Jaguars training camp off to rough start


Unsigned first-round pick Justin Blackmon has missed five days of camp. Franchise running back Maurice Jones-Drew is holding out, with no resolution in sight. Big-ticket offseason addition Laurent Robinson struggled throughout the first few practices, and dropped more passes on Monday. Head coach Mike Mularkey says $35 million tight end Marcedes Lewis “has to get in better shape.”

They drafted a punter in the third round.

Jaguars training camp is off to a brutal start. One development that could spark the team would be a big second-year leap from quarterback Blaine Gabbert. But if Monday’s training camp display was any indication, Gabbert isn’t yet ready to deliver.

According to Vito Stellino of the Florida Times Union, Gabbert executed just one completion among 12 passing snaps in Monday’s morning practice. He scrambled seven or eight times. The remainder of Gabbert’s dozen passing plays fell incomplete. Mularkey explained away Gabbert’s tendency to scramble as a product of coaching. As relayed by Stellino, Gabbert is “taught not to force throws.”

Perhaps the receivers were to blame. Or maybe the offensive line. Either way, Gabbert doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt after an abysmal rookie year. And based on the training camp attendance and performance of his would-be supporting cast, Gabbert isn’t exactly rallying his teammates. If he’s going to meet expectations inherent for a top-ten draft pick, Gabbert needs to elevate his team’s play.

Disregard Stellino’s practice stats, and the first few days of Mularkey’s first Jaguars camp still couldn’t have played out much worse. For Jacksonville to silence the preseason doubters, Mularkey is going to need a whole lot more help from his players.

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  1. Dear L.A.,

    I am pleased to inform you that you will eventually be getting a NFL team in the very near future.

    I regret to inform you that said NFL team is the Jaguars.

    I further regret to inform you that Maurice Jones-Drew is holding out.


    Da Comish

  2. Can’t understand how Blackmon can’t be signed. Deals have been made with the 4th and 6th picks. Blackmon is taking on the “diva” tag already.

    Not a Jags fan, but if I was I’d consider jumping off that bandwagon.

  3. People see what they want to see.

    Mularkey said Lewis needs to get acclimated to the heat in Florida after training in California.

  4. Lucky for the Jaguars, they’re in the weakest division in the AFC.

    Houston’s O-V-E-R-R-A-T-E-D, Tennessee’s no threat and Andrew Luck will be running for his life all season.

  5. Was it expected that Gabbert would turn into P. Manning the first week of training camp without the best RB in the league, and the best WR draft pick holding out?

    On top of that, lets not forget the Jags have a top 5 defense in the NFL as well.

    Must be a slow news day. It is a process folks. A process.

  6. I’m certainly not suggesting that Gabbert is anything special, but after reading this article it seems sort of difficult to pin his struggles all on him. I mean, his top target is still unsigned, his second target is holding out, his third target is dropping passes and his fourth target is apparently fat. Doesn’t really seem like he’s being set up to succeed all that well to me.

  7. I may be crazy, but I like that they drafted a punter so high. Considering they have a pretty good defense and a horrific offense, they need special teams to pin teams back in their zone. Was the 3rd round a reach? Perhaps, but if he’s the guy you want, why risk someone taking him in the 4th or 5th? Janikowski was taken in the 1st round and he’s going to be a hall of famer. Certainly, not the worst decisions the Jags have made. Paying Laurent Robinson $25m, however…

  8. With the first pick of the 2013 NFL draft the Jacksonville Jaguars select…………

  9. Evan Silva is a clueless p.o.s. I don’t even know why he pretends to be knowledgeable about the Jaguars franchise. This uninformed and stupid crap is annoying. Silva, I hope you read this… You idiotic tool.

  10. Leftwich and Garrard ALWAYS received the benefit of the doubt from the press, solely b/c of their skin color. it never mattered how poorly they played, what mattered was that the press and the coaches always wanted to be politically correct and not criticize them.

    But since Gabbert is white, it is open season on him regardless of the fact that he has a bad team around him. They did the same thing to Colt McCoy.

    But Tavaris Jackson, Mike Vick, and other black QBs are always shielded from criticism due to their skin color.

    Give Gabbert a chance and get him a supporting cast!

  11. MJD and Blackmon are both “divas”, I don’t ever want to hear them be described as team players b/c they are not anywhere close to being team players.

  12. With problems like these on offense seems like the punter may end up being their MVP! Rookie of the year? He will be plenty busy that’s for sure.

  13. robigd says: Jul 30, 2012 1:03 PM

    Was it expected that Gabbert would turn into P. Manning the first week of training camp without the best RB in the league, and the best WR draft pick holding out?

    On top of that, lets not forget the Jags have a top 5 defense in the NFL as well.

    Must be a slow news day. It is a process folks. A process.
    No, he was not expected to be Peyton Manning. He was also not expected to be worse than Tim Tebow.

  14. and Florio gives the browns the last power ranking slot.. seriously? 3rd rounder punter… i mean come on!!! (not saying the browns deserve much higher, but still)

  15. RE: Gabbert. I don’t know if you can fix flinching in the pocket when anyone of a different colored jersey is in your line of sight. I’m not trying to be snide, I just think that’s going to be tough to do.

