Plaxico Burress is surprised no one wants him


Training camps are open and free agent receiver Plaxico Burress remains unsigned, and Burress is baffled by that.

Burress told ESPN’s Adam Schefter that he expected to have contract offers as soon as free agency started, and he assumed that in late July he’d be in camp with some NFL team.

“No doubt about it,” Burress said. “With some of the things I was able to do after being away for two years, I pretty much thought it spoke for itself. But I guess obviously not.”

Burress caught 45 passes for 612 yards and eight touchdowns last season, and he said he’s in much better shape now than he was a year ago. And yet no team seems to have any particular interest in adding Burress to its roster. That may be a result of concerns that Burress is more trouble than he’s worth in a locker room, but Burress said any perception that he’s not a good teammate is false.

“For anybody to say I was a problem in the locker room or anything like that is totally a lie,” Burress said. “All I did was come out, was a great teammate, tried to play the best football that I could play.”

Age is surely a factor in teams turning away from Burress. He’ll turn 35 in two weeks and isn’t as fast as he was when he was younger. In fact, Burress was already showing signs of slowing down even before he accidentally shot himself in the leg in 2008, ending his tenure with the Giants and landing him in prison for two years: Burress’s average yards per catch had declined for four consecutive seasons prior to his prison sentence.

But Burress says he doesn’t know why he’s not getting a chance.

“Some things you don’t have an answer to, but to me it’s just a matter of keep working hard, keep training, and keep building myself up to get back to the player I know I can be,” Burress said.

Burress may know he can be a productive NFL wide receiver, but 32 NFL general managers remain unconvinced.

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  1. Perhaps he, Terrell Owens, Roy Williams, Braylon Edwards and Mike Williams could start a band.

  2. I know everyone will say it but please lets stay away from the “plaxico and tiki barber were flabbergasted” comments lol……lets just say dumbfounded

  3. There’s a difference between being a “productive” wide receiver and being a wide receiver that’s worth wasting a year on.
    Better to go with a young guy who’s maybe not so accomplished, but has a lot more long term upside.
    He’s not gonna put any team in the Super Bowl with a one year shot.

    He’s just not worth it.

  4. now that riley cooper is out with a broken collarbone maybe the eagles will finally give him a look

  5. Obviously this has the makings of a reality show written all over it. It could air following Hard Knocks. Call it Washed Up.

  6. Surprised?? Why?? The league is clearly changing in many ways.
    Apparently the only one’s who don’t realize this are the one’s playing in it.

  7. He is just like all the other ego heads that still think they are great and then price themselves out of the market. I’m write sure if he would agree to a one year contract at the minimum for his years of experience, non-guatanteed that he would be signed quickly. But he would never accept that under the lack of respect phrase. But beggers can’t be choosers.

  8. It is because every team knows when given the opportunity, he will just shoot the team in the foot, er, leg.

  9. He can still play, but he wouldn’t be a starter. Normally, WRs that don’t start play on special teams, and I don’t think Plax can play special teams.

  10. Too bad. New York’s draconian gun laws took away the best years of Burress’s career. But hey, at least those laws work as intended, and by that I mean that they ensure that only the two most cooked elements of society have all of the guns.

    Cops and crooks.

  11. Every team is still waiting to see their young talent, once cuts start and they realize that their young recievers are not great, someone will want a big reciever that has some form of talent. i.e. eagles, even though the eagles are very stingy in waiving away their young players

  12. Unfortunately, where his diminishing speed in the later years of his career could have had him as a big body, go-up-and-get-it in red zone situations, the league changed while he was incarcerated. In a mere two years, teams learned what they had with big, athletic tight ends, and that has made aging wideouts of is age obsolete. Erasing the problems and diva factor, every step of the way, while saving a boat load of money.

  13. “Plax is better than a lot of #4 receivers and is still a legitimate weapon/threat in the end zone. I’m surprised as well.”

    As an Eagles fan I few to hate him as he burned us more than once. That said, id go further: He’s better than most number TWO receivers. I’m tempted to come out for my birds making an effort to get him (we’ve lost two WR’s in two days), but I can just imagine the PR on that one (Vick, Plaxico, ex-felons, etc).

  14. I’m sure there are a few teams that would want him but not for what he expects to be paid. Can’t tell me a team like the Bengals couldn’t use a red zone target opposite Green, or hell, even the Jets could use him in their upcoming wildcat packages (for his blocking alone). Some have made good points about teams having young talent you don’t want to stifle by taking reps away from them.

  15. Ask someone who drinks too much if they have a problem and the answer is always no. Everyone else can see that they do and don’t want to be around them. Just as TO before him, Plax can’t read the mood of the room created by his actions. The locker room he sees is different than the reality. I’m sure some of those guys weren’t on board with him and unlike Holmes, the organization isn’t tied to a bad contract.

    Plus, it’s not just the locker room you need approval from but also that of management. He had a rotten attitude and showed no humility. That and being 35 is why your phone isn’t ringing.

  16. I wouldnt mine seeing him in Chicago…. Plex still has alot to offer… Defenses will have to watch him or he will be on sports center highlight reel

  17. As a Giant fan I give Plaxico credit for the skillful things he did.In regards for his disipline problrms and his off-field stupidity he left a lot to be desired(putting it nicely).

