League has no response to Brees’ criticism of Goodell

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Plenty of people have had strong words for Commissioner Roger Goodell in recent months.  Few have been any stronger than the words coming from Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

Brees, who has been vocal from time to time time regarding the bounty scandal that has resulted in multiple suspensions for coaches and players, explained to Peter King of SI.com the players’ view regarding the man who runs the sport.

Nobody trusts him,” Brees said.  “Nobody trusts him.  I’m not talking about a DUI, or using a gun in a strip club, which are pretty clear violations.  I think there’re too many times where the league has come to its decision in a case before calling a guy in, and the interview is just a façade.  I think now if a guy has to come in to talk to Roger, he’ll be very hesitant because he’ll think the conclusion has already been reached.”

(Brees also didn’t like the one-year suspension of coach Sean Payton, calling the decision “completely ridiculous.”)

Spokesman Greg Aiello tells PFT by email that the league has no response to Brees’ assertion.

The context was confined to player discipline issues.  Still, if the players don’t trust Goodell on such important matters, they’ll have trouble trusting him on other important issues.  Or on non-important issues.  Or on any issues.

As we see it, the lack of trust doesn’t attach to Goodell personally, but to the office he occupies.  With the Commissioner being the final say on most matters of player punishment, players necessarily will be leery about cooperating with the man who has the power to use a player’s words against him — not as an adversary before an outside arbitration but as the arbitrator.

The trust issues possibly would subside to a large extent if the NFL and the NFLPA designated a fair, just, and reasonable third party to oversee the Commissioner’s decisions.  The problem, however, is that the NFL wouldn’t regard the decisions as fair, just, or reasonable if the decisions disagreed with the Commissioner’s decisions.

Put simply, installing someone who will review the Commissioner’s decisions make that person more powerful than the Commissioner.  And the Commissioner doesn’t want that.

Or, perhaps more accurately, the 32 people who employ the Commissioner don’t want that.

87 responses to “League has no response to Brees’ criticism of Goodell

  1. There were too many leaks, too much information regarding the Saints situation was brought out by the press rather than the league to the players.

    This was handled very poorly, and that does come down to the league office and Goodell. The league, under his reign, did a very poor job here.

  2. zaggs says:
    Jul 30, 2012 4:50 PM
    still whining Brees?
    You mispelled the sentence, I’ll fix it for you:

    Still Winning Brees.

  3. You were a union rep?

    You knew that the commish, a guy you don’t trust, was given full power to administer punishments for ANYTHING!

    You recommended acceptance of the current offer to your teammates?

    In conclusion…..you gave your teammates poor direction as a union leader. Stop compounding the mistake by acting like you didn’t know.

  4. who cares if the players trust goodell. He’s not to get their trust. He’s there to make teams money.

  5. Disagree. The lack of trust DOES apply to Goodell personally. There were never these issues with Tagliabue.

    The problem with giving a Commissioner absolute power is if the wrong person, an unreasonable person, becomes Commissioner. Goodell is that unreasonable person. He makes decisions for PR reasons, not based on facts.

    His rulings against the Saints were made for PR reasons — to project the league as in the forefront of player safety. The problem is that the evidence isn’t there.

  6. Drew Brees is delusional or in complete denial. The league has exploded in popularity under the commish due to becoming an offense driven quarterback friendly league. Brees needs to be quiet

  7. The league has no reason, need or obligation to publicly respond to Brees’ whining. Payton and Williams know they messed up, aren’t denying it and are taking their lumps – as they should. Players might be well advised to follow their lead on this.

  8. Brees is such a whiny little punk. Guess what Drew, I trust Goodell. I trust him to make the right decision for the direction of the game. He’s a lawyer, and a pretty smart one at that (just look at the position he’s ascended to). He’s not going to make a rushed judgement knowing that it may lead to the league getting sued. ESPECIALLY when there is already a frivolous lawsuit out there from former players…

  9. Dear Drew, what happen the humble guy that we used to know? Sure you did a ton to help New Orleans but is this arrogant jerk that has been showing his face more and more the past couple of years really what you wanted to become? or is the real you that we did not know since you were not yet a star? We will not rehash all the bounty gate details that are out there since you as you accuse Roger of doing, you made up your mind of what you thought of what happened in your house.

