Dennis Allen calls Steve Wisniewski’s resignation “a surprise”


The Raiders announced last week that Steve Wisniewski was leaving the coaching staff, and Raiders head coach Dennis Allen wants to make it clear that he didn’t push Wisniewski out.

Number one is, it was a little bit of a surprise,” Allen said. “Obviously he has his personal reasons as to why he made that decision. I will say this, it was totally his decision. It was nobody else’s decision.”

There’s no word on what the personal reasons for Wisniewski leaving were, although Wisniewski — who was an eight-time Pro Bowl offensive lineman for the Raiders before joining their coaching staff — told his players about his decision weeks ago.

[Wisniewski] texted me a couple of weeks ago, he texted me and I was surprised to hear it,” right tackle Khalif Barnes told “He wished me all the best. I wished him all the best. Wiz, I know he was special to me. When he first came in, he gave me some of his 13 years of experience and knowledge, and how it was to be in the trenches, and I don’t think anyone did it better than him when he was with the Raiders. Talk to some old defensive players and they’ll tell you they didn’t like to play against that guy at all. He was rough in there. I wish him all the best and I hope to see him around from time to time.”

Wisniewski is expected to stay with the Raiders in some capacity. Allen said he doesn’t expect to hire anyone else to fill Wisniewski’s place on the coaching staff.

6 responses to “Dennis Allen calls Steve Wisniewski’s resignation “a surprise”

  1. a major loss…….you don’t go out and find a great teacher, coach, friend like you do in the WIZ. Hopefully Dennis Allen doesn’t think the WIZ left on his own especially if he is staying on the team in some capacity.

  2. I’m totally in the dark like most. I wish Wiz the best and hope all is well with him and his family. Man, wish he could’ve stayed taught some more…

  3. I doubt Dennis Allen would want Steve Wisniewski out as a coach but if the other coaches was pushing for that we may never know.

    Or it could have just been Steve Wisniewski knows the season is coming really soon and he needed to make a decision (meaning his hart wasn’t into all the pressure of the NFL this year) that’s best for the team moving forward.

  4. Really hoping it isn’t a situation where Wisniewski didnt jive with new o-line coach, Frank Pollack or him thinking the new regime is two-faced….a lot of tension over non-re-signinings of people…

  5. Anybody who knows Wix, knows that he is a man of faith, and a family man. I can guarantee you he puts God and family first.

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