Michael Vick says he’s done talking about the past


With his book Finally Free coming out in September, Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has been talking about his past a fair amount in recent weeks.

He’ll probably be doing a bit more of that in the next month to help promote the book, but Vick says that will be it for talking about history. During an appearance on WIP in Philly, via SportsRadioInterviews.com, Vick said that he will simply tell those who want to know about his past that they can pick up a copy of his book because his lips will be sealed on that topic.

“I had say so over when the book came out and I chose to release it before the season started because I, over the last three years, have still had the tendency to still get the same questions over and over again, late into the season,” Vick said. “I released the book in September because I’m never answering these questions again. If I’m in the locker room and somebody asks me about my past, I’m just going to say, ‘I wrote about it.’ I never have to speak upon it again, ever, because I don’t want any distractions this year. I want this team to have a clear mindset.”

The idea makes sense, although it would have been a bit easier to believe that Vick didn’t want the release of the book to get in the way of the season if he didn’t pick the week the season starts for the release date. There are going to keep being questions, some of which will likely be asked for the first time based on information in the book. Vick can certainly refuse to answer those questions, but that will only lead to more questions and commentary about Vick’s refusal to talk about his past.

About the only way we figure the release of the book won’t lead to more discussion of Vick’s past just as the season starts is if Vick comes up with something else juicy about the future to distract the hordes.

30 responses to “Michael Vick says he’s done talking about the past

  1. Yeah he’s done talking about the past… So are all the dogs he killed/tortured cause they are all dead.

    Whose gonna speak for them? 2nd chance isn’t justice.

  2. I too would be tired of talking about the past if I were over-sentenced for making mutts fight. Not to mention losing 200 million dollars.

  3. What happens if the media asks him about something they read in the book? That will pose quite the conundrum for Vick. If he thinks too hard about it, he’s liable to strain something and be out 4-6 weeks.

  4. Those who ignore the past and doomed to repeat it.

    I know this guy is doing what he need to do, to stay in the NFL; but who would be surprised if your were on vacation in Costa Rica and Vick was at a dog fight near your hotel?

  5. He THINKS he’s done talking about his past but guess what the third line in his epitaph will be. When you have a signal event in your life, positive and certainly negative, it stays with you forever.

  6. Who cares what Michael Vick says? Any “normal” person would never get a “second chance” after being a convicted felon. He gets to be a millionaire because he can play football. Try to pass a background check for a “normal” job.

  7. It really isn’t up to him to decide. That conversation will be over when he is no longer a public figure. By virtue of playing in the NFL he must answer questions brought forth by the media including those about his past. Additionally, his image of being a animal-torturing brute is not helped by stiff-arming the media on questions about his mistakes. Continuing to be cooperative and open is the only way to continue repairing his image.

  8. Same people talking this dog s… has once had a dog in their neighborhood that they wanted to get rid of . Simple a wild pack of dogs are the most dangerous animals in the world . How many precious dogs attack kids or have killed kids . You dam idiots need to get your priorities right . Bad to kill dogs ok to get drunk kill people driving or beat a man to death .

  9. I have 2 dogs. I love them dearly. We all know what he did was wrong, but the vitriol people give to him for something he did his time for is disconcerning. He has done way less bad than other people in the league, but people are not letting it go.

    I would venture to guess hindsight is always 20/20 when you’re sitting in your Mom’s basement.

  10. Maybe Vick can write a book to answer the questions that will come up from people reading this book…does anyone else smell trilogy?

  11. If I had a past like Mike Vick’s, I wouldn’t want to talk much about it either. How many convicted criminals have $100 million contracts when they get out of prison though?

  12. Vick does not deserve my respect. He chose to murder dogs for fun and then lied about it. These are the facts and they should never be forgiven.
    David Duke served his time and he didn’t hurt anybody, when will blacks forgive him?

  13. The guy has tried as hard as he can to “walk the walk”, “talk the talk” and otherwise just put forth a humble face to the public. He was punished so severely, it still blows my mind. I completely agree, the issue is done. He was arrested, tried and punished via his freedom and his finances. Michael has talked about this subject ad nauseum and there is nothing left to say.

    He is a football player and that is where he and the media or PETA people need to focus.

  14. The man has served his time so it’s time to move on.The same people who cannot forgive Vick or the same people who says blacks should just get over the injustice that was done to them years ago…come on America we are better than that.

  15. Can any of you throw a football 60+ yards? Can any of you run a 4.4 forty? If the answer is no, then that explains why he gets a 2nd chance at his chosen profession. Let it go. If you don’t like him ok, but stop crucifying the man for his past.

  16. Actually, he DIDN’T serve his time. He never actually got charged with the cruelty he dished out.

    And to all the Vick apologists, I can only hope you get a taste of the cruelty he was responsible for, maybe then you’ll get it.

  17. He will always have people who will never move on past the dog fighting, he knows this, he’s just glad to play

  18. Would the past include his stupid “dynasty” comment? As a fan, I support him never referring to that again.

  19. It’s funny how most people above this comment just want to keep piling on top of Vick. Everyone makes mistakes. Some worse than others. But everyone also deserves a 2nd chance to be able to learn from their mistakes and try to move forward being a better person than before. I am a huge Vick fan and I’m also supremely disgusted with what he did to those dogs. But I’m not perfect and I have made some really bad mistakes, so I won’t judge him for his past. I wish more people would do the same. It’s easy to pile on someone when you have hindsight.

  20. I’m glad you are done talking about the past. You really do need to forget stealing paychecks from the Falcons without giving your best efforts to prepare (he admitted this).

    You do need to forget about the past where you made money off of dogs fighting and killing each other.

    You do need to forget about actually killing dogs that didn’t live up to your expectations.

    Too bad your coach doesn’t demand the same standard for your career performances. Kinda nice how dogs are held to a higher standard than you are.

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