Jaws: Tebow’s throwing motion has improved


New Jets quarterback Tim Tebow has been trying to change his throwing motion since he entered the NFL. Every offseason, we read puff-piece stories about the improvement of his delivery and passing mechanics. It has never translated to Tebow’s real game performance, though, and that was evident in last year’s 13 starts, including the playoffs.

But maybe he really has improved this year.

ESPN’s Ron Jaworski is live in Cortland, New York for Jets training camp. Jaws stated on SportsCenter Monday morning that Tebow appears to have made strides as a thrower of the football.

“The one thing I’ve noticed about Tim Tebow — and it’s a small sampling thus far — is his stroke is much better,” said Jaworski. “It’s cleaner. It’s not as elongated. He’s not dropping the football. That means the ball will come out quicker.”

Jaws made it clear that Tebow isn’t out of the woods, though. He needs to improve his lower-body mechanics in order to maximize his downfield passing ability.

“I’d still like to see Tebow drive off his back leg a little more,” Jaworski added. “And sometimes, he has that dead leg and he loses energy at the end of the throw, on the deeper throws. It’s fine in the short to intermediate area. But downfield, those throws, when they hang in the air, will get knocked down or batted down by the very athletic secondary players in this league.”

Still, any improvement from Tebow would be good news for the Jets. They acquired him for two relatively low draft picks, and he will have an opportunity to help the team, as either a package player behind current first-stringer Mark Sanchez, or as a starter should Sanchez again falter.

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  1. Yeah right, remember when he saw that mechanics specialist last summer and he didn’t get any better? He should have dedicated himself to doing it right when he was a kid, too late now.

  2. doesn’t matter, he will never be an accurate passer. jets screwed up big time bringing teblow in; sanchez was already messed up in the head ad this only makes it worst! they just went 2 of 14 combined in passing drills yday or day before!

  3. Subject: Tebow
    Date: Monday, July 30, 2012
    From: ESPN Corporate
    To: On Air Talent

    Attention on-air talent. Now that the Jeremy Lin excitement has died down and Brett Favre has remained retired, we need a greater emphasis on things that “move the needle.” In this case, it’s Tim Tebow. In light of this, we need to focus on the positives. Sure, he can’t complete a pass beyond five yards, and sure, even those 5-yarders are completed at a 35% rate. We know his throwing motion is that of a right-handed eight-year-old girl trying to throw with her left hand. We know it was a bizarre sequence of good fortune that led to Tebow having a positive win-loss record. None of this is news.

    But we need Tebow placed in a positive light, people. NBC has the Olympics right now people and until football starts, we don’t have any must-see sports programming. If you could, please try to say something nice about Tim. Maybe he’s not talented, but he’s an overachieving white guy or “scrappy” as it’s known in the business. Sure, he reminds people of Todd Flanders, but that’s just his mommy and daddy raising him right. Let’s focus on positives. Maybe he added five pounds to his bench press. Maybe he does a better job at planting his feet when he throws. I don’t know. Find something. Until we secure the broadcast rights to the Lolo Jones-Tim Tebow wedding, we need to give people a reason to turn on our 24-hour NBA and Tebow news cycle. Your participation is appreciated.

  4. It’s not unheard of that a QB can start out his career as a sub-standard passer, and improve over time.

    Terry Bradshaw is probably the best example of this. It took Bradshaw five years in Pittsburgh to win the starting job outright (which he did half way through 1974 – FINALLY). His statistics from early in his career were horrible, even for that era in the NFL. If you go back and look at highlights from 1970-1973, Bradshaw makes Tebow look like a Pro-Bowl QB. However, Bradshaw improved over time, and the more he played the better he got because he worked at it.

    Tebow may very well be on that same path. No question that he has talent and potential, and a desire to improve. It may take a few years, but if he gets the chance, it’ll happen.

  5. It’s New York! gotta find something to criticize!
    The rent checks will arrive Wednesday for all the space the Jets take up in many heads.

  6. “It’s cleaner. It’s not as elongated. He’s not dropping the football. That means the ball will come out quicker.”

    Oh good that means the ball will hit the ground 10 yards in front of the receiver faster and take less time off the clock for the opposition…Oh that Tim Tebow, always thinking of helping other people

  7. All the reports from practice mention Tebow throwing ugly passes. So passes that look like wounded ducks are an improvement over throwing bounce passes. Good analysis jaws.

  8. Didn’t Tebow win some playff games recently? Must have been a different Tim Tebow.

    Haters gonna hate.

  9. Didn’t this guy say last year:

    “Call me crazy, but I’m excited about Tyler Palko.”

    Well, Jaws, you’re crazy. And lacking in credibility.

  10. Not buying it for a second, seen this movie before. You just don’t go from a 46% passer to a legit NFL QB. He may have a decent career as a specialty player if his crazy fans don’t ruin it for him.

  11. I don’t get why if he’s being advised on his throwing motion why it still starts so slow, he brings the ball back like it’s a carton of eggs. It’s as if his mind is directing his throwing arm when it should a quick instinctual thing.

    If he loaded and released the ball quickly, and forced himself to do that, there would be no more of that roundhouse delivery either. Shortening the arc would also reduce the variables in his motion and increase the accuracy and zip on his throws – a good thing.

  12. It doesn’t take much to get from 46 to 60% completion. That’s only going from 7-15 to 9-15. It would not take much of an improvement in accuracy for Tebow to have completed 2 more passes a game last season.

  13. No, this guy didn’t “just win some playoff games”. Last year’s Broncos backed into the playoffs with a non-winning record on a 3-game losing streak. They beat Pittsburgh on a fluke play in overtime before getting crushed in New England. In Tebow’s two-year NFL career the Broncos were 1-1 in the playoffs.

    As a starter he has 1 playoff win in two NFL seasons and 1 national championship in three years at Florida.

    But don’t facts get in the way of the urban legend of Tebow the champion!

  14. bradshaw wasn’t the only one to do bad in the NFL as a qb. Steve Young another left hander started for the bucs and played I don’t recall I think at least 2 years and they thought he wasn’t a good qb to be in that spot and traded him to the 49ers behind Joe Montana, remember? well yaw know what happened after that. Young went on to win multiple super bowls behind a good offensive line. It takes a good O line to make a good qb. Denver does not have a good O line as Manning will find out soon enough, good thing Manning has a quick release.

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