    Regardless of what you spout in your interviews, players were given multiple chances to talk about their side of the situation but REFUSED. NFLPA claims they are partner of the NFL but I have not seen that at all in the past 2 years. They want to accuse the NFL of not protecting players but resist every rule and uniform change. They claim they want to eliminate PED’s from the game but will not agree to HGH testing. The NFLPA is a joke and until the union and players grow up and starting taking some responsibilities for their own actions, doing some self policing, and actually trying to cooperate with the league office then I am sorry you have no right to complain.

    Everyone has something to contribute to the conversation but for right now I would prefer you contribute silence!

  10. Best part is that coach Payton and Williams have admitted being responsible but Brees still denies knowing anything about the bounty program.

  11. He is being interviewed and asked questions. He isn’t seeking out the attention. But I like that he is being honest. Too many players think the EXACT same thing but don’t have the balls to say it for fear of retribution.

    The Saints giving Brees the huge signing bonus was a bad thing for the NFL. Because it enables one of the leagues most prominent and influential leaders…to speak his mind without concern for what the league may think about it.

    Brees is standing up for his team and coaches. Perhaps, based on that team and its coaches, willing to TESTIFY in court upon charges of PERJURY…some might actually start to realize one side of this argument is willing to risk it ALL to tell their version of the truth while the other side sure does seem to be silent these days.

  12. i may be wrong, but didn’t vilma et al choose NOT to speak on their own behalf when the NFL reveiwed the suspentions?? likely on the advise of their lyers..er i mean lawyers.i suspect they are guilty and if so, when the court case is thrown out, should double the suspentions.

  13. Doesn’t matter if they trust him. The owners trust him,the employees(players)work for the owners thus the employees answer to him. Don’t get in trouble with the law and Rog will leave you the &?%##!! alone. Ask the 90% of players who don’t have run-ins with the law how hard Rog is on them.

  14. This guy has such a high opinion of himself that it’s nauseating. If he thinks Goodell is an a** (which he is) it’s because it takes one to know one.

    Everybody still jokes about Drew wanting an explanation, but it’s so key to seeing through him. Of all the millions of football players and fans he thinks that HIM wanting an explanation will somehow tip the scales.

    No matter what happened in BountyGate I’ll never care much for Drew Brees as a person again.

  15. Maybe the players should have, you know, changed that in the CBA. Oh, wait, they had the chance and didn’t do anything about that! They saw more money, less work (fewer padded practices and more off time), and were convinced that HGH would never happen and ran with the deal. Too late to do anything.
    The players never had a problem with NFL dicipline when it wasn’t enforced by the commish, it is just when they are held accountable for there actions that they don’t trust the process or the commish. Quit whinning and deal with the agreements you made!

  16. You can look at the picture up top and tell they’re all Rat Finks, so who cares what any of them say about each other?

  17. Drew Brees and the City of New Orleans should be thanking Roger Goodell for wanting to keep the Saints franchise in New Orleans instead of relocating it elsewhere. Brees also forgets that Goodell gave them some very questionable wins – one of which happened during the investigation of Bounty Gate. I have zero respect for someone who is going to continue to gripe and complain about their work instead of taking his head coach’s advice and DO HIS JOB!

  18. You know sometimes it may be a really good idea to read your comments and check YOURSELVES before you hit the send button,you really don’t want be IGNORANT. You aren’t in the NFL, you don’t talk to players, you aren’t in the locker room.You have no idea. Don’t be be “IGNANT” all the damn time.Geez….

  19. The person who checks the Commisioners office wouldnt necessarily have to be ‘More Powerful’. The Judicial/Executive/Legislative branches of the government seem to use thier ‘Checks & Balances’ pretty effectively.

    Then again its Politics…

    /signing off…

  20. Isn’t getting a 3rd party involved in the discipline of players something they should have thought if when they were trying to agree on a new CBA last year? The players really have only themselves to blame for this. Allowing goodell to be judge, jury, executioner and the appellate was their own fault.

  21. The last player that Goodell called into his office and just “took the players word” that nothing was going on was Michael Vick.

    The player will ALWAYS lie to cover his own butt. First the players swore they did nothing wrong, then as evidence starts piling up, they confess to a “pay for performance” system. If that were the case, why didnt they come out and say that at the beginning instead of when they were forced to have some explanation for all the evidence against them??

    While 100% of the comish’s evidence may not be 100% correct, I believe collectively there was something wrong going on. Im far less likely to trust an acuses player or coach denying any wrong doing. The player/ coach have a very clear reason to lie, while you’d have to believe in some crazy conspiracy theory to believe the comish made it all up.

