Lions rookie receives an R-rated rebuke from Jim Schwartz


The Lions’ coaching staff has pointed to rookie receiver Ryan Broyles as a player with great potential. But today he was the player targeted by the head coach, with a great deal of profanity.

Anwar S. Richardson of reports that Lions coach Jim Schwartz spotted Broyles getting in line for one-on-one position drills without first buckling his chin strap, and that set Schwartz off: Schwartz treated Broyles to some R-rated language not suitable for a family publication. (Or even PFT.)

After practice, however, Broyles said he could handle the heat from Schwartz.

“That’s a part of football,” Broyles said. “You love that when a coach gets on you. That means he cares. That’s a good thing.”

Schwartz, who said last year that he didn’t appreciate it when he heard an obscenity when attempting to shake the hand of 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh, brushed off his own obscenities toward Broyles.

“I barked at a lot of people,” Schwartz said.

Schwartz’s barking will probably be enough to remind Broyles that next time he takes the field, he needs to buckle his chin strap.

35 responses to “Lions rookie receives an R-rated rebuke from Jim Schwartz

  1. It’s amazing how many teams (players) reflect their coach(es). Maybe Schwartz needs to take a good look in the mirror next time one of his players acts like a mental midget on the field.

  2. I’ve always thought Schwartz was a huge tool. But he has every right to get on Broyles for something that small; it showed Broyles lacked focus. You also gotta practice player safety at all times. Especially since Broyles himself is coming off an injury which ended his college career prematurely.

    Nothing is funnier though than when Nick Saban made 300+ lb Manuel Wright cry.

  3. This kid has class… to be mature enough to know the difference between caring VS his coach being a jerk… the kids understands lessons, and listens. Im pulling.for him. His teammates should being listening to HIM

  4. Playing with an unbuckled chin strap in a game has resulted in a fine as high as $10,000 or could result in a concussion. The language used towards Broyles was out of concern and with constructive direction. Broyles even mentioned he appreciated it. The language used by Harbaugh to Schwartz was used to insult. Grown ups understand the difference.

  5. Everyone rags on Schwartz for anything and everything…and I hope it continues. What people neglect to remember is that this team was 0-16 not too long ago. So he is obviously doing something right. Something that Bobby Ross, Steve Mariucci, Rod Marinelli, Marty Morningweg couldnt figure out.

  6. LOL @ everyone overanalyzing this. Schwartz is well known for being extremely irritable with players who aren’t moving at the speed he expects in practice. And despite the diagnoses of armchair psychoanalysts who populate internet forums – you never hear anything but love for Jim from the players. Why? Because they’re a tight-knit lockerroom with a coach who cares about each of them individually while still holding them accountable for their mistakes in practice and games. That and, of course, the improvement every season and continual addition of talent to the roster…

  7. Schwartz should worry about having his maxipad in place as much as a player’s chinstrap … after all of the Lions’ off field issues, Schwartz’s response to a loose chinstrap is obviously disproportionate.

  8. Hey Jimmy Schwartz…you cant have your cake and eat it too…….cant wait for your sorry team to visit the stick in week 2. We will try not to unleash to many obscenities your way, but no promises.

  9. Let’s see how he reacts when he gets a “Rough” handshake from The Commish as he’s accepting the Lombardi Trophy…

    “And in other local breaking news…Jim Schwartz ate dinner at a local Metro Detroit steak house…film at 11:00.

  10. Schwartz is actually getting criticized by alleged football fans for cussing out a rookie who wasn’t ready to go when his number was called? WOW!!! What’s next – Schwartz is such a tool cuz he never tells a player “Good try” when the player almost catches the ball, or almost makes a tackle.

  11. So let me understand this? Schwarts is offended when being cursed at! But it’s ok when he’s the one cursing! That’s the story! not the fact the player could handle his tirade, What do you think the player was gonna say ” He hurt my feelings ” cursing is part of football all coaches do it some more than others. To me cursing is just ones lack of ability to find a proper way of expressing ones self!! We all do it way to much and for no good reason. players safety please!!

  12. Jul 29, 2012 10:31 PM

    for Pete sake don’t you people know anything about football practice having your equipment right is an essential its all about discipline

    For pete sake, try using puncuation.. thanks!

  13. Oh, and on the topic of cussing: 1) A coach cussing out his player for not being ready at camp vs. an opposing coach or team member cussing your way after a hard-fought game aren’t remotely the same situation. 2) If Broyles and the team are ok with Schwartz (and they are), then MDS’ concern (and any of the armchair psychoanalysts) is completely irrelevant and, frankly, worth little.

  14. While the Lions players may not be off the arrest blotter, they sure as hell will be buckling their chinstraps.

  15. its not about the swearing but the lack of self control shown time and time again by Schwartz and the resulting consequences are manifested in the team he runs. Over and over again.

  16. All you lion haters keep talkin…he is the best coach from the hired class of 2009…and a top 10 coach in league now…all that said he does need to work on the discipline part of his coaching

  17. Lions Pol-lice blotter 7 and counting………

    Lions practice visited by AI……………..”man, we talking bout practice, practice, we talking bout practice………………….

    Shockey..”Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ……….”

  18. It Sunday a slow day so we get a story abut a player and coach having words is a story.

  19. Will we ever see another article about a team’s coach yelling at a player for a chinstrap? no. we will not. Only because its the Lions, was this spun into a negative article.

  20. bennyb82 says: Jul 29, 2012 10:29 PM

    Everyone rags on Schwartz for anything and everything…and I hope it continues. What people neglect to remember is that this team was 0-16 not too long ago. So he is obviously doing something right. Something that Bobby Ross, Steve Mariucci, Rod Marinelli, Marty Morningweg couldnt figure out.

    The reason why all of these coaches besides Bobby Ross failed is because of Matt Millen. They couldn’t do what they wanted. Millen controlled everything remember???

  21. wow. if i played there id go out and get arrested too. they learn it from you coach they learn from you….way to motivate the young ones.

  22. The Lions have (1) Good season loose in the first round of the playoffs! And now people are picking them to win the superbowl let’s maybe see them win the division or maybe a playoff game! Say when was the last time the Lions won a playoff game? The NFC north is gonna be a dog fight!! And the Lions are still little KITTENS

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