Dennis Green sues the UFL

Getty Images

Well, now we know why last week’s press releases regarding the UFL mentioned only Marty Schottenheimer and Jim Fassel as the league’s returning coaches for 2012.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Dennis Green has sued the UFL for breach of contract.  He claims that he has been stiffed by an outfit that, frankly, has had trouble paying its bills.

UFL spokesman Larry Weisman tells PFT via email that the league has no comment on the situation, and that an announcement will be made this week regarding the Sacramento Mountain Lions, whom Green has coached for three years.  (In their first season, the team was headquartered in San Francisco and known as the California Redwoods.)

Way back in 1997, Green outlined in his autobiography, No Room for Crybabies, a plan to acquire controlling interest in the Vikings via litigation.  So maybe his goal is to own the Mountain Lions.

The only difference?  This time around, the pink slip and a pocket full of quarters will get him a cup of coffee.