Aaron Maybin is making his mark


Though it doesn’t completely make up for swinging and missing on Vernon Gholston with the sixth pick in the 2008 draft, the first-rounder from the following year that the Jets pulled off the Bills’ trash heap continues to make the New York front office look good.

And Aaron Maybin also is making other guys on the roster look bad.

“[Mike Pettine] said, ‘Guys, as a teammate you ought to be embarrassed,’” coach Rex Ryan said Sunday regarding the defensive coordinator’s assessment of Maybin’s performance.  “Because this guy embarrassed the other 10 guys that were out there at that time.  And they might have been thinking they were going hard.”

Per Jane McManus of ESPNNewYork.com, Maybin had a sack and removed a running back’s helmet.  Maybin also spent plenty of time yelling after making plays.

“I’ve always been a high energy guy that’s how I’ve always played the game,” Maybin said.

Well, maybe not in Buffalo.  Or he never would have been released.  But he’s that way now.

“That’s the way Aaron plays, 100 mph,” Ryan said. “He doesn’t play with any breaks he doesn’t slow down until he runs into something, that’s who he is and that’s who he’s been since he’s been a New York Jet.”

Actually, Maybin has been a Jet twice.  Last year, he was among the final preseason roster cuts.  And so not only the Bills but every other team can kick themselves for missing out on the fact that Maybin was ready to kick some ass.

21 responses to “Aaron Maybin is making his mark

  1. He did nothing in Buffalo but take up space. It’s preseason and a bit early to make him a hero. We’ll see when regular season starts what he does.

  2. He should be great against the run on first and second down too then right? Jets only played him on third and long last year

  3. All that work he did in Buffalo. And Buddy loves to put guys in to succeed, he obviously just didn’t think this kid had it. I don’t wish bad on players, but he just wouldn’t produce here in Buffalo. And in the line backing core of Buffalo, if you can’t play, that says something about you.

  4. The guy was completely out of position in Buffalo he was setup for failure he’s not DE and not a 4-3 LB he’s OLB in 3-4 that can rush the QB that’s it he’ll continue to succeed in NY because he’s in the right position and not asked to do something he can’t do.

  5. Considering he was the situational pass rusher for the jets his 6 sacks (leads the team) makes what he did last year that much more impressive. I’d like to see how much he’s improved in a the offseason and now that he’s really had a chance to learn Rex’s system.

  6. For some guys, it just takes a little longer to adjust. There’s a BUNCH of players that didn’t really do anything until there 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th year. It’s Buffalo’s fault that they got rid of him, they should have waited. Look at Robert Ayers, Denver hasn’t given up on him and who knows, this guy could have 10 sacks this year… So it’s important for teams not to give up on some of there players so easly…

  7. I don’t think he’s the second coming of LT, but to you guys talking about how he’s “the lights out practice player” and stuff like that, he was actually moderately effective in a 3rd down pass rush specialist role last year, getting 6 sacks and 4 forced fumbles. Marvsleezy was right though, if he is getting talked about like this in camp, it’ll be interesting to see if he can improve as a 3-down backer.

  8. He just took up a roster space while he was in Buffalo. When I seen him at training camp at St. John Fisher, he was extremely lazy, taking his time going from drill to drill, constantly fixing his hair and staying away from the big hitters. He was extremely quiet, basically keeping to himself. He never put in the extra time to get better, showing up to camp 45lbs underweight and just acting as if he didn’t care. He should have to pay Buffalo some of that money he didn’t earn back. It wasn’t until his career looked over that he actually started trying, when he got to NY. Thanks for nothing Aaron.

  9. Maybin has the makings of a good 3rd down pass rusher. I don’t think he’s not a good player. He just wasn’t a first round pick. I think he can be a good situational pass rusher like he was at the end of last season but he will never be a every down player. If he can’t run by the guy or make a move he’s helpless. He is not a physical player. He had a bad attitude and didn’t work hard when he was here in Buffalo. I wish the best of luck to him.
    He is a Jet so I hate his guts and hope Eric Wood smashes his face in week 1!!

  10. Im not saying he is a different player (maybe he is), but the fact is he sucked in Buffalo, for what ever reason. Maybe he was out of position, maybe he just didnt like being here but if he had been drafted by the Jets and they got what Buffalo got from him, they would have canned him too. He will never live up to the billing of where he got drafted but he is obviously in a better place.

    but if you werent watching him for 2 years you just have no clue as to how terrible he actually was.

  11. Lol great for him. I’ll take Mario over him 100 out of 100 times. Maybin being a total bust opened the door to signing Mario, Anderson and drafting Dareus. Best DL in football? Maybe. Aaron, you can stay in nJ with your loud mouth, all talk, foot loving coach

  12. Watching Maybin year in and year out in Buffalo’s training camp sessions, I can say he behaved like the least motivated player I’ve seen in quite some time, a complete waste of space. I’d be shocked if he truly has turned it around, we shall see.

  13. This guy has good rush potential buh that’s Cuz of his size , if he hoped to be a 3 down rush backer in the 34 then he’s gonna have to gain another 10-15 pounds to be better against the run. Still he’s a good pass rusher in the 34.

  14. For whatever reason this kid couldn’t record a sack with the Bills in 2 seasons, then gets a strip sack in his very first game he played with the Jets. In 13 games he led the team in sacks with 6 and 4 FF. He would of also led the Bills in sacks last season. So to say he has to prove it in the regular season makes no sense, he did already.

  15. sbmcintosh36 says: Jul 30, 2012 9:51 PM

    The guy was completely out of position in Buffalo he was setup for failure he’s not DE and not a 4-3 LB he’s OLB in 3-4 that can rush the QB that’s it he’ll continue to succeed in NY because he’s in the right position and not asked to do something he can’t do.

    Maybin was OLB in 3-4 with his time in Buffalo.

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