Golden Tate attracting attention with his play now

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There were times last year when the Seahawks weren’t sure what they had in wide receiver Golden Tate.

Now, partly through necessity, they think they’ve found a player.

Tate’s hoping to follow up on a solid final month of 2011, by taking a more professional approach.

He’s grown a lot as a player,” teammate Sidney Rice told Eric Williams of the Tacoma News Tribune. “He used to make big plays, jump up and throw the ball in the air and jump around – things like that. But I see him becoming more of a professional. He’s doing much better.”

These days, the ball goes back to the ref with a simple flip, no showboating. But more importantly, he’s making more plays. When Rice missed the end of the season because of concussions, Tate posted 19 catches for 209 yards and a touchdown in five starts, solid numbers after a lackluster start.

“I felt like when they had nowhere else to go I had to step up,” Tate said. “I had to do it. . . . So I took it a lot more serious – not that I didn’t take it serious in the first place.

“So there was more studying, more film and paying attention to details on the field, and on the practice field; being very coachable, so when it was time for me to shine I did my best to make the plays I’m supposed to make.”

Tate’s the favorite to claim the starting job opposite Rice when he returns to the field. Granted, the Seahawks bigger problem is settling on a quarterback, but having someone else to make plays can only help whichever one ends up under center.

12 responses to “Golden Tate attracting attention with his play now

  1. At least he is not attacting attention due to his donut addiction, which can lead to questionable late-night B&E decisions.

  2. He’s a bum, stop it. Carlos Rogers will make the pro bowl again off of players like him. Haha

  3. Kid’s always had the goods talent-wise, he just needs to take that next step to become a real player.

    Arguably made the catch of the year against Philly last season, with a full-stretch, toe-tap effort in the back of the end zone.

    I think if he’s serious about what he says in the article, he’ll be the starter opposite Rice on opening day.

  4. seattle will either be 7-9 team or 8-8 an no playoffs NFC is too good and the nfc west is getting better and better every year with great coaches all around and good defenses.
    go GT!

  5. 209 yards over 5 starts with 1 TD and Rice out of the picture isn’t that impressive… that’s a little over 40 yards a game and .2 TDs.

  6. Thanks for breaking the 1 touchdown down, fractionally.

    If Sidney Rice can stay on the field, that is where their passing game success will come from. Baldwin can play, too. I’m not sure why they went out and paid Zach Miller that much and don’t even use him

  7. Seattle will go 10-6 and win the division. They have so many weapons you guys don’t have a clue about that are going to have big years, and the pass rush will be top 5.

  8. he’s not physically imposing or all that fast and quick, but he does have that IT quality to his game, he’s only gonna get better folks.

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