Andre Johnson leaves practice with groin injury

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There are certain players, on certain teams, that can cause a panic any time they miss a snap in camp.

Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson is one of those players.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reported that Johnson “suffered a slight groin injury,” and was taken out of practice. He said coach Gary Kubiak termed it a “precaution.”

McClain followed with an item that said Johnson walked off the field with a “slight limp.”

Asked about his injury, Johnson replied: “I don’t know. I’m going to get it checked out.”

Johnson missed nine games last year, as well as OTAs and minicamp after undergoing arthroscopic surgery on his left knee.

Beyond Johnson and Kevin Walter, the Texans have precious little experience at the position. They resigned Bryant Johnson last week, but are counting on Lestar Jean and a cast of other kids without an NFL catch behind them.

9 responses to “Andre Johnson leaves practice with groin injury

  1. Tired of hearing about how this guy is the best WR in the NFL. How can that be when you are injured more than you are healthy?

  2. At least he got the injury out of the way early this year – usually he waits until fantasy owners have blown an early-round pick on him.

  3. I didn’t know Grant Hill played football. I hope he’s healthy this year. He’s never had a 10 TD season and Schaub needs a receiver he can under throw. Put Keenum in!!!

  4. I doubt if Johnson comes to camp in tip top shape, you never hear that about Fitz, Calvin, Jennings, T.O when he was playing or Randy, its all in being in shape and these little nicks prove he is not.

  5. Andre Johnson don’t deserve the disrespect he’s receiving, this guy is a pros pro. He probably in better shape then any athlete in the game, unfortunately he’s been git by the injury bug the last few years. He’s in his 10th year in the league It’s not like he’s unproven, because his numbers say differently. It’s beyond ridiculous to say he’s out of shape, have any of you guys saw him in person??? He’s one of the most respected players among his peers, so you guys should relax and give Dre his respect because he don’t deserve this none sense.

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