Vince Young accepts that he’s competing for backup work


Vince Young has been accused of many things in his career, but not many of them have been humility.

But the former first-round pick and utterer of the Philadelphia “Dream Team” moniker now sounds like a different person, as he tries to reset his career and win a backup job with the Bills.

“The biggest thing is it’s not about me, it’s not about me at all,” Young said, via Sal Maiorana of the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. “It’s where I can go in and help. My biggest thing is trying to change perception and who I am as a person. I love the game of football.

“It’s a one-year deal, but it’s an opportunity to play the game that I love. That’s my biggest thing.”

Young’s playing catch-up, competing with Tyler Thigpen for the job without the benefit of experience in the Bills’ system.

“He has done a very good job considering the circumstances,” Bills coach Chan Gailey said. “He had to come in and try to learn all of that stuff. It’s very difficult. It would not have been as hard two years ago, but we are in so much more of an advanced stage now than we were two years ago. He is trying to learn what the base concepts are and how we have advanced to where we are today without the benefit of going through the baby steps.

“ It has been tough on him but he has got a natural feel for playing the position. That is going to be another good battle in camp.”

After the Titans gave up on him, and how poorly he played in three starts with the Eagles last year, it’s no surprise Young is scrambling.

But he sounds like he understands the challenge, and is willing to accept it.

9 responses to “Vince Young accepts that he’s competing for backup work

  1. I bet he ends up the starter before the season is over. Fitzpatrick contract was the biggest overreaction to winning a few games.Way to go Buffalo, now you’re stuck with small arm quarterback in a cold windy stadium, & his backup is the dumbest QB in NFL history

  2. Young does not fit as a back-up. He doesn’t have the skill set. He is best in a no/one read offense like he played at Texas. He could be effective on a team that built an offense like that for him. McNabb did it for several years and Young throws much better than McNabb.

  3. People seem to forget Vy beat the giants last season, the eagles as a whole were poor. VY > Fitz, its just a matter of time Vy always had the tools the guy just keep his head straight.

  4. I honestly think Young should go to the Cardinals. I think he would fit in good with their system there, he’d have targets, and they don’t have anyone right now to lead them. I’m surprised the Cardinals never went after him.

  5. I think Young is a pretty good backup QB. Just think how much different Indy’s season would have been last year if they had had Young instead of Painter.

    The problem is that a backup can quickly become a starter when someone like Vick goes down and you don’t really want Young as your starter long term.

  6. Vince “Scare Crow” Young……. He’d be the best QB in the league….. if he only had a brain.

  7. well, he could actually start if Fitzpatrick stinks it up and/or gets hurt if Young plays well and i think he can fit this style of offense.

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