Steelers G.M.: Wallace not available for trade


The scribes in Pittsburgh have suggested that a likely outcome to unsigned restricted free agent receiver Mike Wallace’s training camp holdout is a trade out of town. The Steelers on Friday signed fellow wideout Antonio Brown to a lucrative, long-term contract. They will not be satisfying Wallace’s contractual demands.

But Steelers G.M. Kevin Colbert tapped the brakes Saturday on the Wallace trade speculation. Colbert says Wallace isn’t going anywhere.

Mike Wallace is not available for trade,” Colbert told ESPN’s Ed Werder.

The Steelers appear to be digging in for a potentially lengthy, ugly holdout with their best wide receiver. In an ideal world from an organizational standpoint, Wallace would cave, report to camp after signing his one-year, $2.742 million restricted tender, and play his tail off in a contract season.

That’d be an awfully feeble course of action on the player’s part, however. If Wallace is making this a business decision, he’ll sit out the first ten regular season games and report thereafter, only to gain an accrued year toward 2013 unrestricted free agency.

Colbert is talking tough now, but you can be sure he’s still fielding phone calls. As is always the case in these kinds of scenarios, it’s going to be interesting to see which side becomes the first to budge.

44 responses to “Steelers G.M.: Wallace not available for trade

  1. Mike (and his agent) have miscalculated and the situation has grown into a media event; therefore, even doing the ‘right’ thing now by reporting to camp and honoring the current contract, he’ll be seen as ‘caving’ in the media. It’s now a zero sum game, with a winner and a loser – no compromises. Mike was poorly advised and should seek better representation.

    Just suck it up, Mike and get to camp. It’s time now for damage control.

  2. The Steelers front office are my heros. Signing Brown and making Wallace wait is a great move. Don’t get me wrong, Wallace is a great player, I understand he wants to get paid, but his agent is doing him know props…especially with multi-years left on his contract.

  3. Wallace is a very good receiver, but not quite as good as he thinks he is. The Steelers have made themselves clear, and won’t be bullied by his antics. Sign the tender and come in to negotiate. Or don’t. Wallace’s market value will not increase while he lets a year of his prime pass by while simultaneously indicating that he is a difficult-to-please, prima-donna type player.

  4. What a joke of a front office. They resign the wrong wideout, one who only has one year as a starter under his belt. One year where he has scored only 2 TDs, the same 2 TDs that make up his career total. What a joke, I can’t believe people are talking up Antonio Brown as being the “next big thing”.

    Can’t wait to see Pittsburgh crash and burn this season…

  5. I apologize…he does not have a multi-year contract… my bad…usually, these guys have leverage…

  6. Mike (and his agent) have miscalculated and the situation has grown into a media event; therefore, even doing the ‘right’ thing now by reporting to camp and honoring the current contract, he’ll be seen as ‘caving’ in the media. It’s now a zero sum game, with a winner and a loser – no compromises. Mike was poorly advised and should seek better representation.

    Just suck it up, Mike and get to camp. It’s time now for damage control.

  7. The best case scenario is the 2 sides agree to a deal. However, I hope they are open to allowing Wallace to leave and get a good player in return. It appears he is looking for a payday that supersedes anything including winning. It’s definitely his prerogative. I’d rather he come out to force a trade. Say something negative about coach Tomlin and the organization. Mike step up your game if you really want out. I personally want you to get your money at any cost. I always side with the players. In this case, you are not playing hardball like you should.

  8. Its the Steelers. Not our first BBQ. We know how to cook.

    Let Mike do what he’s got to do. He’s a hell of a talent to lose but we’ll be fine. He’s taken this to far and I doubt Mr Rooney is going to cave at this point.

    Let Brown draw the double team to open up Sanders and if he’s a good teammate we’ll pay him fair next year.

  9. Oh, he’s available for trade… we said the same thing about Santonio!

    Mike, ya might wanna get dat ass to camp on the double!

  10. This is what gets me.

    “If Wallace is making this a business decision, he’ll sit out the first ten regular season games and report thereafter, only to gain an accrued year toward 2013 unrestricted free agency.”

