“Rebirth” statue is Falcon-free


Unveiled Friday, the “Rebirth” statue in New Orleans shows former Saints defensive back Steve Gleason blocking a punt . . . by a nondescript player from a nondescript team.

In reality, Gleason blocked a ball from the foot of Falcons punter Michael Koenen on September 26, 2006.  The memorialization of the moment omits the Falcons logo or Koenen’s name, according to Jim Varney of the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

Varney writes that the Falcons declined to grant permission for the use of the logos and name, with multiple requests from the Saints culminating in an appeal to owner Arthur Blank.

It’s unclear whether Blank made the decision, but it’s clear he didn’t unmake it.

While we can understand the reluctance, the Falcons were part of that moment.  Keeping the logo and the name off the sculpture won’t change that fact.

7 responses to ““Rebirth” statue is Falcon-free

  1. I can understand. I do not think it was petty on behalf of the Falcons.

    First, it wasn’t a good moment for their team and their punter.

    Second, it potentially could have been an embarrassment to the punter, forever “poster-ized”.

    Third, the Falcons own thier logo. Not the NFL. Remember that StarCaps ruling. The NFL isnt 1 entity, it’s 32 collective teams. The Saints and Falcons are rivals.

    Fourth, it’s better blank and can symbolize more just football. That punter is Katrina. That punter is ALS. That punter is a challenge that will be overcome. Maybe not forthw great Steve Gleason, but one day. Leaving it blank works out better in the end

  2. I like it better this way. That moment was all about the Saints and their fans. The team they happened to be playing was irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

  3. I think that making a statue of an opposition player is fairly stupid to begin with. Why not a statue of Greg williams being shown the door?

  4. I don’t blame the Falcons, I wouldn’t want my logo on a negative play from the past. Its a statue for gods sake, the thing will virtually be there forever. Who wants to be known as the Punter who has a statue sitting in N.O. having the worse thing that can happen to the player at his position, getting a punt blocked? I agree with patriotsdefense, the statue should be left blank for many reasons, not just for the Falcons.

  5. How about feeding your hordes of homeless people instead of erecting some dumb statue to commemorate a football play that’s supposed to represent New Orleans’ “rebirth” after a hurricane? New Orleans is still in a hurricane zone, it’s still under sea level, it’s still surrounded on three sides by water and it’s still inevitable that it will be devastated again.

  6. Why do fools that have no clue what they are talking about feel compelled to post their ignorant opinions?

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