Doug Martin ahead of LeGarrette Blount at Bucs camp


Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano said he isn’t playing favorites in the tailback battle between incumbent starter LeGarrette Blount and rookie Doug Martin.

That might be the case, but the first few days of Bucs practice paint a picture that has Martin sitting in the driver’s seat. Tom Krasniqi of WDAE calls Martin “clearly the top dog so far” and several other Bucs beat reporters have painted a similar picture this weekend. Martin got the first snaps at the first practice of training camp and has continued to be in front of Blount through Sunday’s first padded practice.

It’s not much of a surprise given Martin’s superior versatility. He’s a more accomplished pass receiver than Blount and he has also earned high marks for his work as a pass blocker. Even if the Bucs hadn’t traded back into the first round to get him, that skill set will allow the offense to be more flexible and force defenses to focus on a wider range of options than they will when Blount is in the game.

There’s still a role for Blount under such conditions, obviously, but it appears it will be a lesser one than he played in 2011. Barring an injury or other problem that has yet to rear its head, the tailback job in Tampa looks like it is Martin’s to lose.

5 responses to “Doug Martin ahead of LeGarrette Blount at Bucs camp

  1. If the Bucs ever had a 4th quarter lead, Blount coulud be the guy to run out the clock.

  2. Instead of making it sound like Blount is done as a starter, they should let them both know that this is the beginning of something bigger. Blount wears them down while Martin runs all over them. A new smash and dash if you will. Things will go a lot smoother when the defense had to Worry about 2 instead of 1.

  3. Watch out Martin… you may gey “sucka” punched like your old teamate at BSU. Lagarette has this cheap shot issuein his past. Make him face you before he tries to act tough.

  4. Was at Bucs practice this morning. Martin is fast.and versatile. The best thing to happen to Blount could be the competition, it might get him hungry again. Dont understand why the media cant let it be like the Giants or Panthers offenses recently?

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