Casey Hampton may be old and slow, but he says it’s not over


When Pittsburgh opened last season by taking a one-sided beatdown in Baltimore, Warren Sapp proclaimed that the Steelers were “old, slow and it’s over.” Casey Hampton is, at age 35, the second-oldest Steeler. And at well over 300 pounds and coming off a torn ACL, he may be the slowest Steeler as well. But he insists that it’s not over.

“They’ve been saying that for how long?” Hampton said, via the Associated Press. “They’ve been saying, ‘You’re getting old,’ and all that for years, and year in and year out we do our thing. So I don’t see it being any different this year.”

The Steelers aren’t as old as they used to be, with aging veterans James Farrior, Aaron Smith, Chris Hoke and Hines Ward retiring this offseason. Hampton said the Steelers have the right players in place to replace those longtime teammates.

“No question about it, when you’ve been around those guys 10-plus years, it’s definitely different,” Hampton said. “But that’s part of it. You see guys come and go all the time. Those are definitely special guys, but I think those guys will fill in and do their best to make up for it.”

Hampton is currently on the Physically Unable to Perform list, but he says he’ll be ready to go when he needs to go.

“I don’t have no problem with being on it as long as I need to be,” Hampton said. “I just want to get it right and be right when I’m out there. I don’t want to be out there hobbling messing around; I wanna be out there ready to go.”

And Hampton thinks the Steelers are ready to go to the postseason again, regardless of anyone saying he’s old and slow.

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  1. Say what you want about Pittsburgh, but ever since Roethlisberger has been the starter there the Steelers have yet to finish no worse than 8-8 and missed the playoffs twice with 3 SB appearances (most in that span) and 2 SB wins.

    Yea the team may have been old but they also had chemistry and great coaching.

  2. Definitely not over, but they aren’t what they once were. They can finish top 3 in defense as long as Polamalu and Harrison are healthy and bounce back. That defense goes as those two go. Everyone else is expendable. I know they haven’t been healthy recently and are only getting older, but I wouldn’t bet against those two having Pro-Bowl seasons.

  3. This team is done. No real threat at RB, TE and now WR now with that Wallace dispute going on. Roethlisberger takes too many sacks, and that is not on the O line.

    That defense isn’t getting any younger, their young DE’s haven’t shown anything other than they aren’t ready for the big leagues, and the holes at corner and safety keep getting exposed. That playoff loss to Denver was not a fluke IMO. When Ike Taylor is your #1 corner, you have issues.

  4. We have about 6-7 Players on off and def that will be Pro bowl caliber Players within this or next season
    so It’s the FO that keeps us going

  5. This guy has been a great player for a lot of years. But he better join weight watchers when he retires or he will be 450 lbs in a year.

  6. Love it when a Ravens fan gives us some knowledge. These Emmy award winners are so scared of the Steelers they got to read every single post about the Steelers. And try and convince themselves that the Ravens are as good without Suggs. Or that since grandpa Reed and their organization has smoothed things out. As long as you got a caveman (Flacco) as your qb you will never win the superbowl, Randellflag, ravenator. Both of you two can continue to swing from Ozzies dick and the Ravens will continue to be owned by the Steelers.

  7. steelersstillblahblahblah…..That caveman drive 92 yards against your “vaunted” defense last year in your house to win! I do believe we owned your team last year. Grandpa Reed?? How about Polamaold! Repeatedly torched by the Ravens last year! Sounds like you are the scared one…you better get in bed before your mom yells at you….

  8. Ravens fans talking about another teams defense getting old???? Lewis and Reed are basically done, 1-2 years max….then what?

    And don’t even get me started with Flacco. DUDE IS GARBAGE! If he didn’t have that defense to win games for him he would essentially be Trent Edwards.

  9. Ravens fans… you beat us twice last year and your testicles decended, now you think your all grown up. Your not a dynasty, you basically built a team to mirror ours and youve really only been competitive for the last few years.
    Your 92yrd drive was a regular season win and you act like it was the Superbowl. When you kids maybe do clutch a Superbowl win in the last 2:00 minutes then you can tell us all how great Flacco is.

    Its pretty fun that you call our defense old…

  10. It’s a good thing Pittsburgh has a semi decent football team. That’s about the only positive thing about that depressing, dying town that all you yinzers call a city.

  11. I agree and disagree with randallflag about Ike Taylor. He had his best season as a pro last year and had his worst game as a pro against the Broncos. Still, he needs to be complemented from the safety position in order to be truly effective and without Ryan Clarke backing him up, you can clearly see he struggles as was the case in Denver.

  12. Irony (aye-run-ee): The act of a fanbase, after losing their beloved Colts to Indianapolis and rooting for the Redskins while they were playing good, to welcome the Cleveland Browns into their home after the Browns’ organization turned their backs on the city of Cleveland. Sure, in the beginning it was awkward, but after those Ravens played well, things were long forgotten.

  13. Anyone else notice that Hampton’s head is almost the same size as Ta’Amu’s, even though Hampton doesn’t have a helmet on?

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