  22. Goodell is a crook. Players put their necks on the line for the fans and the owners and comish take as much as they can for pimping them out.

  23. U idiots think Drew Brees is whining because he questions why his head coach is being used as a scapegoat for endangering players by the very people that are profiting off of endangering players?

  24. Brees is losing respect at a fast clip. He just can’t shut up. First he said he was never at any of the (defensive) meetings where any of the bounty stuff supposedly happened. Then he said he hasn’t seen any proof. Then he claimed that everybody was basically innocent. Then he said that there is a difference between pay-for-performance and a “bounty” program. Now he is attacking the league/commissioner. Throughout the process he was trying to come off as a “team player” and a leader while he failed to reasonably negotiate his contract situation. The NFLPA came out and said something shady was going on during his contract talks in an effort to pressure the team. (but as a leadership member of the NFLPA, Brees knew nothing about that) All that and he used several media venues to snipe at various targets. He wrote that silly affidavit for Vilma that claimed the community would suffer if Vilma was not allowed to play football. I used to have a lot of respect for Brees. Now, I see him as a manipulative and dishonest self-serving diva.

  25. I really wonder what the hell Brees is expecting the commissioner to do?

    Is he supposed to have Drew Brees sign off on every punishment?

    Just play QB dummy!

  26. Union leader signs CBA, and then complains about it. Hypocrite. If the union wanted discipline handled differently, they could have bargained away something in exchange for new regulations. They didn’t.

  27. I’m with Danny, above…

    “As we see it, the lack of trust doesn’t attach to Goodell personally, but to the office he occupies.”

    What have you seen that suggests Brees doesn’t have a beef with Roger himself personally? Who are “we”? Other media types?

  28. brees is right,goodell is a tyrant..willams should have been suspended not banned..payton and every one else that has been suspended should be playing..oooh the guys a lawyer,that means he lost all of my respect..goodell is a joke go away already..

  29. what’s wrong with u guys? he has every right to be beyond pissed, you’re just fans, but this is his life and job being run through the mud by the NFL

  30. One more thing, let’s re-cap a few facts for the uninformed:

    1. Greg William’s “apology” was written by the league because the one Greg wrote was not good enough for the league’s purposes.
    2. The Loomis/Payton apology talks about “taking responsibility” and “bounties” but if you read the wording very carefully, they actually don’t admit that they were running a bounty program. It was carefully written to avoid the admission of guilt, yet satisfying league requirements of an apology.
    3. The judge at Vilma’s injunction hearing a few days ago called the NFL’s position “borderline ridiculous”.
    4. Saints admitted pay for performance, but everyone denies, in a court of law, that pay for injury existed.
    5. The NFL refuses to distinguish between “pay for performance” and “pay for injury”, claiming that both are one and the same thing. It calls them both “bounty” programs, even though such programs would clearly have different goals. Why does the NFL refuse to acknowledge the difference? The NFL refuses to answer this question.

    If the league had just done the right thing and fined/suspended players because of Pay for Performance, the Saints would have probably taken their lumps and kept mostly quiet. But, the NFL put its foot in it on this one, and refuses to change its position.

  31. “There were too many leaks, too much information regarding the Saints situation was brought out by the press rather than the league to the players.”

    What exactly does this even mean? Every significant leak happened once we found out the NFLPA had that information. Everything else seemed to be anonymous information from people involved in the investigation but not affiliated with the league, league sources can confirm information but I can’t think of one thing even close to having been proved to be leaked from the league. As opposed to every single thing leaked from the PA.

  32. Not a great fan of Goodell, but have to give him credit for trying to correct the image problem.
    NFL isn’t what it was, there is too much money (corporate/fan) pouring in. His methods are harsh and many a times unfair, but have to give him credit where it is due.

  33. efriedo says:
    Jul 30, 2012 5:05 PM
    He’s a lawyer, and a pretty smart one at that (just look at the position he’s ascended to).

    People need to stop perpetuating this internet myth. Goodell IS NOT a lawyer. He has a degree in economics.

  34. It is pretty startling how people who comment on this have no understanding of the facts. For the 1,000,000th time, neither Payton nor Williams admitted to a bounty program. The NFL is the entity that has leaked all of the information to the press in an attempt to pave the way for the PR suspensions. The league has refused to investigate other teams (NYG) who specifically mentioned concussion history after the NFCCG against the 49ers. Finally, the Saints are the only side to this controversy who have sworn, under oath, that there wasn’t a bounty program.

