Schwartz doesn’t want to talk about his new contract


It’s known that the Lions gave coach Jim Schwartz a new contract in the offseason.  It’s unknown how much he’s getting paid, or how long the deal lasts.

While it makes sense to stay mum on the former, secrecy as to the latter is a bit unusual.

According to Carlos Monarrez of the Detroit Free Press, Schwartz and reporters debated the policy of silence during a recent news conference.

Here’s a sample.

Reporter: “Why won’t you reveal the length of it?”

Schwartz: “It’s my choice.”

Reporter: “But why?”

Schwartz: “It’s personal to me.  Do you make your contract terms public?”

Reporter: “I don’t have a contract.”

Schwartz: “You choose to reveal that.”

Reporter: “I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours.”

Schwartz: “I don’t play that game.”

He linked the strategy to his attitude toward discussing injuries.  “[Y]ou’ve got to be consistent in that approach, and it’s the same thing with this,” Schwartz said. “If we say, ‘Hey, I’m not talking about contract,’ then I’m not talking about it.  You can’t talk about it after it’s done with a big grin on your face.  That’s just it.”

Under that theory, however, Schwartz would never talk about anything.

Then again, Schwartz and plenty of other coaches would prefer not to talk about anything, even though the intense interest in the sport allows NFL head coaches to make the kind of money they do.

The challenge for coaches who prefer to say nothing is to find a way to be evasive without being hostile.  Instead of jousting in response to a topic the coach doesn’t want to discuss, crack a funny line and then ramble for about 40 seconds until the reporters get bored and move on to a new topic.

Writers are simply looking for good copy.  If coaches don’t want to provide good copy by answering questions directly, then they need to find a way that sidesteps the substance of the question while also providing good copy.

Superficial?  Yes.  But it’s always good to find a way to have a solid relationship with the folks who buy their ink by the truckload.

16 responses to “Schwartz doesn’t want to talk about his new contract

  1. FYI…Coach Schwartz and the local media have a very solid relationship.

    To suggest otherwise indicates that you are uninformed.

  2. Good for Schwartz. His contractual situation with his employer is of no business to anybody other than the Lions and him. He’s working for a private enterprise and he is not working for a publicly financed entity or the government itself. As such….it is private information. On the other hand, EVERY aspect of publicly financed salaries and government salaries should be public information and needs to be subject to public scrutiny. After all…. it’s taxpayer monies.

  3. Eh, the media. I don’t like the guy but if he doesn’t want to tell you then leave the dude alone.

  4. The Lions told Anwar S. Richardson that “it’s against NFL rules” for reporters to write about who lined up where in practice. Of course Anwar bought it and repeated it. Yeah, a great relationship.

  5. “Writers are simply looking for good copy. If coaches don’t want to provide good copy by answering questions directly, then they need to find a way that sidesteps the substance of the question while also providing good copy.”

    It’s not Schwartz’s job to provide good copy. The fact is, he owes the beat writers nothing.

  6. “Why won’t you reveal the length of it?”

    “That’s personal, something between me and my wife.”.

    “It’s really short isn’t it.”.

    “No, I didn’t say that…”.

    “It’s short, hahaha, tiny, miniscule, unimpressive…”.

  7. So basically it’s alright that Schwartz doesn’t want to reveal the length of his contract but he’s not being nice and funny about it which is what upsets you?

  8. It’s actually in the teams interest to not reveal the length. In his last year, whenever that is, no danger of being a “lame duck” head coach and the team won’t need to prematurely extend his contract for fear of players knowing he may be on his way out. Just another example of how mayhew is usually a step ahead.

  9. re: thegreatgabbert says:

    that posting is eerily familiar … sounds like Babyhorsemorgan has been reborn as thegreatgabbert ?

  10. Since when do NFL coaches have a requirement to be warm and fuzzy to the media?

    I’m glad Schwartz brings some ‘tude and smarts to the table. I don’t see him ever taking the wind on a coin toss…

  11. Seriously? I love listening to the idiocy that comes from your average fan who hasn’t done anything but catch highlights and sound clips. Reaffirms that I’m doing it right by making sure I know what I’m talking about. You know Belichick considers Schwartz one of the smartest guys he’s ever known, right? Irishgary, you should do a lot less posting and a whole lot more reading and learning.

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