Sidney Rice medically cleared to practice

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The Seattle Seahawks’ recent pursuit of free agent wide receivers such as Braylon Edwards and Antonio Bryant was initially believed to be related to Sidney Rice’s health. It was a logical assumption. Rice suffered three concussions in an 11-month span, ending last November along with his 2011 football season. Rice also underwent offseason surgery on both of his shoulders.

But Sidney Rice was medically cleared to practice in Seahawks camp on Saturday, and took the field in a red, no-contact jersey.

“I had planned to come to camp and be really slow with reentering him to make sure we use the next four to five weeks to continue to build him up and get him right,” said coach Pete Carroll, after Rice’s Saturday activation from the PUP list. “He had both shoulders worked on, so he has another month to continue to work and get through as many weeks as we can without him getting nicked so we can get him strong for the season.”

With hindsight as our guide, the interest in Edwards and signing of Bryant may have had more to do with the Seahawks’ opinion of their other receivers. Second-year man Doug Baldwin is mostly a slot guy, and 2010 second-round pick Golden Tate has disappointed in his first two NFL seasons.

Rice will be eased into practices, as confirmed by Carroll, but he is on track to start the opener.

14 responses to “Sidney Rice medically cleared to practice

  1. Its going to be surprise if Bryant (or Edwards if he is signed later) end up making the team. Tate played pretty well late last year and they have other young receivers they like. The veterans are just there for injury depth and to help the kids.

  2. sarket said, “Tate played pretty well late last year”???

    really? 35 catches for 382 yards for a 2nd round pick in his 2nd year actually sucks…if he doesn’t step up this year he might not be around the league very long…

    gatordontplay said, “Rice owes half his contract to favre.. Only reason he’s relevant”

    totally agree…he had one great year with farve and duped the seahawks into giving him big money…if he gets a couple more concussions he may be out of the league sooner rather than later…

  3. As a Vikings fan, I wasn’t concerned with the loss of Rice. His one “good” year happened with Favre at Cube. The Vikes didn’t blink when Rice got his money, and the Hawks got the Rice without a decent cube in Seattle, imagine that.

  4. Feel bad for Vikings fans who just can’t let go. At least you got all those Superbowl appearances with Hutch… Oh yeah, sorry. By the way, enjoy John Carlson, since you are paying him like a top tier TE… Which he is not.

  5. Yeah and if Evan Silva had seen Baldwin, Tate, and Ricardo Lockette practice today like I did then he’d know we aren’t worried about our receivers.

    Mark it down to another ignorant East Coast reporter.


  6. Are Vikings fans actually talking smack here. Look I’m a Raven fan, so I’m pretty apothetic about the entire NFC, but seriously, the Vikings?

    You guys have no room to talk. You make the Browns look like an intelligent franchise. Seattle at least looks like they’re heading in a direction, Minnesota seems to be spinning randomly in the doldrums.

  7. Lol, pooping their pants??? Why don’t you think the Vikings didn’t ink him? He is always injured & they knew just like TJoke that he was a 1-yr wonder! Don’t get me wrong, was a beautiful year in 09′ but not worth the $$ when you cannot stay healthy!
    Seriously, I really wonder how some of these guys made it into the Pros with their predisposition to injury.
    Sid had Both shoulders worked on in 2012, a hip surgery in 2010.
    Kneee in 2011(?) and hammy and ankle issues his rookie year… Just , some bodies cannot hold up

  8. I guess statistics don’t lie (if someone posts that stupid quote…) but I always felt like Tate was a decent player. And I’m a 49er fan so I have no reason to say anything positive about anyone on that team.

  9. Rice scares me a bit, he has a huge contract and the hopes of the coaching staff and fans that he’ll finally live up to it, but he’s liable to snap a twig stepping off the team bus.

  10. I guess statistics don’t lie (if someone posts that stupid quote…) but I always felt like Tate was a decent player. And I’m a 49er fan so I have no reason to say anything positive about anyone on that team.

    Tate is a decent player, just seems to be little caught up in the games he starts and tries to hard. I also like ND Wide receivers. I don’t believe Rice will stay healthy all year but we got all second tier Wideouts to me. Lockette, Baldwin, Durham will get a poke. Id like to see the Tightends get alot of catches this

    as a seahawk fan i have nothing nice to say about the niners, besides we know how good you are and we will make it dam good games this year not losing on special teams should get us closer to victory, and you guys can’t be to happy with your Wide receivers either, to me Vernon Davis is the best tight end in the NFC west and receiver. but reaching on Moss, Crabtree I believe is just a headcase injury prone guy. AJ Jenkins is a building wideout and Mario is no better then just a good two and good compliment to a great number one. My thoughts on your receivers.. you also the Oline.

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