Knowshon Moreno gets green light for more work

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Running back Knowshon Moreno’s future with the Broncos is up in the air right now.

Moreno ran for just 179 yards in seven games before a season-ending ACL injury in 2011 and the injury kept him from working with the team this spring. That would threaten his spot on the roster all by itself, but Moreno didn’t help his cause much when he was arrested for DUI in February. Willis McGahee is locked in as a starter, the team took Ronnie Hillman in the third round of the draft and backs like Lance Ball and Mario Fannin have also been working with the team for the entire offseason.

Moreno’s hopes of sticking around got a little boost on Monday when he took part in a full practice for the first time. Moreno worked behind McGahee in 11-on-11 drills and spent some time catching passes from Peyton Manning, according to Lindsay Jones of the Denver Post.

“Every day I just want to try to do more, do more team things, get in there with the ones and get used to the speed again. Today was definitely a good day for that,” Moreno said. “I’m not full go yet, but I’m getting closer.”

The sooner the better for Moreno. If Moreno sticks in Denver, it’s going to be able to make a difference on offense. McGahee’s never been much of a pass catcher out of the backfield, so that could provide an opening for Moreno on the Manning-led offense if he has an impressive camp. If he doesn’t, it’s a safe bet that the 12th overall pick of the 2009 Draft will be looking for work with another team.

7 responses to “Knowshon Moreno gets green light for more work

  1. Moreno gets a lot of flack from bronco fans. maybe rightfully so since he was such a high pick, but that’s mcdaniels’ fault and not moreno’s.

    I still like him, especially as a complimentary back so I’m hoping it works out.

  2. He’s not an up the gut guy, but he was really good on the edges in the KC game, before getting hurt for the umpteenth time. I say give him another chance. If they use him correctly he can be productive.

  3. Shonn Greene and Joe McKnight should be watching closely. What Moreno learned last year is that when you play with the most selfish qb in the game – a guy who likes to call his own number, especially around the goal line – you won’t get your incentive bonuses.

  4. He will be the 3rd down back. McGahee will start, Hillman will serve as the #2. But Hillman can’t block, which means the Broncos will not want him standing next to Manning in the shotgun as the last line of defense between James Harrison / Lamar Woodley and the Broncos’ $18 M investment. Moreno can pick up a blitz, he can catch the ball out of the backfield and he can make plays in space. That, and he’ll only make $855 K this season. Sorry Lance Ball, you’re going to get cut.

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