Jeremy Shockey sounds off on Goodell, concussions

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That sound you hear in the background is any remaining interest in free-agent tight end Jeremy Shockey evaporating.

Shockey, who reportedly has drawn interest (but no workout, yet) from the Eagles, has teed off on Commissioner Roger Goodell, accusing the Commissioner of lying about the health effects of concussions.

“The no it all Rog goodell lied to every player and told us concussions will not effect us in life that a LIE!” Shockey declares on Twitter.

The full extent of Shockey’s Twitter timeline suggest that he’s thinking about joining the concussion lawsuits, given that he says, “Science tells me I’ll be dead time in 54yrs old!! What would u do?

Shockey, who has played for the Giants, Saints, and Panthers, also says, “It would be great to give the health study on NFL players on a commercial during the games!! just want the fans and congress to know! FACT.”

Of course, if Shockey decides to keep playing at a time when he fully appreciates and is concerned about the risks, it’ll be hard for him to do anything about it later.  But if no one gives him an opportunity to keep playing, there’s a chance he may do something about it sooner.

49 responses to “Jeremy Shockey sounds off on Goodell, concussions

  1. “Science tells me I’ll be dead time in 54yrs old!! What would u do?“

    Obviously the concussions are showing their effects in him trying to type out a sentence that makes any sense.

  2. If you’re too stupid to realize that smashing your head repeatedly will not have adverse affects, that’s on you.

  3. Bye, Bye ole’ Shockey…So,so career over and out.
    Perhaps some legal trouble or bankruptcy will be the next we hear of you…what a shame.

  4. Why would you ever believe someone who told you that concussions wouldn’t effect you? I don’t necessarily believe that Goodell said this. But even if he did, you don’t necessarily need to be a member of MENSA in order to figure out that that’s probably not true.

    And if he does decide to keep playing … or trying to play … even though he thinks that science says that he’ll be died at age 54, shouldn’t that nullify any legal claim he would have? He’s KNOWINGLY making the decision to keep playing despite whtever scientific evidence he thinks he has.

    Shockey sounds like he has the type of “head problems” that go beyond the kind that a concussion could cause.

  5. Everytime he opens his mouth, I have strongly believe he’s had severe concussion damage.

    Except he’s been consistently stupid since day one….

  6. Is that the reason he can’t form a sentence… concussions?

    WTH did he just say?

    In related news, 99% of the twitter world is joining the concussion lawsuits.

  7. I want to sue apple computers. My hands and eyes are suffering from working on my computer. I heard there is a correlation between typing and carpal tunnel. The bright light from the monitor is having a devastating effect on my eyesight!

  8. So if someone told me that it was okay to play in traffic on the highway, because they were sure I wouldn’t get hit by any cars, I should just believe them and go have a merry old time? The people who sign these contracts and take these risks and put their health on the back burner to play the game are adults. Grown men. Maybe young, maybe impressionable, but NOT stupid.

    Looks like we will have to start putting concussion clauses into contracts? That seems to be the only way any of these men will take at least partial responsibility for their own health.

  9. If he can’t get on with an NFL team, maybe he can find work as an English tutor.

  10. This is ironic, IMO.

    Goodell is the commish who has moved the league away from the findings of Dr. Elliott Pellman… the former NFL Concussion Czar who seemed a huge part of the NFL’s “conspiracy of misinformation.”

  11. Goodell could tell you **** for brains folks that the sun rises in the west, and you Goddell slurpers would say “oh yeah”.

  12. Shocky…Goodell.. No one to take sides with cause Shocky tricked on the Saints an Goodell needs to be as FAR AWAY FROM THE NFL AS POSIBLE

  13. Sounds like this guy realizes theres no last payday coming, so he is setting the table for a lawsuit.

    I dont have any sympathy for the concussion lawsuits. You shouldnt need the team doctors or the commissioner to tell you that ramming yourself like a missile into another human being hundreds of times will cause you some long term health issues. The human body is an amazing machine, but it has its limitations.

    Athletes take risk with the reward of big money. I always feel they deserve every penny they can get to go out there for 16 games plus every season. But the lawsuit stuff is lame. Take responsibility for the choices you make in life. Guys like Shockey would be making $10 an hour if they werent playing football

  14. Maybe the NFL could do a better job explaining the effects of concussion, but in the end, players play at their own risk, and they know they’ll likely get injured from time to time. No one forces them to play.