    He had skills;he doesn’t have them anymore,but he still is an immature baby.

    Good Luck!!!

  18. Plaxico is over the hill. But he would have caught that TD in the AFC Championship game for Baltimore.

  19. The guy could be a decent role player for a team with a top-tier QB. He looked decent last year, and that was with Sanchez tossing him one-hoppers half the time.

  20. Some team will take a SHOT @ him. They will get a WR who can take a SHOT over the middle

  21. I heard one NFL analyst explain that while he does one thing very well (red zone fade pattern) he doesn’t have the speed or stamina to be a full time player should the #1 or 2 WR go down, and can’t play special teams. Plus he may or may not be willing to sign for veteran minimum. So that explains it, for now.

    He probably will be signed when someone gets hurt later on though.*

  22. Where is Houston … Johnson hurt already and Walter is the #2. If they think they have the AFC south won already they better think again especially if Chris Johnson gets on track.

  23. jjbadd385 says:
    Jul 30, 2012 10:20 PM
    I hear the Panthers may be kicking the tires on him..I still say my Broncos need to add a reciever


    Possibly, but the Broncos have two young outstanding receivers right now…..Thomas and Decker…..but no one really knows that yet. If Peyton is as good as the Peyton of old, these two will have breakout seasons.

    I watched Decker play for the Gophers, and he was outstanding. He had a very respectable year last year with Tebow as QB. Now that he has a guy like Manning throwing, I’m very excited for him. I’m a Vikings fan, but I will be looking for great things from the Decker/Manning/Thomas trio.

  24. It’s all about the red zone. He is a threat within 15-20. It’s worth a shot. Maybe the niners. Share the load with Akers?? Maybe cut the 35+ field goals ….. Just saying.

  25. this guys still a weapon, good teammate too, a real straight shooter, the league has ammunition not to sign him with his personal life backfiring on him. hope he doesn’t have to bite the bullet on this one, aim high plax you’ll get a shot eventually.

  26. Yeah he’s not great, but if the Eagles need to replace Riley Cooper as a tall, goalline #4 wr, I can’t think of anyone else. Its either him or Marvin Mcnutts.

  27. Plaxico got effed good. The man lost two years of his life and a chance to make millions.

    Now he is blackballed, no one will give him a chance. It’s a shame. His penalty far outweighed the crime.

    He was robbed.

  28. He’s just now figuring out that teams won’t pay for a migraine headache like him. He and T.O. are bookends, they both were barely worth the turmoil when they were at their best. Time to go get a real job.

  29. 35 isn’t old. Jerry Jones didn’t begin babbling incoherently about glory holes until he was twice that old.

  30. I think that the fact he doesn’t know why no one wants him explains why no one wants him.

  31. When your 30 and a top WR and you blow off meeting and just pay the fine, no one cares. But when you spend two years in prision and are suppose to be a changed man and still do the same thing with the Jets, will less skills. People tent to not be as forgiving…

    Not worth the trouble is dead on.

  32. Someone that low on the depth chart pretty much has to play special teams. I don’t think Plex has that kind of talent anymore.

  33. If he bulked up, he would make a decent TE. He already has most of the size, 10-15 more pounds would make him a decent receiving TE. His speed as a TE would be more than adequate, plus he probably runs better routes than most. He could be used like an Aaron Hernandez

  34. Plaxico Burress knows why he is not getting called…..he just does not want to admit it !The NFL is a young mans game and 35 is NOT a young man in the NFL.He has a history of locker room and off field issues that are not worth dealing with in the future with another team.He is just not worth the NFL minimum and possibly would not even work for that amount ! Forget it !

  35. Burress had talent some years ago but, at 35, he’s a bit long in the tooth now. His game antics and fines are well-documented and his personal brushes with the law and his imprisonment are too. There’s a lot of baggage w/Burress and it’s all of his own making. For him to play “Take a Chance on Me” now is ridiculous. It would help if he’d eat some humble pie for a change, rather than allow that huge mouth of his to rattle on.

  36. What we all forget in the Plaxico, Chad Johnson, Terrell Owens, conversation is these guys are guys who catch balls from QBs. If the QB sucks Nobody knows these guys. Yes some are better than others but the QB is the difference. Old WRs eventually are just old WRs

  37. Plaxico went in that club with a gun an he was wrong… That said I got shot in the leg almost in the same spot he did TRUST ME!!! Plaxico paid for having that gun because he was HURT very bad. Putting him in Jail was excessive an not letting him finish his career on his own terms IS OUT RAGEOUS. The only person Plaxico ever hurt was him self… No one else has to punish him

  38. You just can’t fix stupid. Character is who you are when it ain’t going your way and this guy simply has nothing.

  39. His height alone 6’7″ should draw some kind of interest, last year 8 touchdowns and almost 14 yards per catch aren’t bad stats, there are second stringers last year that don’t have those kind of numbers, I hope someone gives him a chance, if he can’t cut it well then we will know.

  40. there are teams that need you .ticket are on sale now plex. better get yours early before there gone and no team will let you in.

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