Greg Schiano thinks extra protection will help Josh Freeman


There may be less of Josh Freeman this year, but new Bucs coach Greg Schiano thinks a little more gear may help him in more ways than one.

Freeman has dropped a few pounds since last year, but Schiano thinks his wearing a brace on his left knee even though it’s not injured will help.

Schiano told Ron and Ian on WDAE in Tampa (via that the added protection has multiple benefits.

“That’s something that I ask our quarterbacks to do,” Schiano said. “I’ve asked them to do it for years. That’s the leg — we’re all righty quarterbacks so it’s on their left knee. That’s the leg that’s exposed. That’s a vulnerable position. The good ones keep their eyes down the field. They don’t see the rush. They may feel it but they don’t see it, and sometimes when they’re down around your feet, you don’t even feel it.

“It’s not a catch-all, it doesn’t guarantee your health, but if that leg is braced, it gives you a chance against certain types of contact.”

Freeman wasn’t terrible about bailing out of the pocket, with just 68 rush attempts in 2010 and 55 last year (compared to Cam Newton’s 126 with the Panthers).

But having the confidence to stay in the pocket and throw isn’t a quality all quarterbacks share. With the addition of vertical threat Vincent Jackson on the outside, anything the Bucs can do to buy time for a shot downfield is only going to help. If that takes extraneous padding, so be it.

10 responses to “Greg Schiano thinks extra protection will help Josh Freeman

  1. They’re the 4th best team in their division…period.

    The Bucs are a decent young team, but they can’t compete with the offensive fire power of NO, ATL & now Carolina.

  2. @Cash804 we had no problem competing in 2010 when we had a nobody offense. Pretty sure the bucs are way better now than we were then.

  3. If Freeman doesn’t improve this season than for the LOVE of FOOTBALL stop holding on to him hoping he’ll be better the next year and go find a QB that TB has longed for the past several years…. I doubt that Orlovski is the guy either and it seems such a shame with TB finally getting some quality proven players.

  4. tom brady started wearing the knee brace on his right leg after his knee surgery and now says that he can’t believe every QB in the league doesn’t wear one regardless of whether they have had a knee injury or not. i think it makes sense.

  5. Amazing to me that there are so many Freeman doubters.
    Freeman had a Very Good rookie year, and a poor one last year. He had no targets other than Winslow and Williams… Winslow always demanded the ball, and he was picked off because of it, and Williams was always double covered. Freeman had no protection last year, and the Defense that the Bucs put on the field was horrid.
    Not to mention the Bucs OC was worse than my Highschool Football Coach.
    Cam Newton had a great Rookie year, and now they are the team to beat? I personally see Newton being Flat this year because of over-confidence. He will lead the league in INT’s this year.
    The Saints don’t even have a coach, and all of their other personel have moved on or have been kicked to the curb by Goodell. This conference will be between Tampa and Atlanta, and I think with the changes the Buccaneers have made this year, with Jackson, Nicks, David, Barber and Barron at Safety, Martin/Blount with the 1-2 punch, this team will surprise a lot of people. I see 10-6 this year, but, I wouldn’t be surprised with a 11,12, or 13 win season.
    Freeman has targets with Jackson and Williams, Martin in the back field, Dallas Clark at TE with Stocker, and a good OL in front of him… (new Greatest show on turf?)
    The only weakness I see on this team is the Defensive Line. They are a question mark. If Freeman goes down, The Bucs season is toast, because they have no back up.

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