Tebow’s not making it rain, but making the best of it


It would be easy to imagine Tim Tebow getting on teammates’ nerves.

The attention. The crowds. The lack of conventional ability to throw a football.

Instead, his Jets teammates seem to love him, largely because he’s able to laugh at himself.

When the “shirtless Tebow running in the rain” became a thing Saturday (even landing him on the back cover of the Daily News) teammates were there to do what teammates do.

Maybe it was holy water,” Bart Scott joked, via Rich Cimini of ESPNNewYork.com. “How can you ever not accept somebody who has humility, who works hard, who’s a great teammate?”

Tebow showed his self-deprecating nature by peeling off his shirt in the meeting room for 30 minutes when teammates began giving him a hard time about the photos that went viral.

“Having Tim has been fantastic,” third-string quarterback Greg McElroy said. “He’s such a positive guy, he’s such a worker. It’s fun to see him. You hear all the stories about him, from college and the NFL, and now I finally get a chance to spend a little time with him.”

It’s good that he’s humble, because his play is apparently been less than divine. But as long as teammates aren’t aggravated by the sideshow, it might actually be an effective distraction from the normal circus that the Jets have become.

4 responses to “Tebow’s not making it rain, but making the best of it

  1. Just wait until he starts throwing teammates and coaches under the bus like he did in Gainesville and Denver (see Chris Leak, Brandon Lloyd, Kyle Orton, Brady Quinn, Josh McDaniels, etc.) or talking about how much better the team would be if everyone else just changed what they do to accommodate him. Just wait, its inevitable.

  2. Cuda you must be a Denver and a Gator insider. I have heard alot of things written about Tebow “none” of which detailed him throwing anybody under the bus. I just respect the guy a fan of football. He is not the best in any one thing but he compete and that’s all you want in a player in any sport.

  3. Ive been involved in alot of Tebow discussions as a Broncos fan. Ill just say this, when u see him play, you will never question his heart or desire..he gives it 110% everytime he plays. He get alot of bad press and he asks for none of the attention he gets, and ive never known him to throw anyone “under the bus”, its not his style. The Jets will get nothing but hard work and determination from him, even as everyone criticizes him. I wish him well and one more time i will say this…Tebow will succeed in the NFL, because he strives to win, and he is a winner.

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