Terrell Thomas likely to have scope on re-injured knee


The Giants updated cornerback Terrell Thomas’ status Monday afternoon after he re-injured his right knee in practice on Sunday and the news isn’t sounding any better for the player who missed all of the 2011 season.

An MRI confirmed that Thomas has an injury to the same ACL that he tore last season, the second time that he tore the ligament. The extent of the injury isn’t known yet and Giants vice president of medical services Ronnie Barnes said that an arthroscopic procedure will likely be needed to find out just how bad things are for Thomas.

“At this point, he will most likely undergo an arthroscopic procedure to determine the extent of the injury to the ACL,” Barnes said. “However, no decision has been made at this point. Terrell is going to consult with (Arthur) Ting, who performed an allograft reconstruction of the ACL in September.”

The Giants will keep their fingers crossed, but it is probably time for Prince Amukamara to start preparing himself for the starting job opposite Corey Webster. General Manager Jerry Reese will likely also be sifting through options to bolster the secondary. He could turn to safety Deon Grant, who played for the Giants the last two seasons, and the Giants could go back to the three safety look they played quite often in 2011. That would mean a lot of slot work for Antrel Rolle, which wasn’t a great use of his skills but might again be the best option for the Giants.

As for Thomas, another tear would be devastating for his career. He’d miss two straight seasons, almost certainly lose his job with the Giants (he has a $6 million roster bonus for next season) and be left trying to make the rare recovery from a third tear of the same ACL.