  35. I’m firmly of the belief that people like Goddell and Selig are mere mouthpieces of the owners and the Players Associations and Unions should collectively bargain to have them removed completely. Commissioners do not work for the good of the sport they run, they work only for the good of the owners. As such they are biased and a total and complete waste of time. You want a Commissioner it has to be a Kennishaw Mountain Landis situtation where the Commissioner is totally independent of both sides and only responsible to work for the good of the sport.

  36. More New Orleans infinitive laced rhetoric!

    1.EVERYBODY hates Goodell
    2.NOBODY trusts him
    3.EVERY team has a bounty program

    What a joke!

  37. Drew Brees claims that nobody trusts Rodger Goodell, because the league, has made up it’s mind about guilt or innocence, or the degree of guilt before interviewing the principle player or players.

    The problem I have with Brees’ accusation is that he doesn’t offer any proof, or even one “for instance” to support his claim. If Brees thinks the interviews are a facade, then he should tell the readers why he thinks they’re a facade; otherwise he’s doing the same thing to the readers that he’s accusing Goodell of doing to the players. He has already made up his mind that Goodell is guilty.

  38. panamon says:

    What exactly does this even mean? Every significant leak happened once we found out the NFLPA had that information. Everything else seemed to be anonymous information from people involved in the investigation but not affiliated with the league, league sources can confirm information but I can’t think of one thing even close to having been proved to be leaked from the league. As opposed to every single thing leaked from the PA.


    Uhmm please tell me what was leaked that the NFLPA already had. Also, what provided league information has been confirmed?

  39. When things are good for Drew, Goodell is a good guy. When things are going bad for Drew, Goodell is evil.

    Players are like politicians. They didn’t read the CBA just like most politicians don’t read new bills being introduced. They blindly agree to the terms and when something adverse comes up they say they don’t agree with it. They had their chance to get Goodell to give up some power, they failed. They can only blame the man in the mirror.

    The players need to police themselves so they don’t have to stand on the carpet. When players quit shooting themselves in the foot (or leg if you are Plaxico) then they can whine.

  40. zaggs says: Jul 30, 2012 4:50 PM

    still whining Brees?


    Is the FEDERAL COURT JUDGE who called the NFL’s position “borderline ridiculous” whining too? Should this FEDERAL COURT JUDGE “get over it,” too?

  41. Brees has every right to be angry. He is aware more than most anybody that Goodell is guilty of a huge injustice. The coaches took it on the chin for having a pay-for performance in place and then whatever cover up of the fact. The NFL does not have evidence that these player were involved, contributed or acted on what they perceived to be a bounty system. Plain and simple! Roger Goodell has greatly overreacted and the man does not know how to get out of the mess he has created. And for you that think someone should not speak up when they see an injustice…I really don’t even know what to think of that type of person.

  42. just wait till all you haters wind up in the dirt! which some of you should be used to by now…why not have a 3 entity decision option consisting of the commissioner (or his office) – the nflpa – and an elected player rep…wouldn’t want anyone to do what some ffb leagues do – but it would work…

  43. Can’t believe all the dopes on here wagging their fingers at the players. There was NO CHANCE of negotiating for a 3rd party arbitrator that could overrule the commish’s rulings. The NFL was already had most of the leverage with the new CBA, why would they give up a huge chunk of Goodell’s power?

    Paul Tagliabue never had an arbitrator who could overrule him, but it didn’t matter because the players trusted and respected him. Goodell hasn’t done anything to earn that from this generation of players.

  44. protius says:Jul 30, 2012 6:06 PM

    “Drew Brees claims that nobody trusts Rodger Goodell, because the league, has made up it’s mind about guilt or innocence, or the degree of guilt before interviewing the principle player or players.

    The problem I have with Brees’ accusation is that he doesn’t offer any proof, or even one “for instance” to support his claim. If Brees thinks the interviews are a facade, then he should tell the readers why he thinks they’re a facade; otherwise he’s doing the same thing to the readers that he’s accusing Goodell of doing to the players. He has already made up his mind that Goodell is guilty.”

    Goodell, the person who is deciding guilt and punishment, has reviewed evidence that the accused haved not even seen, let alone had a chance to impeach. I don’t care what team you happen to pull for, that should not sit well with you.

    From the very begining Goodell as shown that he could care less about the truth. He is just interested in winning the PR battle. Goodell, the master of the jedi mind trick.