    Why let a player report if he chooses to sit out? I’d say sorry buddy, see you next July at our 2013 training camp.

  11. Colbert is an idiot and so is Todd Haley. Losing Mike Wallace is going to kill that offense. Antonio Brown is 180 lbs, he is not a #1 receiver and will never command the attention that Mike Wallace demands. I feel bad for Steelers fans right now. Of course, most of them don’t even realize anything bad happened because they show the type of faith in the Rooney’s that Nazi Germany showed to Hitler. However, with Antonio Brown as the #1 receiver in a passing league – the offense and the super bowl is about to go right out the window. With an aging defense on the table as well I foresee an 8-8 season. That division is too tough to go into a year with no passing game, which is what the Steelers now have.

  12. Mike, get into camp as soon as possible and humble yourself. Accept responsibility for disrespecting a one of a kind organization like the Steelers. Apologize to colbert and to the rooneys and see if this damaged relationship can be mended. The Steelers will always be bigger than you but to be apart of the Steelers is special. Embrace it.

  13. As a Bengals fan, of course I’d really like to see him traded or sit out 10 games.

  14. In this case I’m not sure what Pittsburgh thinks it’s gaining by playing hardball. If Wallace is their best receiver and does holdout until game 10, it could have a negative impact on the team’s offense. Wait a minute; That’s right, the team is moving to a grind and pound running attack. We’ll see where that gets them.

  15. If I was the Steelers ( who I truly respect as a educated NFL fan) I would give his @$$ two options!!
    Option#1- Sign the tag
    Option#2-Sit at home and play madden !!

  16. “Mike Wallace is not available for trade.”


    “We don’t know what the kid is thinking, he’s got a totally retarded agent who has filled his head with crap. If we are lucky we can get a three out of the guy so we can replace him next spring.”

  17. Wallace is just shooting himself in the foot now. It’s clear no other teams are beating down the door to get him. Time to grow up.

  18. Glad you’re not Wallace’s agent. There is no budge. The Stillers have this guy by the short hairs. He either plays for them and gets paid or sits for peanuts. The choice is his. Whatever. Pittsburgh is moving on.

  19. oh my god… Can you guys ever take words out of context and twist them to fit the purpose of your story.
    You are the fox news of sports talk.
    How about this, stop speculating about things you don’t know about and report the actual news?
    Remember when according to you guys Wallace was a goner in free agency too?

  20. At this point, only fantasy owners care whether or not you sign Mr. Wallace.

  21. A trade for anything lesss than either a combination of a high 2nd and lower round pick or a lower first rounder should be the least the Steelers should accept. Otherwise, they are better off using Wallace for the final 6 games and taking the 3rd round comp pick.

  22. I have really Grown to love Wallace and what he does for this team, on the other hand, he turning into a plex and making a big douche out of him self. Hope some of these vets can knock some cense into him.

  23. I would trade him out of their division to say the Rams who every yr it seems get a top 5 pick. use that pick to draft a top corner next yr. you can always find fast receivers who can run go routes all day long.

  24. Hey Mike its ok . Sit out till week 10 come in and sign and play out the last 6 games . Then the Steelers just piss you off more but placing the franchise tag on you for another season . So actually they can make you wait for a big pay day till after the 2013 season , 2 more years of waiting . Why would they trade him for a 4th rounder when they can get a third compensatory pick ? If a teams comes with the right price ? ( first or 2 2’s or a combo of multible picks im sure the Steelers would do it ) Until then the Steelers hold the cards for the next 2 seasons .

  25. 1.I don’t blame him for not accepting the Steelers BELOW MARKET offer! If he signs the tender and gets hurt, do you think the Steelers are still giving him a huge extension? NO! When it comes down to it, no pro team really cares about the player….sad but true.
    2.Wallace is NOT A HOLD OUT. A holdout has a signed contract and does not report to work(See Jones-Drew JAX) Wallace is a restricted “Free agent”. He can’t be fined because he is not signed to a contract.
    Hey it’s more money than you or I will ever see, but in his market he is being screwed. Ex: if your A Great computer programmer and your company is offering you $40K a year, but the going rate for your job is $120K a year, would you accept the 40k offer?

