first-round draft pick A.J. Jenkins has yet to land on the first tier.

Look, I don’t want to say Harbaugh is lying because then he would say I’m being diabolical.  But how in the hell can five guys be tied for first after the full offseason program?

Moreover, if Harbaugh truly viewed the quintet of pass-catchers as having No. 1 talent, he shouldn’t have burned a first-round pick on Jenkins.

Harbaugh’s a great coach.  Fiery.  Competent.  Inspiring.  I’d run through bounce off a wall for him.  But it would be nice if he tried to make his feelings known in a way that doesn’t insult the intelligence of the average 11-year-old.

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  1. It’s a good group. There us a potential for one of these guys to break out. I would say it’s most Likely going to be Crabtree.I don’t know why people hate Alex Smith?! He played well, he showed grit in the playoffs. The guy plays in a very QB friendly system now. And with a D like he has how often is he coming from behind, he doesn’t have these flashy big yardage games because he doesn’t have to.

  2. I believe from Harbaugh’s point of view he doesn’t see guys at a #1 or #2 etc but whoever catches the ball on a given play to be the #1 WR for that play.

    Of course he’s still being facetious because he knows exactly what the media is asking when it comes to a #1 WR but thus far he’s shown himself to really not be a fan of speaking with the media and he’s one that will never tear down any of his guys in the media.

  3. That first round Jenkins pick (a complete bust so far) could have been Mike Wallace instead, which would have given them *six.*

  4. It’s obvious Jim Harbaugh wants to look for some chemistry in his wr’s corps, but will he find it? I don’t think so, he got himself in a big deep hole. Randy Moss has to go and Kyle Williams has to be traded to resolve the issues here.

  5. how has it not become apparent to you guys that what harbaugh is trying to do is instill a team chemistry where he has full confidence in his players to succeed.

  6. Every time this guy opens his mouth he proves what a tool he is!
    And he proves what a fluke last season was too. If he doesn’t repeat, fans will be asking a lot of questions.

  7. Again with the ….”what I said was not what I meant”. The most common thing in sports is that what they say is never really what they mean, never understood, never quoted right, etc.

  8. I’ve got five super bowl futures tickets and none of them will pay if SF wins the SB.

  9. 1 phd says “that jenkins pick a complete bust so far”….. hahaha wtf are you talking about? it is 1 practice into his rookie training camp. how in the hell could he possibly be a bust already. ridiculous. and the 49ers have no interest in paying wallace the kind of money he is demanding. larry Fitzgerald money….pass. at least let jenkins play in an actual game before ripping him. unreal

  10. Moss – character issues
    Crabtree – character issues
    Williams – you already know what he did in playoffs
    Jenkins – out of shape

    there best receiver isn’t even a receiver, its a tight end

    Manningham – soon to be “why did I sign here?”

    Jacobs – another character

    Smith – running smack on Cam Newton, who lit him statistically

    They better hope that no. 1 level defense shows up again.

  11. @1phd…. Did you just refer to a draft pick from 3 months ago and that has yet to even have the CHANCE to take a SNAP, as a bust????.. Wow. With that level of insight I’m surprised they allow you on-line without supervision. Please stop and THINK before posting anything.

    The WR depth chart is NOT set. Those guys are all getting a legitimate chance. The rookie is not considered in the hunt…yet. That is how it should be. Always make the rookie work for everything!

    @bluefan… Yep. Crappy QB. Just ask New Orleans how crappy. He is in the top half of the league. Just get used to it. I take it from your moniker that you’re a Giants fan? If so I bet you were one of those tools calling for Eli’s head early on. Genius.

  12. How funny the media is for still expecting the coaches to lay it all out there. The 49ers and Harbaugh want to share as little as possible. They don’t care what is written. They know the truth and that’s all that matters.

  13. I’m so sick of people saying Harbaugh is a great coach. He’s coached for 1 season. Can the media wait until he’s been a coach for a few more years before annointing him a “genius”.

  14. 49erstim says: Jul 28, 2012 6:55 PM

    @bluefan… Yep. Crappy QB. Just ask New Orleans how crappy. He is in the top half of the league. Just get used to it. I take it from your moniker that you’re a Giants fan? If so I bet you were one of those tools calling for Eli’s head early on. Genius.

    Not at all. I’ve always backed Eli Manning

    And I’m sure that you were devastated at the thought of Alex being let go(ignored) while SF pursued Peyton, right?

    Oh wait, Harbaugh was only “evaluating” Peyton, while poor Alex was down in Miami, and being completely ignored by SF until the floor collapsed under the Peyton Manning sweepstakes. Clown.

  15. @bluefan….. Say what you may about the 9ers flirtation with Peyton, but I’ve gone on record as saying bringing him in was a BAD idea. I am, and have ALWAYS been, an Alex Smith fan. The kid has taken a lot of grief and stayed pretty quiet and I believe he has the tools to be a successful QB…. Your blind hatred for a QB you believe to be no good is very odd to me. Could it be that that is because you believe that he almost got you last year, even in an abysmal game? Ahhhh. Thanks for playing.

    BTW… Congrats on that (not sarcastic) SB win. Get ready to defend it. 🙂

  16. @bluefan204

    “poor Alex was down in Miami, and being completely ignored by SF”

    They offered him a contract well before that. He signed that same contract. The 49ers went after Smith before they “evaluated” Manning. They never even took that contract off the table. At any time he could have signed.

    No 49ers fan is calling Smith the next Montana. But people talk like he is one of the worst QBs in the league. There is that top tier of obvious franchise guys (Brady, River, Rodgers, Big Ben, ect.) and then there is that second tier of QBs who are clear starters but don’t put up huge numbers; that’s where Smith is.

    And comparing Harbaugh to Rex Ryan is a joke. When Harbaugh predicts a Super Bowl, we can talk. Other than that he just likes to publicly compliment his players. Many people think that’s ridiculous but I have a feeling Harbaugh isn’t going through the internet reading football blogs and comments worried about what fans and writers (and I use that term loosely) think of him.

  17. Yeah, I want to see a 2nd and 3rd year from before I go calling him a great NFL coach. Rex Ryan looked like a genius after 1 year too.

  18. Alright guys, listen up. Of course Harbaugh is going to be vague about his true evaluations of the depth chart of his team to EVERYONE not directly tied to the organization! Why on earth would you give ammunition to the other 31 teams out there as to who to key in on and what your gameplan is? Do you tell everyone at the table you just got dealt pocket aces when you play poker? Confidence is critical when it comes to dealing with these pro athletes and their “sometimes” self-inflated images of themselves. He wants to instill confidence in every single member of the team so he can get every ounce of effort out of each one of them. I, for one, think it is a truly genius approach. Let the media and other fans hate him all they want for being vague, deceptive, and mincing words. All that really matters is his evaluation as a coach in terms of wins/losses and how his players feel about him. A step back this season in terms of wins? Maybe. Comraderie and cohesiveness as a team? Count on it. This team has become a family, and all of them are willing to go to war for one another. This team now has the foundation laid to return to at least be a reflection of the Dynasty this team once was. I personally can’t wait for the games to begin…

  19. Lol. Everyone hates the niners again. It’s good to be back fellas. Good to be back.

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