Brian Price hoping for a fresh start in Chicago


For the Buccaneers, swapping a former second-rounder for a seventh-round pick can be nothing but disappointing.

But for Brian Price, getting to Chicago may represent the fresh start he needs after a tumultuous year.

In an excellent story by Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times, Price talks about wanting to pay the Bears back for their faith in him.

“I’m just real thankful for this opportunity. It’s a burning feeling,” he said. “They’re giving me a chance and showing me so much love.

They believe in me, and I ain’t even played for them yet.”

The 23-year-old defensive tackle’s past (his brothers were murdered in gang-related violence) is recapped in Jensen’s story, but the last few months alone are enough to write a book about. Emotionally crippled by the loss of his sister in a hit-and-run accident in May, Price’s time in Tampa came to an end after a fight with a teammate, allowing the new coaching staff to make a bit of an example of him.

His father said there was a “lack of sensitivity and compassion” toward Brian after his sister’s death.

“I don’t want to bash the Bucs, but I feel [new coach Greg Schiano] came into a situation where they’re trying to have a new culture, and I feel Brian was a victim of circumstance,” Frank Price said.

Price will start practice with the Bears tomorrow, and when he does, the nephews he’s adopting will be there to see it. For now, paying the Bears back for their confidence is second only to making sure the boys don’t have to endure the long line of heartbreak he has.

“I just think about how they feel. I was their age when my brother got killed,” Brian Price said. “I fully understand. They got no mom, and their dad’s not in their life. I keep them busy and full of positive stuff. . . .

“[The boys are] my ambition. As long as they’re good, I’m good. As long as I save their lives and teach them how to be men and keep them off the streets. I want to raise them to be better than me. That’s my goal.”

If he can do that, and break the cycle of pain that’s gripped his family, that will transcend anything he does on a football field.

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  1. It really is a shame that one person should have to suffer so much heartache from losing so many of his siblings…Hopefully a new start in Chicago will help him get back to his old self

  2. No matter how bad the situation, one can only grieve so long before one has to go back to work to support their family.

    Parents will usually stick up for their children as is being done in this case. That doesn’t necessarily make the parent right.

    For Brian to state in an earlier Chicago interview, “I feel like a burden has been take off of me” is way out of line and certainly don’t agree with facts-as they are known today. Except for the tragic death of his sister, his problems “visible” in Tampa, were of his own doing. So many times, starting last year, it was written how out of shape he was and apparently was making no serious effort to correct it. I read media articles that referred to him by the fans as “cheeseburger”.
    Last year he stated he was ready to quit football.

    Its not all as stated by the father.

  3. I love when a father (father figure) wants their kids to do better than them. To me that alone makes Brian a real man I I hope this young man really turns it around and gets some good fortune and positive things going in his life. He and his nephews deserve it!

  4. Hope this is where Price decides to max out his tremendous potential and make sure his family never has to worry about security again. He just needs to be smart and play hard. Good Luck Brian!

  5. I hope he does nothing for the bears just like he did nothing for my bucs. Push family and personal stuff to the side fellas, this is a business , not the Oprah show. When he’s out of shape again and trying to keep it together with promises of being better, we’ll see what compassion the bears fans have for him.

  6. Where was Price senior when Brian’s brothers were gangbanging? It’s a good thing Brian escaped the crime, violence, and gangs that are condoned in the urban communities. The lack of parenting and father figures is really devastating generations. Guys like TO, Cromartie, and Janoris Jenkins have multiple kids but have no interest in being a real man and raising those kids right. How many of them will end up dead like Brian’s brothers or in prison?

    Kudos to Brian Price for ensuring his nephews have a father figure to look up to when their biological father(s) are not real men.

  7. The Bucs showed a “lack of sensitivity and compassion” ? Was this when they didn’t punish him for punching Mark Barron, or when they allowed him to stay in California to be near his family instead of training in Tampa where he should be? This is not the Buc’s fault, they bent over backwards for the guy. I feel bad for Price, but between injuries and being something of a head case, I think it’s better for the Bucs to move on and get the line set now.

  8. Let’s see…..his hamstrings are stapled to his pelvis, he choose not to join his team during OTA’s, has never been in shape, punched a team mate because he wanted his seat, and gave up on his conditioning test claiming another hamstring issue when he couldn’t finish more than 4 sprints. He was the anchor of the leagues worst run D and amassed 3 sacks in 2 years…..have fun with that Bears fans. Compassion doesn’t equal wins!

  9. I wish Brian well in his new surroundings, but you really can’t blame the Bucs for his lack of production as a pro…he’s been injured a lot, missed all the offseason work this year in Tampa, missed all the offseason stuff last year because of the lockout. In 2 full seasons with the Bucs this guy played only 20 games with 27 tackles and 3 sacks…that’s not a lot of production for a 2nd round pick. I feel sorry for all the heartache he’s had to endure and I applaud him for adopting the kids…but I think it’s a little disingenous to say the Bucs were lacking in the way they treated him!

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