Vikings want to get Adrian Peterson some preseason carries


Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has been saying since he went down with a torn ACL in December that he wants to be back on the field for Week One. But he might get back on the field for some live action even before that.

The Vikings are pleased with the progress Peterson is making and optimistic that he can get some carries during the preseason, coach Leslie Frazier said. Frazier was careful to make clear, however, that the Vikings will only put Peterson on the field in the preseason if they’re confident that he’s ready to go full speed and not risking a setback.

“Now, will that happen? I don’t know,” Frazier said. “We’ll see how he progresses. But ideally, you’d like to see him get some carries at some point in the preseason just for his benefit, where he can gain some confidence and get a feel for where he is and where he needs to be by the first game of the season.”

Peterson hasn’t been cleared to return to practice yet, but he has been working out on the practice field with trainer Eric Sugarman, and from all indications he’s looking good. (The picture here was taken at Vikings training camp on Saturday.) The Vikings would be delighted to have him working with the first-string offense in the third preseason game, which is about eight months after he suffered his injury. All indications are that Peterson plans to be there.

15 responses to “Vikings want to get Adrian Peterson some preseason carries

  1. Adrian…we were lucky enough for you to fall to us in the draft and you have carried our team plenty since then. Let’s not push our/your luck with an early return bud. Let the O-line figure out their identity and allow Toby “the white rhino” to come into his own.


  2. I have a bad feeling about this, and I’m not even a Vikings fan. 7 months? I don’t know. Ridiculous specimen or not, I don’t see how he trusts his knee at this point. We’ve seen it time and time again with pro football players. They look good and say they feel good, but aren’t themselves upon return. It takes them nearly a season to get back to where they were. Look at Welker, Brady, McNabb…anyone. It’s a 15-18 month injury. Sure, initial healing is 6-8 months and they are cleared in 9. But getting to 100% physically and mentally takes almost as long.

  3. pack13queens0 says: Jul 29, 2012 3:17 PM

    Peterson=Most overrated player in the NFL.

    Guy’s like this are so lame, have you ever watched a football game? Let me guess, Grant and Jackson were way better than AP right?? Flip man when did you get the interweb out on the farm last week you tool! Watch some utube highlights,
    Forte and best are good backs But AP is the best in this division

    AP = AD! Enough said

  4. pack13queens0 says:Jul 29, 2012 3:17 PM

    Peterson=Most overrated player in the NFL.
    Yet another Packer fan with an opinion that makes that fanbase look like idiots.

    However, if Peterson were on the Packers, it would be nothing but golden statues of the man in every Packer household.

    Get over the inferiority complex already packer fans.

  5. As a Vikings fan,i would love to see Peterson in week 1 and not a single minute before. Dont be dumb.

  6. no sir the most overrated player in the nfl is clay matthews…what has he ever done. the only reason he makes the probowl is because packer fans just discovered the internet and vote all day everyday

  7. Note to Frazier, you know AD is going to go 110% no matter what is told to him and is biting at the chomp to bring back his bull in the china shop running style combined with gazelle speed into the rebuilt O. He’s excited, with all the new toys surrounding him at the skilled positions, the retooling of the OL and the growth of Ponder. No need to rush him back until the trainer gives him the green light and then seek out a second opinion. We need him back only and I MEAN only when he is capable of balling in his unique style.

  8. Imagine if Adrian had a solid O-line. He would get 2000 per year. The man is a beast, and he can bust one at any time, by either running around you, or running over you.

  9. nfcnorthguy says: Jul 29, 2012 6:21 PM
    Let me guess, Grant and Jackson were way better than AP right??
    Yep. And John Kuhn is as well. You Viking fans aren’t as slow as I thought you were.

  10. thankheavenfornumberseven says: Jul 29, 2012 7:01 PM
    Those 13 championships still aren’t enough to ease the jealousy you feel for Viking fans, are they? How many will it take before you stop feeling so inferior to us
    Inferior? No, the puke in purple is what’s inferior. You’re just jealous the Queens don’t have a title & never will. Maybe if they would have moved to LA they would have had a better chance. They would have for sure had a better fan base there.

  11. AD getting some Kobe”German Blood treatment “.
    Take a blender , and mix 20 CC of HGH with 40 CC of red Blood platelets, stir in some extra red blood cells(about 40-50 CC) and blend well. Inject , wait 4 days for healing process to start. Those jump cuts will come back , you’ll jump over linebackers. OR your $$ back.

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