Packers go into hurry-up mode in practice


The Packers are learning to practice in a hurry, in hopes of polishing an already good passing game.

Coach Mike McCarthy has installed what amounts to a shot clock for passing plays in practice, with a siren going off and lights flashing when a play goes beyond 2.5 seconds.

“For the offense and the protection unit, to have a clear indication when you’re potentially transitioning into a scrambling phase,” McCarthy said, via Pete Dougherty of the Green Bay Press-Gazette. “It’s something we always try to emphasize in practice in as many different ways as possible.

“And on the other side of the ball, it’s a time clock for the pass rush and the pressure unit.”

The Packers could certainly use the reminders for their pass rush, which was lacking last year. But the quick-trigger offense needs few reminders.

“Mike [McCarthy] always says listen to your feet,” backup quarterback Graham Harrell said. “Once you start hitching and your feet are out of whack, that’s kind of a time clock, too. Quarterbacks naturally develop a time clock, but to have that (siren) audible is good, too.”

McCarthy said most pass plays are designed to get the ball in 2.4 or 2.5 seconds, making it most useful in 7-on-7 drills, since the alert replaces a pass rush that would normally be there.

4 responses to “Packers go into hurry-up mode in practice

  1. 1st day of practice an the Packers are in hurry up Offense… OR .. Fast Catch… It aint gone work this season cause every defensive coordinator in the league saw that Giants game an they know how to beat them. Greenbay didnt do anything to up Grade that team. They didnt even pretend like they would run the football this season at least a little more. BUMP THE WR’s at the line an make Rodgers get up off the turf. Rodgers can hurt any team with his legs BUT he cant beat most defenses running. Ask the Giants… OR the Chiefs

  2. So you’re saying the other 15 teams just didn’t watch game film… genious. let me guess, you’re a defensive coordinator somewhere moonlighting as a propoganda slingin blog-replyer. by not upgrading, you must mean how they didn’t draft a bunch of defensive players, or let tired Ryan Grant go in favor of young rb. you got them man, they’ll be lucky to pull 6 wins again.

  3. Umm it was the Bears who the Packers beat to get into the playoffs two years ago and it was the Bears who the Packers beat in Chicago to go to the Super Bowl. Oh and they swept them last year. The Bears can’t say anything till they prove otherwise.

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