Dennis Green sues the UFL

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Well, now we know why last week’s press releases regarding the UFL mentioned only Marty Schottenheimer and Jim Fassel as the league’s returning coaches for 2012.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Dennis Green has sued the UFL for breach of contract.  He claims that he has been stiffed by an outfit that, frankly, has had trouble paying its bills.

UFL spokesman Larry Weisman tells PFT via email that the league has no comment on the situation, and that an announcement will be made this week regarding the Sacramento Mountain Lions, whom Green has coached for three years.  (In their first season, the team was headquartered in San Francisco and known as the California Redwoods.)

Way back in 1997, Green outlined in his autobiography, No Room for Crybabies, a plan to acquire controlling interest in the Vikings via litigation.  So maybe his goal is to own the Mountain Lions.

The only difference?  This time around, the pink slip and a pocket full of quarters will get him a cup of coffee.

13 responses to “Dennis Green sues the UFL

  1. For some reason I have not had much empathy for Dennis Green over the years.

    He tries to put himself above criticism.

  2. He threatened to sue the Vikings for considering replacing him with Lou Holtz unless they sold him the team for a vastly deflated price. He put the whole plan in his book! Then he couldn’t understand why reporters wanted to ask him about it. Just one of many unbelievable Denny Green stories. I miss him.

  3. Mr. Green must love paying attorney bills. The lawyers get paid no matter who wins the fight.

  4. He’s not just despicable, he’s a moron too.

    What does he expect to get from the UFL?

  5. Well, apparently the UFL paid up the $5 million owed to Mark Cuban. But Coach Green will have to get in line. Apparently there were other lawsuits this year, one filed by the IRS, and one by the company that did their workman’s comp.

  6. Denny can join the line with the rest of us stiffed for money by the UFL.

    People are still waiting on money for SEASON TWO.

    Hail, Hail the Ultimate Fail League

  7. Besides this lawsuit, the IRS problems and the Worker’s Compensation litigation, I’ve heard that former UFL Commissioner Michael Huyghue is also suing the league for unpaid compensation.

    These guys are slimeballs, thinking they can stiff people out of money. It’s hard to feel bad for millionaires like Green and Huyghue when they get screwed over, but the UFL has screwed players, vendors and many others who were depending on receipt of payment for services rendered.

    I look forward to seeing this league implode, and am very surprised it hasn’t happened yet.

    Good riddence United Fools League

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