    Our findings are the result of 3 year investigation — not exactly, but it makes it sound as though the NFL’s investigation was exhaustive and is designed to give undue credibility to some pretty shddy work.

    We have “reviewed” 50k pages — again, a statement designed to get the public thinking there is a mounatin of evidence.

    Meet Mary Jo, an “independent invistigator.” Nevermind the fact that her law firm has represented the NFL for decades.

    Look, you can see Hargrove’s lips moving… uh wait, nevermind — that had nothing to do with his suspension.

  45. It is amazing how some of the people who post here are so blinded by how this went down.

    “. a person exercising absolute power, especially a ruler who has absolute, unrestricted control in a government without hereditary succession.”

    That is the definition of the word “dictator”
    Sound familiar? Now please stop acting like a herd of livestock and instead of just blindly following the dictator, think for yourselves. The “evidence” doesn’t add up.

  46. the 2009 Saints were a feel good story for the ages. one the League could have milked for profit for decades.
    one problem, the saints violated the unthinkable rule of trying to injure an opponent in order to win.
    the league could have looked away and reaped the profits. But kudos to them AND Goodel for spanking their tails!!!!!

  47. “the unthinkable rule of trying to injure an opponent in order to win.”? The unthinkable? You mean how the Giants specifically targeted williams because he had concussions, and how they admitted that after the fact? Kudos to the NFL for cracking down on them. out wait…they didn’t.

    Stop being so naive.

    fact is the reason the NFL is blowing this out of proportion in order to appear like they care about player safety due to impending concussion law suits. That costs far more than any earnings the NFL would make off of a Super Bowl that happened 3 years ago.

  48. Drew Bree has earned the right to speak his mind:

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  49. If there really was no bounty program, both Greg Williams and Coach Peyton would not have accepted their punishments like ‘men’. Shut up Drew and stop your crying.

  50. @glenne81: Nice accusation. Any proof? None of the Saints coaches confessed to any such program. Look it up. Multiple Saints have sworn under oath that there was no pay for injury program. The NFL has presented transcripts of handwritten notes from anonymous sources. Oh, yes, and the video of Hargrove demanding money. Oh wait, maybe not. To prove you’re not a mindless lemming like the rest, tell us the most damning evidence so far.

  51. Men fight back I’m not sure why there are so many whips whining about real men fighting back. Brees is right. The rest of you need to grow a pair, and stop bending over for Roger.

  52. That’s actually a smart move by Goodell to not say anything back because then he looks just as classless as Brees. Seriously though, Brees needs to shut up. People aren’t just going to side with him just because he’s a good QB.

  53. To all the hater, Goodell has banned Sean Payton and Greg Williams from speaking to anyone, they haven’t addmitted to anything but a pay for performance, the Kommish is the only one spreading the “bounty or pay to injure” which he has no evidence to support. It is all about the pending lawsuits from former players. The Kommish is trying to cover the Nfl’s collectively large a$$ all in the name of player safety. There are too many ill-informed comments on this page. Let me ask one thing, how does the Koolaid taste?

  54. The only person who is intentionally trying to keep this fight ongoing is Brees. He just can’t seem to let it go. He is bringing more distraction to his team than anyone else. He seems to want attention more and more. While Vilma sues for defamation of character, Brees is making accusations that could land him in hot water. As for sfsaintsfan-why would you copy & paste Brees’ records? Maybe you are Brees in disguise. Got nothing to do with his latest whining and rants. And you forgot to add all his interceptions to the list. Funny how his best 3 seasons in NFL directly coincide with bountygate. He’s a good QB, but 1 SB and a few records don’t make him the best. He now is making a fool of himself as he attracts bad attention to his team and all the NO fans. All the great QB’s in the league today are simply working at their camps, keeping their noses clean and their mouths shut. That is professionalism. I used to like Brees but I just cannot understand why he has become such a whiny baby. Perhaps he is afraid he won’t be able to do as well without his buddies out headhunting. He needs to zip it, get over it and act like a professional.

  55. I used to like, and respect Brees. Now, I think of him as a whiner, a defender of cheating, and an enabler. I have lost all respect for the man.

    I would think there are a LOT of people in the same boat as me on this.

  56. To those of you saying the players shouldn’t say anything against Goodell because of the CBA they signed, let me remind you how it goes in these negotiations.

    NFLPA: We don’t like the terms of this deal. It gives the Commish too much power.

