Randall Cobb will get a bigger role in the Packers’ offense


Packers receiver Randall Cobb burst onto the scene as a rookie last season, becoming the first person born in the 1990s to play in an NFL game and scoring two touchdowns in the season-opening win over the Saints. That ended up being Cobb’s biggest game of the season, but this year the Packers are making Cobb a high priority in their offense, and hoping for that kind of production all season long.

Cobb is expected to be the Packers’ top slot receiver this season, and he’s also been lining up in the backfield frequently in training camp. Packers coach Mike McCarthy says that when a player is as good as Cobb with the ball in his hands, it’s up to the coaches to make sure he has the ball in his hands regularly.

“He is a versatile player,” McCarthy said via the Green Bay Press-Gazette, “and it’s important to always try to create schemes where you’re giving people the opportunity to make plays.”

Cobb said he has made it a priority to improve his route running and understanding of the Packers’ offense this year (he admits that his one receiving touchdown last year came when he ran the wrong route), and that he’s expecting big things of himself.

“My coaches always said I had some kind of ‘it’ factor back in college and in high school,” Cobb said. “I just pick up stuff, and I hold onto it.”

For the rest of the NFC, it’s scary to consider that more production from Cobb could make the great Packers’ offense even better.

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  1. “My coaches always said I had some kind of ‘it’ factor back in college and in high school,” Cobb said. “I just pick up stuff, and I hold onto it.”…..yep, just another prima donna receiver in the making. Seems alota GB players are thinkin’ too much of themselves lately. The fall is gonna hurt!

  2. Love the idea of getting Cobb more involved in the offense. With the running back by committee approach might as well see what Cobb can do in the backfield. Even though the offense is highly explosive as it is…it will be cool to see some more trick plays this year and give opposing teams another element to think about.

  3. Cobb is one very versatile dude, at Kentucky they used him all over the offense, Wildcat QB, RB, WR and return man. So it makes sense for the Packers to start using him in multiple ways also.

    Noeffinway, if you had any clue what a prima donna receiver was you wouldn’t be calling Cobb one, thats for sure.

  4. easily Jennings and nelson are 1 and 2. then there is Jones and driver. I still love driver having more of a role in the packers offense, Mr. old reliable. too much receivers to work around. packers going 16 -0

  5. Packers are a great team, but the definetly wont go 16-0. In 2007, the Patriots did it and it was very hard to accomplish that. Sorry packers fans, I know you guys think you are God, but your team doesnt come close to as good as the 07 Pats.

  6. They should retire Donald driver and start this guy.

    Speed kills. No reasons for youth to be sitting on the bench.

  7. Another GREAT move by our coaching staff. The switch of Charles to safety and now putting Cobb in the slot may not mean we go 18-0 but THEY ARE THE BEST MOVES FOR THE TEAM. In Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson we trust. GO PACK GO.

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