Jags, Blackmon talking daily


A pair of draft picks remain unsigned.  Both played receiver at Big 12 schools, where they each were named first-team All Conference.

But they are unsigned for very different reasons.

Titans receiver Kendall Wright, the 20th overall pick in the draft, is trying to get as much fully-guaranteed money as possible from the slot in which Bucs defensive end Adrian Clayborn unexpectedly finagled a four-year, fully-guaranteed deal in 2011.  The players taken in front of and behind Clayborn last year and Wright this year did not receive four-year, fully guaranteed deals.

Jaguars receiver Justin Blackmon, the fifth overall selection, presents a more complex situation, given his post-draft aggravated DUI arrest and subsequent guilty plea.  A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that the two sides are talking on a daily basis.

Not quite as clear is what they’re talking about.

It’s widely believed that the Jags want to insert offset language in the deal, which would give them a dollar-for-dollar credit as to Blackmon’s guaranteed money if the Jags cut Blackmon and he signs with a new team.

We think the Jags are going farther, trying to insert language that would nullify remaining guarantees if Blackmon gets in trouble again.  That would allow the Jaguars to move on and owe Blackmon nothing further.

Either way, the two sides need to find a middle ground.  It helps neither the player nor the team for Blackmon to miss camp.  Though the Jags have good reason to want protection, they also need to not push it too far.

After all, it’s not as if Blackmon had never gotten in trouble before.

19 responses to “Jags, Blackmon talking daily

  1. That clown had the whole city wanting to rename it to ‘Blackmonville’ on draft day, the buzz in the town was the greatest since the ’99 championship game. Now the locals and businesses want nothing to do with him. Best PR move for him would have been to get in camp and prove something. How many strikes can this guy get against him? Shoulda taken Stephon Gilmore or Bruce Irvin…..

  2. If Blackmon was serious about learning and moving on, there shouldn’t be an issue as long as the final dollar amount, barring injury, doesn’t change. If he’s really haggling over the Jags wanting outs, then he’s thinking that another DUI is a “when” not an “if”

  3. Just cut him, take the hit and move on Jacksonville. He’s not gonna get any better from here on out. Look at Crabtree.

  4. I do not understand your reasoning. Your last sentence is exactly WHY the Jags want / demand protection!!

  5. He is making the Jags look like more of a joke. With Gabbert and Henne as the QB’s I wouldn’t want to come to camp also.

  6. Blackmon needs to tell the Jaguars to show him the money, or he walks and re-enters the draft next year.

    If the Jaguars had that much concern about him, why would they draft him in the first place?

  7. I dont think he should be cut, but its clear the Jags should protect themselves with that contract. Anyone dumb enough to get busted for DUI right after the draft should draw red flags. Its becoming a serious problem with the NFL and in my opinion it goes under reported. We hear about it, but its continuing to happen at a scary clip. How many guys at your office have been busted for DUI? Now compare that percentage to NFL players. I dont know any sport where I read about players getting busted for this stuff as frequently as it happens in the NFL.

    A few people have been killed. More unfortunately will be. It needs to be treated seriously because theres no excuse for the stuff. The NFLPA has a system set up where a player can call for free car service 24/7 if need be

  8. SEriously, cut your losses and move on.

    What a terrible pick this was, just fugly.

  9. Well, glad to see there talking daily, SEEING AS CAMP STARTED THREE DAYS AGO! Obvously the Jags need to put language in the contract to proctect themselves agains future DUI’s. However, Blackmon already said he is not gonna drink anymore, it’s not like you can’t trust an addict…see Jimmy Smith, Matt Jones, RJ Soward, etc… This guy has really rubbed the people of this city the wrong way and it is gonna take a decade of great seasons to put the last year behind him. So sign the dang deal and get you rookie butt into camp!

  10. As a Jag fan, it’s good to see this franchise being run with more discipline. Both the Blackmon contract and the Jones-Drew impasse are a mess right now but I hope the Jags don’t cave on either one.

    Blackmon has now proven he has issues (the Jags would not have taken him had this DUI occurred prior to the draft given his history with this) so they are wise to insist upon protection and MJD is ALREADY SIGNED FOR 2 MORE YEARS…so where is he?

    Stand strong, Jags, don’t cave to either of these guys.

  11. People. You’re obviously not going to cut your first pick before he even suits up. Stop being ridiculous.

    ok. cut everyone who’s ever got a dwi. cut everyone who’s ever held out..Ok. there goes half the league….absurd

    Blackmon, before the draft, by all accounts was a hard worker and has great character, one dwi, made a mistake, now move on.

    Just be patient, he’ll be there soon enough, and immediately be the Jags best reciever….less Lee Evans returns to form.

  12. This seems ridiculous. Since the CBA now features a rookie salary slot system the money can’t be that far apart.
    To the agent: Your kids actions deserve some protection considerations for the team, deal with it.
    To the team: You want no risk guarantees? Grow up! There is no such thing with any draft pick and there never has been.

    To both: Quit being pouty children and get the deal done.

  13. I have a feeling Jeff Fisher feels a whole lot better about missing out on Blackmon now.

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