    Owners: We have a better idea. How about we cancel the first half of the season until you agree to giving him final say. You won’t get a dime for 2 months.

    NFLPA: You know what? Goodell is a smart man. We trust him.

  57. Really tired of hearing Brees piss and moan when clearly there was something going on. For him to deny and say he never saw anything is just comical.
    I have lost respect for Brees…..

  58. Amazing how many people don’t get it. If you were taking pens from the office cabinet and you were accused of embezzlement, put in jail and not given a fair forum to defend yourself… WHAT WOULD YOU DO. Read more on the subject. The Saints ownership now believes that the Commish overstepped its accusations after initially taking them at face value. As more of the truth is uncovered, it has become apparent that the Saints indeed had a pay for performance program and all is now pointing to them NEVER HAVING HAD A PAY TO INJURE program. Benson is now conducting an independent investigation and has in fact come out publically in support of Jonothan Vilma. There is afishy smell about this hole thing and much of the stench comes from Goodell’s office. Don’t believe what I am saying….LOOK IT UP !
    Per ESPN now 50% of the nation believes that Vilma has a valid case….. Don’t be afraid to NOT be a sheep. read educate yourself and make up your own mind. If you don’t agree with my view point then…that is fine… but at least stop regurgitating ignorance fed to you by the league press releases.

  59. The NFL sent a confidential and detailed memo to all 32 teams detailing its findings. It revealed that the Saints had not only targeted Warner and Favre during the 2009 playoffs, but had also targeted Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton during the 2011 regular season.[21] According to that memo, Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma offered $10,000 cash to any teammate who knocked Favre out of the NFC Championship Game.[17] Another source told CBSSports.com’s Mike Freeman that Reggie Bush’s agent at the time, Michael Ornstein, was closely involved in the scheme from the beginning. Ornstein contributed $10,000 to the pot in 2009, and an undisclosed amount in 2011.

    Come on!

    Why don’t you open your eyes? The players have everything to lose if they are found guilty. Suspensions and loss of pay to name a few things. Wouldn’t you fight it to the teeth if you had the means? Everyone knows OJ is guilty and he got off. It happens and thats why the players are fighting it.

  60. The league found that Payton not only knew about the scheme, but tried to cover it up during both league investigations. During the 2010 investigation, Payton told Williams and Vitt to “make sure our ducks are in a row” when the league interviewed them. Before the start of the 2011 season, Payton received an email from Ornstein detailing the broader lines of the scheme. In that same email, Ornstein offered $5,000 to anyone who knocked Rodgers out of the 2011 season opener. Payton initially denied knowing that this email existed, but subsequently admitted that in fact he had read it.

    Refute it! Sean, I have no class, Payton lied then admitted to knowing about it.


  61. Lastly, Gregg Williams admits it and somehow y’all look right past that.

    Williams, who left after the season to become defensive coordinator of the St. Louis Rams, was summoned to NFL headquarters after the investigation concluded in mid-February. He initially denied any involvement, but recanted and admitted everything in a meeting with Goodell.[18] After the story broke, Williams issued a statement calling his involvement “a terrible mistake.” Williams said that he knew all along the slush fund broke the rules, and that “I should have stopped it” rather than get further involved.

    So what was that about being sheep?

  62. Drew Brees has shown great courage and strong conviction by standing up to and speaking out against the political machine that is Roger Goodell.
    Brees certainly has earned my respect.
    Wish we had more people in this country like Drew Brees.

  63. “saklr1 says:
    Jul 30, 2012 5:00 PM
    Brees wants an explanation on why the league has no comment on his comments.”

    Wow…did you come up w/ that all by yourself?!? You must (NOT!) be a genius!!!


    “easyeddie says:
    Jul 30, 2012 5:21 PM
    I hope that nothing but BAD things happen to Brees from here on out.”

    One word for ya, Eddie…KARMA! Be careful what you wish for…


    “brenenostler says:
    Jul 31, 2012 1:12 AM
    That’s actually a smart move by Goodell to not say anything back because then he looks just as classless as Brees. Seriously though, Brees needs to shut up. People aren’t just going to side with him just because he’s a good QB.”

    Dude…are you serious?!? Goodell showed NO CLASS by letting the players know via television or the internet that they were suspended! THAT is classless!! Seriously though, YOU need to shut up! Of course people aren’t going to side with Brees because he’s a GREAT Qb…they are going to side w/ him because they agree w/him! Geez!!

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