Peyton Manning on talk that he’s back to normal: “I hate it”


If receiver Brandon Stokley thinks he’s doing quarterback Peyton Manning a favor by gushing about Manning’s abilities, Stokley needs to think again.

Manning doesn’t like it.

I hate it,” Manning told Peter King of

Manning hates it because he thinks he isn’t close to 100 percent yet.  He thinks he isn’t close to 100 percent yet not because of his surgically-repaired (four times) neck, but because of the regeneration of the nerves that lead to his throwing arm.

And so the question remains when, and if, he’ll be able to throw it deep.  Still, a former Manning coach (but not Tony Dungy) told King that Manning will be fine:  “If I were a Denver fan, I wouldn’t be worried about Peyton physically, because if he can’t zing the ball the way he used to, he’ll figure out a way.  He always does.'”

On Monday’s Dan Patrick Show, hosted by a certain Internet hack with whom you may be familiar, Dungy said that Peyton had been dealing with his neck problems for years — but that after missing all of 2011 he may end up playing more in the preseason.

And that’s when we’ll start to get an idea as to whether Manning can still get it done.  We’ll have a much better idea on the evening of September 9, when the Broncos host the Steelers to cap the first Sunday of the regular season.

13 responses to “Peyton Manning on talk that he’s back to normal: “I hate it”

  1. By back to normal, does that mean that we can expect about 2.5 hours of Manning commercials for every 3 hour broadcast?

  2. His work ethic is unreal. He refuses to stop working to improve. He’s probably better than 100% and doesn’t know it or refuses to see it. He’s an automatic, stone cold lock first round Hall of Famer. Best of luck, Peyton.

  3. Zzzzzzzz…all this can-he-or-can’t-he talk about Manning is exhausting. Let’s just wait until the season starts and see what he can do.

  4. i read (may have been here even) that he isn’t even attempting many down field passes at all.
    maybe peyton is right and he’s not close. maybe he never will be? maybe he will be better

  5. I think a few of you may have issued the other posting earlier, he is on a pitch count. He has been throwing deep balls, they have been getting caught. He just has not been filling his entire practice with deep balls. Who does? Manning could always go deep, but like every other qb, he does it only when he has to.

  6. Manning does what most of us say we wish other people would do. He shuts up and plays the game. He doesn’t brag or make wild predictions.

    What’s maddening is everyone else talking about him all the time, especially when he was looking for a new team.

    Personally, I don’t think that was his fault. Seriously, don’t you wish Revis and McNabb and Brees would just shut up and work hard in training camp like the Mannings do?

  7. So then he tremendously improved to not even close condition? Denver Bronco contract negotiations – Peyton, can you hear me? Peyton? Peyton, blink your eyes if you want millions of dollars. Peyton? I think he blinked – he wants to play! He moved, he’s OK!!!

  8. Love Peyton’s expression in that photo – looks like he’s having a hard time taking a Tebow before practice.

  9. Who cares what King Baby hates. Stokley has 2 rings to stat monger Manning’s one, he needs to just shut his self centered mouth and take some lessons from Eli on being a pro.

  10. ESPN and the NFL Network should be re-named the Peyton Manning Network. I am sick of hearing about him.

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