Peyton still not dialing it up deep


Broncos fans welcomed Peyton Manning to his first training camp in Denver with record attendance and all kinds of excitement. He has energized the organization and its fan base. But as we alluded to in our Denver Broncos season preview, unanswered questions about the 36-year-old quarterback remain.

Manning, who underwent four separate neck surgeries between March 2 of 2010 and September 9 of 2011, didn’t do a whole lot of deep-ball passing in OTAs and minicamps. In early July, Mike Klis of the Denver Post guessed Manning was 85 to 90 percent healthy, before suggesting Peyton might never rediscover the remaining 10 to 15 percent. Manning’s arm strength is a question mark, and he hasn’t answered it yet in training camp.

“Manning has looked better than most people believed he would so far,” ESPN’s Josina Anderson reported on SportsCenter Monday morning. “But here is a little bit of context: Yes, he’s looked good at the line of scrimmage. His balls have had zip. And the majority of them have been caught. But most of those balls have been short and intermediate, with only a handful of them long.”

Manning is on a pitch count in camp, and it sounds like one of his limitations is a cap on deep-ball tries. So while the entirety of Denver is thrilled with its new quarterback, fans and league observers may not know the extent of what remains in Manning’s tank until he plays extensively in a preseason game.

The Broncos’ exhibition opener is set for Thursday, August 9 at Chicago.

26 responses to “Peyton still not dialing it up deep

  1. He lost his deep ball before he got injured, luckily he doesn’t have to throw deep all game to win games this season cuz he’s Peyton Manning. He will find a way to win.

  2. Makes you appreciate the fact that Favre was still throwing those 70 yard bombs even on his last game… say what you want about the short bomb he sent via his final texts.. #onlyhuman

  3. A bigger question is how he will handle being sacked. There’s no way he will have the chemistry and the system mastery that he displayed in Indy. While he is working out the kinks, he is going to get hammered – a lot.

  4. “But most of those balls have been short and intermediate, with only a handful of them long.”

    Sounds like what 31 other starting QBs do.

  5. Also, as a person who you know, was actually there to watch and not try to make a story of it, Peyton has thrown deep balls.

    No, he hasn’t thrown many, but it’s early and camp and they’ve all been completions.

  6. Manning’s arm strength was a question mark in 2010 before the injury. This isn’t Joe Montana or QBs who played in balanced offenses well into their late 30’s.

    This is a Dan Marino type QB, Donavan McNabb. There’s a lot of mileage on that arm. When they approach their mid 30’s, they’re done.

  7. John Fox should be fine with this. After Delhomme had Tommy John surgery, his deep ball was non-existent. Just gotta bolster that run game and lean on the Tight Ends

  8. Well, too bad for Manning but with exception to Rivers the AFC west is full of soft arms. It will be about defense, and that’s where the Chiefs and Raiders have the better chance.

  9. Of course Denver is thrilled. They went from Tebow to Manning. Like going from a Ford Maverick to a BMW. Who cares if he lost a little on the deep ball. Its still going to be a big improvement…

  10. I was wondering if they were letting him toss it deep yet. All I heard were rave reviews about how great he looked in camp on ESPN this weekend. But all the vids were of him throwing check downs to RBs 5 yards away.

  11. guessed Manning was 85 to 90 percent healthy….which is 99.9 percent better than 99.9 percent of the remaining QB’s in the league

  12. Peyton Manning is on a rapid decline.

    The sign of a declining quarterback is his inability to connect on the long pass.

    Unfortunately, this bombastic egomaniac – who is a hit away from oblivion – bamboozled the Broncos into paying him a ton of money.

    Poor Bronco’s fans.

  13. It’s been 20 months since he threw a pass in a real game. His QB rating has been in a steady decline since 2004. He is 36 years old. He has the mobility of a tortoise. Good luck with that.

  14. BTW, am I missing something or is virtually everyone ignoring the elephant in the room??
    Won’t this season be considered a huge failure for Manning if he does not lead the Broncos to at least the AFC championship game—you know, since Tebow (whom most NFL pundits rightly consider an inferior QB talent) led the Broncos to the divisional round of the playoffs last year?

  15. This is hiliarious.

    They run Tebow out of town for a hospital bed and now people are worried if he can throw the deep ball.

    Manning is a joke who can’t play anymore because hes old and broken down. They better sign McNabb to back him up, thats all that left out there.

    Wait a second, is Jeff George still in shape?

  16. Does anyone do any research before they post on here or publish articles?

    I can tell you there have been at least three references to Manning making DEEP throws including two I believe for TD’s in training camp.

    This is nothing more than uninformed tripe designed to stir controversy.

    If you want news on the Broncos don’t read it here go to the Denver Post.

  17. i saw him drop some deep bombs on the money during training camp. not sure who everyone else was looking at.

  18. Haha… Even if he’s 60% of what he was that’s still better than 26 of the NFL’s starting QBs. Do any of you remember a guy by the name John Elway who won 2 Super Bowls at 37 and 38? And if he doesn’t stay healthy we cut him just like the contract reads. I saw him and he looks amazing.

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