Kolb throws two picks in Cardinals scrimmage


At a Cardinals Fan Fest last month, quarterback Kevin Kolb heard the boo birds.  At the annual Red and White scrimmage on Saturday, a record crowd of roughly 14,500 was more restrained — despite Kolb’s performance.

According to the Associated Press, Kolb was “heckled a bit by a few in the crowd” after throwing a pair of interceptions.  Kolb and John Skelton shared snaps with the first-string offense.

“It all comes out of my hands so it’s ultimately on me,” Kolb said.  “That’s the way I’ll approach it and look at it and move forward.”

Receiver Larry Fitzgerald put the blame more broadly on the entire offense.

“I thought we definitely could have executed better,” Fitzgerald said.  “That falls on us as players.  This is the first week of camp.  We’re running our base offense.  This is stuff we should be able to do in our sleep.  There’s nobody to blame but the 11 of us breaking the huddle.”

Kolb threw a touchdown pass, Skelton didn’t.  But Skelton didn’t throw any picks.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt cautioned against drawing any conclusions from their respective performances.

“Kevin was the guy that had the second spot in the rotation today so he was playing with the No. 2 line a lot.  In fact, we had a center in there that hadn’t taken any snaps because we had one go down in practice [Friday].  We had some protection issues where he didn’t get a chance to sit in there but he had some dropped balls, too.  It’s kind of hard to evaluate it.  That’s why you don’t make snap judgments when you’re doing this with the quarterbacks.”

Frankly, the fact that Kolb had the second spot in the rotation seems more alarming than his performance.

Then again, maybe Whisenhunt simply wanted to insulate Kolb from the indignity of being greeted by boos.

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  1. This team really is close to being good. They must get consistent Qb play though. The way Kolb’s contract is structured if he doesn’t play well this year he’s gone. Skelton is gonna be a solid reliable backup but probably nothing more.

  2. BTW a buddy of mine attended the fan fest where Kolb was apparently booed and he said that he never heard any booing from fans

  3. So what? Its just a scrimmage, you should be happy the defense is creating turnovers

  4. Wow never did i ever see the day that Kolb would throw only 2 interceptions in a scrimmage game. He has improved greatly……So glad im not a cardinals fan but currently rowing up the same river as them…….GO BROWNS!!!

  5. Kolb’s a paper tiger. No way the Cards get past the 9ers or a better Rams team. Seattle? Who knows, theyre a 1st or worst type team. Most likely worst.

  6. Inside scoop on why Kolb had the second spot in the rotation:
    When Whisenhunt asked about who would start the scrimmage during local radio shows on Thursday and Friday, he answered that according to their training camp QB rotation, Saturday would be Skelton’s turn to take the snaps with the first team.
    So, Mike, you are looking for signs that aren’t there to make something out of nothing. But again, I don’t expect you to have enough time to listen to every interview the NFL coaches give on their local radio stations.

  7. Now this is the type of post I’ve been waiting for from Flo rio. It’s dripping with sarcasm (this and the John Harbaugh posts)

    Love it!

  8. Have to give Andy Reid credit. There are many things that he still can’t get right after 14 years of being a head coach in the NFL. But, fleecing other teams in trades isn’t among them. He has an uncanny knack of coaching up mediocre QB talent enough to get other teams to think that the lump of coal he just buffed is actually a diamond. I thought that extracting a 2nd Rounder out of Miami for AJ Feeley was a steal. But, getting DRC and a 2nd out of the Cardinals for Kolb makes the Miami deal look like child’s play.

  9. This guy has done nothing but fail to meet expectations since being traded by the Eagles. It seems the emperor has no clothes and the only ones that don’t see it is the Cardinals coaching staff.

  10. Kolb and Skelton take turns with the first string offense alternating every 24 hours. Friday was Kolbs turn. Saturday (scrimmage) was Skeltons turn. Nothing to read into here.

  11. Best play now for the Cardinals is to sign Kafka for 67 million….where is Andy Reid’s business card.

  12. Kolb still hasn’t started 16 games in this league yet, let alone 16 for Arizona, and he had a better QB rating than the almighty Skelton last year. If he were a rookie, I think he would be given more of a shot than half a season and a short training camp. They would be foolish to pull the plug so early and side with the fans in using the less talented Skelton.

  13. I love all the Eagel fans popping off about their so called great trade. DRC was a below average CB in AZ. He he couldn’t tackle, he was always injured and I can’t remember how many times he got burnned deep. We’ll see how their second round pick turns out before passing judgement there. BTW – I’m not saying the Cardinals made a good trade but they had to do something. In the past they would have stuck it out with Derek Anderson or Max Hall. Lest we forget, this is the same Eagles (DREAM) team that went 8-8 right? This is the same team that LOST to the Cardinals right? Let’s not put Andy Reid up on a pedistal until he actually wins a Superbowl. Actually I don’t think theres a pedistool that could support Andy Reid.

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