Adrian Peterson OK after allergic reaction to seafood

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A scary incident took place at Vikings camp today when running back Adrian Peterson had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance after getting sick from having an allergic reaction to some seafood. But Peterson was out of the hospital and back to the team’s dorm within a few hours.

Vikings coach Leslie Frazier acknowledged being scared when he first learned that Peterson was having shortness of breath and swelling in the face, but the medical staff took care of Peterson and he was OK.

“I don’t know if any one of you has had anyone experience that, but, yeah, it was scary,” Frazier said. “But he’s fine now. Everything’s fine.”

Peterson, who is on the Physically Unable to Perform list while he rehabilitates his torn ACL, will be back at work on Tuesday.

“We’re anticipating him being back in rehab tomorrow, whether he’s doing things in the pool or back out on the field. He’s cleared to get going tomorrow,” Frazier said.

And we’re anticipating that he’ll stay away from the seafood at lunch.

18 responses to “Adrian Peterson OK after allergic reaction to seafood

  1. He needs to mention that next time he needs a CT scan too because he might react to the contrast dye. (No worries with MRIs.)

  2. Its almost comical(but not really) that a shrimp can take down AD when some 250 LBers can not.

  3. Might want to keep the team away from that strip club. Just saying, sounds like bad crab.

  4. raysfan1 says: Jul 30, 2012 7:41 PM

    He needs to mention that next time he needs a CT scan too because he might react to the contrast dye. (No worries with MRIs.)

    He’s likely not going to have to worry about contrast dyes. Food (seafood) allergies can occur later in a person’s life after never having experienced that particular allergic reaction prior to this incident. And shellfish allergies in particular, that newly manifest in adults, typically happen at Adrian Peterson’s age.

    I myself developed a severe allergic reaction to shellfish at age 25 after having been raised on crab, lobster, and shrimp.

  5. A.P. will eventually develop Chuck Norris type references. Although Chuck Norris has no allergies, allergies are allergic to him.

  6. Allergic to shellfish? The guy is a 27 year old millionaire and this is the first time he’s ever had lobster? There’s no accounting for taste.

  7. A.P. better get a doctor’s note for that steroid shot that he likely got at the hospital. Roger the Enforcer is going to want to see it.

  8. Ndumakong Suh is licking his chops. Not only will the Schwartz be feeding the D crab and lobster while the Lions O is on the field against the Vikings this year, but Suh will get to cheat and tackle Peterson with shellfish hands now.

  9. We know they have not hired competent people in the past (Kory Stringer lawsuit, fumigating the locker room, misspelled names on jerseys, not getting draft card to the podium, etc.).

    What’s next, team bus driver getting lost?
    – Team hospitality clerk booking too few rooms at hotel on a road trip?
    – Equipment manager losing luggage at the airport?
    – Game day uniforms washed with bleach?

    Never underestimate the vikings ability to screw up.

  10. “citiciti says:
    Jul 30, 2012 7:47 PM
    Saint’s had bad shrimp sent over,the whole team is now on double secret probation!!!”

    As a die hard Saints fan…you made me laugh out loud!! 😀 Thanks for the humor…we surely need it!! (Pssstt! That was our screw up…we meant to send that to Atlanta! Sorry, A.P!)

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