Larry Fitzgerald unfazed by QB competition talk


Kevin Kolb said that teammates were already laughing off reports that they favored John Skelton in the Cardinals quarterback derby.

But the guy who may matter most to either of the quarterbacks just shrugged it off.

Wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald’s been through this before, and isn’t going to get too worked up about it yet.

Having been through the lean years when the choice was Josh McCown/Shaun King/John Navarre to the Kurt Warner/Matt Leinart debate, the Kolb/Skelton competition lacks a certain something.

“I think I was asked more when Kurt and Matt were competing,” Fitzgerald told Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic. “This is child’s play almost.”

At least in the past, the backgrounds of the competitors made them interesting. An overpaid backup from Philadelphia and a fifth-round pick from Fordham doesn’t quite create the same buzz.

“Matt was coming in, Heisman Trophy winner, high draft pick,” Fitzgerald said. “Kurt was your Super Bowl MVP, two-time league MVP. Did he still have enough in the tank to get it done?”

“This one is different because both the guys are not household names, so to speak.”

To his credit, Fitzgerald said he didn’t have a preference if Kolb or Skelton or Somers was throwing him the ball.

“I’ve been through a couple,” he said, smiling. “I have to focus on making sure I’m accountable because no matter if you [a reporter] are throwing me the ball — it’s probably going to be in the stands somewhere — I still have to try to make some plays.”

Given the track record of quarterbacks in the desert, it’s not inconceivable that Somers might be the best bet.