  15. He needs to hire an attorney…
    To write his tweets.

    Most of what he wrote makes no sense at all…

  16. All you people’s thank these players are tripping they knows what been told to them by the NFL. And NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is a snake and I’m sure Shockey want be just talking the same way Roger Goodell trying to put the concussion on the teams when he knows what football is all about. Hard hitting and players being carry off or carted off because there always been bounty programs in football. The NFL is trying to cover their backs in these concussion lawsuits that is filed by players and yes commissioner Roger Goodell is a liar. He used the New Orleans Saints as an example to make the fans and the people’s think he is for players safety when he is not he knows what the fans are paying for hard hits, carry-offs, and cart-off players this is why they pay these players millions of dollars. Some of you people’s are big jokes to listen at the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell lies this is why football is so popular and tickets sell are up.

  17. 3,2,1 Jeremy Shockey just became a part of the civil litigation on concussions. What an idiot, so if someone tells you to jump of a bridge i guess he will oblige.

  18. I couldn’t wait to read this one. Looks like Shockey has lashed out again at the ones who rejected him. This time it’s the NFL in general.

    He had a decent career with an earned (Saints) and not so earned (Giants) ring. Hopefully he hung onto his money so he can enjoy his last 20 years.

  19. I am sure the know it all Jeremy knows that every MMA fighter and every Boxer throughout history to have been hit in the head considerably more than him actually ALL die by age 54. 😉

    Wow…I wonder how many of these football players are just upset that they aren’t getting an NFL paycheck because they spent their life playing a game and not planning for the future. They struggle when it is all done with real every day life and then blame it on anything. Really guys, you didn’t know the risks of broken bones, playing hurt, etc…?

  20. A grown man acting like a child. You can be upset about whatever but handle it like everyone else is. Also keep in mind that it is mostly the players pre millennium that were miss lead.

  21. “Science tells me I’ll be dead time in 54yrs old!! What would u do?“

    The first thing I would do is actually look for a study that addresses the question. Then, after I found it, I would read that NFL players actually live longer than the avergae male.

  22. if he does join the concussion lawsuit, dudes’ twitter page alone will seal him an airtight case.

    PREDICTION: Future Shockey Tweet 09/12

    “no sign call jeremy whole league. roger dumb, conspire no jeremy. fact look up. roger tell teams no jeremy me bad WAHT??? still best in league. no play money cause goddell.”

  23. Based on these semi-coherent ramblings, methinks Shockey has already taken one too many shots to the noggin. If you take your medical advice from someone with no medical training whatsoever (Goddell) instead of you, you know, real doctors, you get what you deserve.

  24. It speaks to the arrogance and ignorance of Shockey and, unfortunately, many NFL players that he actually thinks people are going to take his comments seriously. If I wrote like that at work I would be on an improvement plan. What he ought to do is just shut up and let his lawyers handle it.

  25. Well it doesn’t take a genius to realize taking repeating shots to the head will affect you. Every player should know there is a risk, that’s why NFL players are extremely overpaid. But Shockey don’t join the Eagles if your that worried about concussions, because the Redskins D might take another 10 yrs off of your life expectancy. Haha stop whining Shockey.

  26. I can maybe understand old-time players suing the NFL for not knowing about the dangers of playing the game. But guys like Shockey? Guys who got paid (and are still getting paid) tens of millions? That’s like a very highly compensated miner bitching about not knowing the dangers of the job. Dude, it’s 2012 and you have oodles of money.

  27. Does this guy ever stop whining? He was a baby with the Giants. He made a huge deal about players not putting their hands over their chests during the National Anthem. He flipped a #&(! regarding the Saints whistleblower situation. And now this. Shut up, Shockey and go away…you’re irrelevant now anyway.

  28. Shockey is looking at the end of the money-fest. He’s probably burned through everything he earned … and now needs a source of income. What better way than a lawsuit. That’s next … wait and see.

  29. Wait there was a time when he was 14 years old and a man put a GUN to his head and absolutely forced this clown to play football, you made your millions now shut up an retire,,,

  30. In my honest opinion, I truly believe the damage from concussions began long before the average football player was fortunate enough to make it to the NFL, In most cases players are recruited to High Schools, Colleges & then the NFL, So how can they suggest or even attempt to make the NFL liable? when being considered for each level, most recruiters evaluate each player for his contributions to the team, His physical & mental toughness, Him being willing to sacrifice his body for the success of the Team attitude/character, Players understood that those with reputations as Hard Hitters on Defense & Special Teams were being rewarded by their Coaches, So they would often play when injured & give no thought to the consequences of those Big Hits, Also most of these Athletes also attended a High School & University at some point, So how did they not learn to read & comprehend? Did they never take the time to build those necessary skills also? I believe that every football player knew the risk long before they entered the NFL.

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