Dolphins work out Braylon Edwards


Free agent receiver Braylon Edwards still hasn’t found a team, but did find another team that was at least interested enough to give him a tryout.

Edwards worked out for the Dolphins, according to Ross Tucker of SiriusXM NFL Radio, who got the news of Edwards’ workout from Hard Knocks supervising producer Ken Rodgers.

According to the Miami Herald, the Dolphins are interested. Edwards hasn’t seemed to draw much interest after a 2011 season in which he caught just 15 passes in nine games for the 49ers, but the Dolphins have already shown with Chad Johnson that they’re looking to add veterans to the receiving corps, and if he’s healthy and motivated, the 29-year-old Edwards could still be a playmaker in Miami.

New Dolphins coach Joe Philbin likes to use a lot of wide receivers in his passing game, and the Dolphins don’t have a lot of depth at the position. Johnson, Brian Hartline and Davone Bess are the current top three receivers on the Dolphins’ depth chart, with Legedu Naanee at No. 4.

12 responses to “Dolphins work out Braylon Edwards

  1. Does the league have a salary level for douche bags???….. they have the “veteran minimum”….. do they have a “douche bag standard offer”???

  2. Worst group of wideouts in the league, three mediocre QB’s, no pass catching TE, one of the worst OL’s, they better be doing their due dilligence on any offensive player on the market.

  3. WOW! Maybe he can be re-united with his Southern Florida ‘bro, Donte!

    Jaywalkers, you have your warning!

  4. Braylon Edwards has had his off the field issues and at times does drop passes. However if he is physically back to what he was with the Jets; He can be a playmaker to stretch the field. Braylon helped the Jets get to the AFC Championship game. Desperation at the WR position allows for desperate moves!

  5. Usually I do not condone this sort of thing but right now the fins need help. Braylon may drop passes but he is still better than the majority of what we have and he has hurt Miami in the past with big catches as a member of the jets. Him and Chad on paper sound a lot more threatening that Chad and Hartline on paper. While were at it let me just whisper out another name the Fins should consider….Cedric Benson. A 1-2 punch of Benson and Bush sounds like a long day against the Fins!!! Benson would earn his keep in cold weather games in late November and December. Just doesn’t seem like Daniel Thomas is ready to be a 10-15 carries a game type of work-horse yet.

  6. This is my problem with fans. As soon as a player starts getting older and slows down a few steps they get dismissed. Someone please explain how B. Edwards cant help this weak receiving corps? If he can help take some of the pressure off of Chad Johnson I see nothing wrong with signing him. He might not be the same Edwards from years back but I doubt he forgot how to run routes over the offseason. Chad Johnson/Edwards sounds way better than Chad Johnson/Hartline. Go Phins!

  7. I’m not a big fan of this potential move. Edwards seems like a jackass off the field, and I have to wonder how much of a headache he causes in the locker room. Does a new coaching regime really need to worry about babysitting a guy who seems to make bad decisions that might affect the team when he leaves his job?

    As to his skills, the rap is that he catches passes, but that he drops passes. Why on earth, if the Dolphins just got rid of Brandon Marshall, would they bring this guy in. He sounds like a Marshall clone! Has tons of physical ability, but has off the field issues and drops passes.

    Maybe, if they sign him to a Chad Johnson-type deal (on the hook for virtually no money), it might be worth a flier. Otherwise, no thanks. Let the younger guys get the playing time to flourish in the new WCO, in which you don’t need an Alpha receiver.

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