Rams give Chris Long “huge” four-year contract extension

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The Rams have locked up defensive end Chris Long for the prime years of his career.

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reports that the Rams have agreed to terms on a four-year contract extension with Long. Although the specific terms aren’t yet available, Glazer refers to the contract as “huge.”

The 27-year-old Long was the second overall pick in the 2008 NFL draft, and in the days before the rookie wage scale, he signed a six-year $56.5 million contract with $29 million guaranteed. Another huge deal will ensure that Long is among the highest-earning defensive linemen in NFL history through his first eight years in the league.

And the Rams obviously think he’s worth it: Long has played in all 16 games in every one of his NFL seasons, and last year he came on strong with by far his best season to date, recording 13 sacks and becoming one of the few bright spots on an otherwise bad Rams team. Now the Rams can be sure they have that bright spot on their defense for another four years.

UPDATE: The Rams have announced that Long signed a four-year deal.

16 responses to “Rams give Chris Long “huge” four-year contract extension

  1. Chris is solid, but he will never reach the level of his old man.

    Howie was not only a great RAIDER, he was one of the best in the NFL in his era.

  2. Not a Rams fan but I do like Howie Long. This kids been getting better every year and finally last year he broke out. Maybe he really can live up to the expectations that were put on him when he was drafted 4 years ago.

  3. above average player, but it wont help them this year, get ready for an exciting season rams fans, at least til week 4 when you begin thinking bout next year.

  4. A solid, hard-working good guy should be someone signed to a market rate extension. Huge extensions should go to All-Pros that have actually lived up to expectations shouldn’t they?

  5. Great move by Rams VP Kevin Demoff,who handles contract/salary cap for the rams.Now they can concentrate on extending MLB james Lauranittis.

  6. mullman7675 says:
    Jul 29, 2012 3:51 PM
    Chris is solid, but he will never reach the level of his old man.

    Howie was not only a great RAIDER, he was one of the best in the NFL in his era

    Wow, the guy has been in the league 4 years but you must be some some sort of fortune teller. Give him time!!!

  7. Great move by the Rams, Howie Jr is worth every penny.

    I love this kid but no, he’s not as good as his dad and he doesn’t have the skill set to be either, but man, what a player.

    He’s a real good one.

  8. Chris is an elite defensive end. Stats don’t tell the whole story.

    He’s spent most of his career playing in fire zone and 4-3 under man schemes. As a result, he’s had to bring most of the blitz pressure himself on a play-to-play basis, and when the Rams did blitz, he was often tasked with fighting through double teams.

    Long’s sack totals the past couple of seasons are remarkable for his position. But more importantly, his tackle totals–which seem pedestrian compared to five techs like Watt or true 4-3 ends like Tuck– are remarkably high.

    Players like Freeney, who play similar roles on similar defenses don’t bring in those kind of totals. Long’s numbers are strikingly similar to Julius Peppers’, a player lauded as one of the game’s elite.

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