Andre Johnson has MRI on groin, expects to miss week


When Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson left practice early on Sunday everyone said that it was just a minor injury.

That probably didn’t stop too many Texans fans from holding their breath until they got something more substantive about Johnson’s status. His injuries robbed the Texans of one of their biggest weapons for a big chunk of last season and optimism about this year would come crashing down if word came that Johnson would miss a significant amount of time again.

Exhalation may commence. Johnson spoke to the media on Sunday afternoon and reinforced the earlier belief that the injury wasn’t something of great concern.

“My groin tightened up on me, After everything I’ve been through last season, they wanted me to get an MRI,” Johnson said via the team. “It’s a minor strain, maybe a week or so and I’ll be back out here.”

Coach Gary Kubiak said that the team would be careful with Johnson, who did not practice this spring after undergoing arthroscopic surgery on his knee. They’ve got plenty of work to do sorting out the rest of their receivers over the next few weeks anyway, so Johnson might be taking it very easy as the team tries to ensure he’ll be on the field for Week One and all the ones to follow.

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  1. I know the comments are coming, especially from some dude named “cakemixa”, who’s repeatedly posted the same thing for close to a year only to be told he’s wrong. Here it goes.

    Andre Johnson- Games Played

    2003- 16
    2004- 16
    2005- 13
    2006- 16
    2007- 9
    2008- 16
    2009- 16
    2010- 13
    2011- 7

    Andre’s getting older and last season’s injuries were a huge wake up call, but this idea that he’s been some sort of injured bum his whole career who has missed more games than he’s played is absurd.

  2. Minor strain can turn into a month if not treated properly. Pulled groin muscles are easily reaggravated and can be nagging all season. I would put him on the bicycle for a month while Lestar Jean, Devier Posey, Trindon Holiday and Keyshawn Martin take the majority of the reps. Andre only needs to play the first half in week 3 of the preseason. Andre needs to stretch his muscles better and work on his diet to ensure he is properly feeding his muscles. Pulled muscles come from poor stretching, lack of hydration and protein in the muscles. Check for more info but this should not be treated lightly.

  3. As a Texan fan I can not help but cringe. I hope this ends up being exactly what they say it is and not a harbinger of things to come.

  4. dalucks, I’m proud of you – for once you didn’t post about how the Texans should go sign Terrell Owens. Good job bro!

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