Ryan Tannehill: I feel like I’m in starting quarterback race


The feeling around Dolphins camp was that David Garrard and Matt Moore were battling for the starting quarterback job even before rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill missed two days of training camp because he hadn’t signed his contract.

The fact that he missed those two days only solidified that belief for many observers. Tannehill’s got his contract now, though, and he made his training camp debut with Miami on Sunday. Tannehill wasn’t permitted to be in full pads with the rest of his teammates — the CBA mandates players must be signed for three days — but offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said after the practice that he thought Tannehill threw the ball well.

Perhaps that’s why Tannehill is still operating under the assumption that he’s a horse in the race for the starting position. After practice, Tannehill said that no one has told him that he is out of the running for that position.

“I feel like I’m in it,” Tannehill said, via the Dolphins website. “I may be naive, but the coaches haven’t given me any indication that I’m not, so I’m going to go out there every day and do my best to get better every day and hopefully win the job. I think they’re going to work me in a little bit more. I’m not 100 percent sure, but leaving the spring that was the indication. I think they want to catch me back up to speed since I’ve been gone the past few days, then take it from there.”

The team is definitely doing everything they can to get him up to speed. The Dolphins are running twice as many reps this summer by having both the first and second team offenses running plays at the same time, giving every player on the team more chances to get on the field. Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post reports that Tannehill took the most snaps of any quarterback on Sunday.

All of those snaps were with the second team, though. That’s to be expected on a guy’s first day at the office, but if that trend continues then there isn’t going to be much need for a formal announcement that Tannehill won’t be the starting quarterback to start the year.

10 responses to “Ryan Tannehill: I feel like I’m in starting quarterback race

  1. From what I’ve heard and read, Ryan looked very impressive in his first practice today. Can’t wait to see him in some preseason action where the defense is allowed to hit him.

  2. “name me a team that has ever said its top pick doesnt look good in camp”


    While true, other observers noted that Tannehill looked sharp. It’s not just the team saying this.

    None-the-less, Tannehill will not start this season unless the team falls out of playoff contention quickly. I expect David Garrard to be the starter on opening day.

  3. While I am a fan of Tannehill (98% because of his wife), I would love to see Garrard have a solid season and tell Jax to suck it.

  4. Gerrard and Moore are tooo inconsistent. I live in Jacksonville and nobody can sell David Gerrard to me. He definetly won’t be the starter and you will see why once pre season starts. Once Ryan Tannehill starts getting the reps with the 1st team…..it’s a wrap. RT is the better QB.

  5. Let the best man win. If Tannehill out performs Garrad and Moore he should start. Who cares if he is a rookie. Let him gain the experience from being in the game. Just as effective as sitting on the bench and listening to Garrad/Moore. GO PHINS!

  6. @ deadeye: you’re right. Even a few non-Dolphins sources say that Tannehill had a good first day, for what that’s worth.

    I’m all for as much competition as possible. At this point, with a new coaching regime, the players and coaches need as much exposure as possible to each other. The mantra for the offense this preseason so far seems to have been “no guarantees”. No player is locked into his position (with the exceptions of Jake Long and maybe Reggie Bush). Everyone else will have to show that they deserve to play. Whoever can do it, put them in. Same goes for the QBs.

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