  26. This team is losing it. What a bone headed move by Colbert. This team will be fighting to stay out of the AFCN basement

  27. I think I’ll have to repost this because reading the above comments it’s clear that a number of you guys don’t realize sitting out till week 10 is Wallace’s best option and he doesn’t stand to lose much of anything if he does:

    This isn’t a hold out of an existing contract. Wallace has played and “honored” all 3 years of the contract he signed when he entered the league. The Steelers were rewarded with very good receiver production on the cheap over the last 3 years. Wallace is a free agent ableit restricted. This is just a negotiation for a new contract. One in which the team has the upper hand due to the CBA but a contract negotiation still. So Wallace can sign the $2.7 million 1st round tender offer, try to push for a long term deal, go the Vincent Jackson route and sit out until mid season and then sign the tender (in order to trigger his true free agency year next year), or sit out the entire season (not his best option since his true free agent year will be wiped out and he’d face the same situation next year).

    Wallace’s Rookie contract paid him a total of $1.74 million over 3 years. Even if he were to sit out half the year and sign the tender for the rest of the season he may get around $1 million which is almos as much as he made the previous 3 years. (Since this is not a contract hold out fines do not come into play)

    Next year the Steelers can either franchise him at about $9 – $10 million for the year, sign him to a long term deal, or let him walk via free agency.

    Knowing all that sitting out till mid season is Wallace’s best option if he’s willing to take this hard ball tactic to its conclusion. The money Wallace will leave on the table (about $1 million) while not insignificant is not that great in the grand scheme of things. It worked very well for Vincent Jackson. The year after Jackson sat out till mid season before signing his 1st round tender he was franchised and made about $8 million. Then afterwards he signed a free agent deal potentially worth $55 million.

  28. There is no way the steelers should trade Mike Haulace, so its the absolute correct call. Sign the tender, start working on the new contract and if it doesnt get done by the beginning of the season you can always work on it after the season and play for the year. Maybe if you didnt run the wrong route in the SB 2 years ago or come down with that crucial 4th down with the game on the line, u might have received a bigger contract. Now your playing on the steelers terms, 2.7 million it is…. Best get your butt to camp and quit wasting time.

  29. The best receiver is the one who’s on the field, contributing for the team. Wallace hasn’t been our best receiver since he started down the path to becoming a front-office headache and team distraction. Although I’d rather Wallace just left, I trust Colbert to handle the situation in the Steelers’ best interests. But I question how much trade interest Wallace would generate at this point. No matter what happens he’ll be a UFA next season. Why should teams give up something to get him now when they can just wait and sign him then?

  30. If I was the Steelers GM, I would let Wallace sit as long as he wanted. But, if he chose to sit out for 10 games, then fine. I would keep in Pittsburgh for the later part of the season & the playoffs. Then, next year, I would Franchise Tag him & start fielding trade offers from (only) non-contending teams. That would keep him here for the playoffs, make him a non competition threat when traded & insure a high 1st round trade pic in return…at a low cost of $1,025,500 (6/16 of $2.7 M) for a top wide receiver, in a contract year, available leading up to & into the playoffs. His A$$ would land on a chitty team & he would waste away as Santonio is doing. GO STEELERS!!!

  31. Oh, I love watching the Steelers go tits up!!!! I also love how delusional the Steelers fans on this site are. Your team is old. You have no cap room to sign your best, most dangerous offensive player, so you play it off like it’s his bad. You criticize his skill set, and neglect to give him credit for potentially getting much more complete as a player. I can go on and on. Your O-line is so bad, you can’t keep your franchise QB healthy. You leave him naked in the pocket to get pummeled every Sunday, taking years off of his life. You just signed a KC reject to be your Off. Coordinator. It goes on and on. Don’t get me started on your geriatric defenders. I see you comin’ up short for awhile. Love it, love it, love it.

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