Edelman won’t say if he’s working with Patriots’ defense


Julian Edelman has been working at wide receiver, kickoff returner and punt returner in the Patriots’ training camp, but he hasn’t been spotted playing defense.

So does that mean the experiment with Edelman at cornerback is over? That’s something Edelman won’t say.

I don’t know if that’s team policy,” Edelman said, via the Boston Globe.

That’s an answer that Patriots coach Bill Belichick will surely appreciate. And Belichick would also surely appreciate it if the Patriots’ secondary is deep enough this season that he doesn’t have to turn Edelman into a moonlighting defensive back again. It’s great that Edelman is capable of switching to the other side of the ball in a pinch, but Edelman playing cornerback is like a dog walking on his hind legs: It is not done well, but you are surprised to find it done at all. The Ravens, in particular, had a lot of success picking on Edelman during the AFC Championship Game, and the Patriots will be better suited if Edelman can focus on offense and special teams.

What Edelman will say is that he’s planning to play wherever the team needs him.

“I’m just going to go out there and do whatever I have to do to get myself better to try to help this team win ballgames,” Edelman said. “I’m sure there’s other guys doing the same thing, and competition, it makes you better. If you’re afraid to compete then you’re in the wrong business.”

Edelman may end up competing for playing time on defense, but for now it appears that he’s going to compete as a receiver and a returner.

10 responses to “Edelman won’t say if he’s working with Patriots’ defense

  1. Yeah the Ravens had success against Edelman but he actually wasn’t that bad against other teams he was a solid tackler and had good enough coverage most of the time.

    Obviously in a perfect world the Patriots secondary can stay healthy and he won’t be needed at all but Edelman wasn’t as bad as some in the media (cough cough Cris Carter cough) made him out to be.

  2. I’d say if Julian Edelman’s seeing any time at corner, the Pats have a lot more problems on defense than I thought.

  3. I know the Pats value players that can do a lot of things but shouldn’t it be alarming to people if they aren’t able to find 5 defensive backs who are better than a two way receiver?

  4. Oh, how nice that the great multi-culti world has intruded on this last vestige of American manhood!

    Yay diversity!

  5. I don’t know why more WR’s don’t try to switch to DB after they lose their ground as WR’s.

    They already know offenses, and situational plays. And if they’re willing to tackle and a fraction of their old speed that should translate at least into a safety position, or a nickle back.

    Is my supposition way off?

    Look how Troy Brown did…

  6. Smoke and mirrors. He is probably just preparing to become Welkers replacement because we all know the Pats arent giving him a long term deal, but some team out there will throw a lot of money towards Wes and he will probably take it.

  7. Edelman only played DB last year because there were a ton of injuries in the defensive backfield and the Patriots may have overcut their roster by a DB.

    I seriously doubt they have a fluke situation like that again.

  8. Five defensive backs on I.R. for the Patriots last season. That’s the reason Edelman was forced to play in the secondary.

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