Jim Brown ready to end his Browns embargo

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The Browns are getting a new owner, and they maybe, just maybe, are closer to getting a legend back.

Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown told the Cleveland Plain Dealer he will return for Alumni Weekend, when former Browns Clarence Scott and Ernie Green are inducted into the Cleveland Browns Legends.

I’ll be there to support Ernie,” Brown said in reference to the event, which will include a halftime ceremony during the Sept. 23 game against the Bills.

That will mark his first appearance at Browns Stadium in two years, since his falling out with perhaps-soon-to-be-former boss Mike Holmgren.

That embargo included his 2010 induction into the Ring of Honor.

The report says Brown decided to return for the event before Friday’s announcement that Randy Lerner was selling to truck-stop magnate Jimmy Haslam. Brown said he’d wait to comment on the sale until it was official.

While Brown’s beef was never with Lerner, Haslam will be wise to extend the olive branch to the legendary running back soon, so the healing can begin between and franchise and its greatest player.

29 responses to “Jim Brown ready to end his Browns embargo

  1. Brown celebrated by throwing a woman out the window. I just fail to see how a man who has a 50+ year tradition of violence against women is even still talked about.

  2. What’s REALLY cool is that Brandon Weeden can talk with one of his high school teammates again.

  3. While he is the greatest running back in NFL history, he is also one of the most arrogant. Ask almost any Clevelander who has met him. Missing the ring of honor ceremony because he was asked to step down from an advisory position, which obviously he failed at (Shaun smith punching Quinn, Braylon, Winslow, countless QB controversies, inpecable lack of wins, etc., etc.) does not show young Browns fans much of this HOFers character. Perhaps he should be working with running backs instead of executive advisor to the owner. We don’t need someone giving bad advice to the new one. We’re glad your back, just please stick to what you’re good at and no more grudges! Oh yeah, bring Bernie with you to mentor Weeden.

  4. Out with the trash…….see ya Holmgren. See ya Brown. Lets start building a new Cleveland not with a arrogant VP or a disgruntled RB

  5. I guess on the outside looking in Jim is the greatest but I understand the fans unpleasentness with him. I suppose being the greatest will get you but so far…Michael Jordan, the greatest but every time he talks, crap just rolls out!

  6. As long as the Browns give Jim Brown a six figure salary to be an ‘advisor’ then Jim will be just fine with the Browns.

    Jim Brown boxing lesson #1: Make sure your target is female.

  7. Can anyone name another company/organization/entity that is actively luring back a known women beater?

    Amazing how people let things go cause they were successful at a game. A game. Way to set an example Cleveland.

  8. “Why is he even relevant anymore??”

    Because he is probably the greatest player of all time.

  9. jim browns like pete rose….one of the greatest if not the greatest to play their sport but complete as ses off the field

  10. Jim will be there to support Ernie and try to put his hand in Mr. Haslam’s wallet.

    He will always be the best running back ever. But he should just shut up.

  11. Sad to see great old time players tarnish their legacy by their bitterness. Happens in every sport.
    If they knew how to work the room, they would own the town.

  12. As a Browns fan, I’d like to request that Jim Brown continue his embargo indefinitely. Let him be bitter and whine to whoever will listen. The franchise is better off without him around. Forget the idea that the team needs to suck up to him to somehow connect with the past and the fans. The team just needs to win to connect with the fans.

  13. Oh please, greatest ever???? He played in an era when players worked summer jobs to help pay the bills….not exactly what you would call elite athletes….Take any one of today’s RB’s and they would have dominated if they played back then.

  14. Really with the athletic comment? Athletes were around back then and he was transcendent. He along with Jerry Rice are considered the two best players ever with then alternating depending on the list, defenses were allowed to maul you back then and the RB’s stuck it out, they could tackle receivers before they got the ball. Do you not see how many running backs go out with injuries now, they would get destroyed back then with the exception on a few. He is one, If not the greatest player ever, and people don’t go hmm well his athleticism wouldn’t match today because defenses we’re actually allowed to play. How bout gale Sayers? Or Barry sanders later in time? You’re telling me these guys athleticism doesn’t match up? Seriously Jim browns combination of size speed and agility is unmatched even today. He was the Lawrence Taylor of running backs, changed the position. So yes, while they all have their issues, they’re still relevant because they changed the game and their positions. It’s called respect.

  15. Theres no denying this was one of the greatest to ever play the game. There is also no denying this guy has one of the worst attitudes and is no ones idea of a nice guy. If you take a look at his history of violence against women its pretty despicable.
    To be honest with you, the team doesnt need him around. I dont think he would exactly have a positive effect on the clubhouse since hes already knocked Trent Richardson. Take a look at some of Trent Richardsons offield charitable contributions and you will see what a creep Jim Brown has to be to talk negative about the guy. Im not even a Browns fan I just dont like guys like this who feel the world should kiss their a$$

  16. Brown was a great player, but he really needs to get over himself! He has no more insight into how a team should be run than I do, perhaps less. He needs to shut up and be grateful for whatever role the team is willing to give him. If he were some saint, I’d maybe take another attitude on such a great player. But he’s a $h1t of a human being out in the real world, so he loses anything he earned from the play on the field. Can we please stop pretending the team should care about his opinion already?!

  17. Jim Brown is an interesting case study. He was a bruising back who ran over opposing players like a Sherman tank. Yet, at the age of 70-something, he’s still able to function without filing a lawsuit against the NFL.
    How can this be?

  18. Not only is JB one of the greatest runningbacks of all time…he has run his undefeated streak in domestic violence disputes up to 143-0… impressive athlete…an even more impressive human…

  19. Back when Jim Brown came to pro football there was 12 or 14 teams, today about 2/3 of the players wouldn’t make a team in 1958, so I doubt that most running back would run all over them, plus the rules were a lot difference then today, with more teams the over all talent is less, that goes for all pro teams. Bill

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