  16. Calling Houston Overrated is just dumb and ignorant. IF Schaub didn’t go down last year that team would have been 13-3 and homefield throughout the playoffs.

    A full year and off-season, Wade Phillips will have that defense on point.

    Texans are Superbowl contenders – not overrated.

  17. Gabbert is a bust. He was bad at Missouri, he is predictably bad in the NFL. He is afraid of pressure and has bad accuracy past throwing the ball 15 yards. He makes Jimmy Clausen look good.
    It was a dumb pick then, it is even dumber now. Chad Henne is the best quarterback on that roster by a mile.

  18. Oh crap, you’re back. Was so nice for awhile there.

    Whine, whine, Gabbert, whine, whine, whine. There I wrote it for you. Now leave again, please.

  19. Gabbert was wack last season , well and from all indications that trend seems to be continuing . No wonder MJD is holding out, he has all the leverage.

  20. In response to dryzzt23 comments about black QBs being sheilded due to the color of their skin:

    It’s totally untrue when you have the WHOLE WORLD making excuse after excuse for a full back playing Quarterback in Tim Tebow!

    If you can play you get props no matter your skine tone, if you cant play you get scolded like Gabbert is.

    Not every first round qb choice is gonna pan out to be a success, he might be one of them.

    Its a crap shoot when drafting a QB.

  21. -No running game (without MJD)
    -No offensive line
    -Scrub receivers

    How anyone expects Gabbert to look good is beyond me. This team could make any QB look bad.

    I’m not defending Gabbert, just saying its tough to evaluate him under these circumstances.

  22. MJD is holding out because he knows he’s the only decent player on that offense as of right now. He knows he’ll get paid. It’s sad how these guys can do that.

  23. Gabbert is a terrible QB, and I don’t care if he was Indian, Korean, or Morroccan. He could be ET’s cousin, but the fact is he is not an NFL-caliber player.

    He’s unlucky to have been drafted by this particular team, as would anyone. But he needs to show some big time strides this year to avoid getting flat out cut and being a journeyman at best, and a washout at worst.

  24. I just took a look at the Jaguars’ schedule for the season, and I have to agree with the majority of posts about them. They’ll win maybe 2 games this season, giving them the #1 overall pick next year, and facing the decision of whether to spend another first-round pick on a QB in Matt Barkley.

  25. You know I’m really tired of this damm site always trying to bash my jags .. And you guys hearing from a real fan of the jags witch was there this morning to see them practice gabbert completed about 50 to 60 % of his pases yea Robinson had a few drops but he’s trying to adjust to a new QB and in reality most of the recivers struggle today the defense looked unbelievable out there and if you guys one to talk about some one struggling that would be QB Chad Henne he missed in any simple throws and he’s a check down machine so to all those national analyst that say he’s going to be the startder Gabbert has to be dead for Henne to get the job… I’ll leave all you haters with that

  26. This says more about the front office than the players on the field. Seems like they aren’t making the right decisions for this team lately.

  27. therillest says: Jul 30, 2012 1:30 PM

    25 million under cap and lowest payroll in the NFL….what did expect the team to look like? Pay somebody!
    This is what kills me. Somehow, the fans defend the team to no end.

    This is a Kahn job all the way.

  28. A coach saying one of his players needs to get in better shape?! Ohhh Nooooz!! That’s never happened in the history of football. EVER!! Wait until day three of training camp to say Gabbert’s not doing well–because the first 2 days were fine. Nice, PFT…real nice…

    Then the rest of you sheep eat it up. Best blog site ever…

  29. shackdelrio says:Jul 30, 2012 1:01 PM

    People see what they want to see.

    Mularkey said Lewis needs to get acclimated to the heat in Florida after training in California.

    Really? Come on now! Here’s a novel idea about Lewis should have trained in FLORIDA if thats the excuse

  30. Gabbert – You are who we thought your were.

    Looks the part of a drop back NFL QB but a guy that totally lacks any pocket presence. He had the same issue at Mizzou on the occasions they would ask him to drop back and pass. Very jittery, feels the rush even when it isn’t there. Doesn’t translate well to an NFL QB – he plays like he is scared.

  31. Sorry Jags fans, when your team went after Laurent Robinson, they forgot to go after Tony Romo and the other Cowboy receivers too.

    There’s a reason he had his best season ever last year with Dallas, and it wasn’t just him.

  32. I can’t stand these players that hold out. Definitely not a good teammate to have, very selfish. Play out the contract you signed before asking for more money, you greedy fool.

  33. As irrelavent as this franchise is, I must say I can’t remember an offseason where there have been as many Jags headlines as there have been this year, I guess any pub is good pub for the Tarpsonville JagTarps.

  34. The Jags have actually exceeded the cap number for 2012. They rolled over the remaining cap space from 2011 into 2012. They rolled over $30 million.

    Defense in training camp is usually ahead of the offense especially when they are implementing a new offense.

  35. At least with Mularky he is honest unlike the previous coach, knowing where you need to get better is nice to hear. JDR was bad about telling everyone what they wanted to hear.

  36. Some very new and encouraging “bashes” – and some new tarp material from some of you! Congratulations.

    Keep pouring it on us – that will only make it better when we treat you how we treated the Ravens last year.

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