Bryant McKinnie says he’ll report to Ravens camp on Monday


Ravens left tackle Bryant McKinnie has been a no-show so far at training camp, but he says he’s on his way.

McKinnie told the Baltimore Sun in a text message that he’ll report on Monday. He’s being fined $30,000 a day while he stays home, so he has a strong financial incentive to return.

Realistically, unless McKinnie has resigned himself to being broke for the rest of his life, he can’t afford not to work: He’s been ordered to pay $4.3 million to a company that gave him a loan during the lockout last year, and he has apparently wasted almost all of the tens of millions of dollars he’s made in his NFL career. McKinnie is going to be a professional football player or he’s going to be broke.

That doesn’t mean McKinnie will be on the practice field on Monday, however. The Ravens will make him take the team’s conditioning test, and if he fails he won’t be out there. Questions have been raised this offseason about McKinnie’s physical condition, so that conditioning test will be important to watch.

McKinnie also said in a radio interview that he had an “accident,” which may affect his health, although he hasn’t clarified exactly what happened.

But whatever is going on with McKinnie, he will be back on Monday. And the Ravens will have to hope he’s in good enough shape to get to work.

11 responses to “Bryant McKinnie says he’ll report to Ravens camp on Monday

  1. His “accident” was eating a whole cow at a buffet. he doesn’t want to stop eating, he has back problems because of the weight, and training camp is tough. the only reason he has to go to camp is for the money. How do you think ray Lewis and Reed feel about him being a Raven?
    Cut him now and save the team some salary cap money. By the time the season starts, he will be injured and get his pay on Injured Reserve.

  2. McKinnie also said in a radio interview that he had an “accident,” which may affect his health, although he hasn’t clarified exactly what happened.
    Yeah, right. This guy is just a lazy bum. He must suffer from anal glaucoma because it seems like he just can’t see his a** going to work. I hope the Ravens collect the money from the daily fines and then cut this guy

  3. No question he fails the conditioning test, and no question he will be out of football before this season is halfway done, and probably more like by game 4.

  4. Cut him now. He’s not a team player, he’s a guy collecting a check. I’m glad the Vikings cut him. Wish they wouldn’t have wasted a first round pick on him.

  5. thatswhatimsayin….you understand that was LAST YEAR….right….? and Mckenie ended up being solid at left tackle, helping protect flacco and leading the team to a dropped td pass away from being in the super bowl….

    good call….

  6. The Ravens need to CUT this guy NOW!! “How I got hurt is running out of the house. It was slippery and I fell and hurt my lower back. You can’t be playing football when your back is hurting”. He must think we are nothing but morons but the real reason he didn’t show up because he didn’t lose the weight. He’s a moron, no work ethic, and a loser. What person would take out a $4.2 million loan during a lock-out and not expected to pay it back? Oh yeah-Bryant McKinnie-that’s who.

  7. No need to defend the guy Ravens fans. It was a good move to give the guy a chance to save his career after he saw his lifestyle slipping away with no way to make NFL money ever again. But we now know with certainty that he is headed for ruin. Pisses me off that any of us see ticket prices go up to pay dumbass athletes like him millions of dollars to play a game, then leave the game broke. He ripped off the Vikings. He’s finished.

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