Terrence McGee worries about his future in Buffalo


Terrence McGee has been with the Bills since they took him in the fourth round of the 2003 NFL draft, and he’s been a very good player in Buffalo, both as a cornerback and as a kickoff returner. But McGee is worried that it may be coming to an end.

McGee still isn’t 100 percent healthy after suffering a torn patellar tendon in November, and he says he’s concerned that he won’t be able to show enough in training camp to demonstrate that he deserves a spot on the 53-man roster.

That’s one of my worries right now, and it was one of my worries in OTAs; will I have enough time to get in here and get right and compete for a job?” McGee told the Democrat and Chronicle. “I can’t control it right now, all I can do is go out there and work hard and improve on something.”

Although McGee accepted a pay cut and restructured his contract in February, he still looks at the Bills’ cornerback depth chart and wonders whether he’s good enough to make the team.

“I’m at the back of the line right now,” McGee said. “There are guys way in front of me right now.”

And McGee is running out of time to catch those guys. McGee’s time in Buffalo might be up.

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  1. Tough bout for McGee. Hard working corner but it seems like the bills are moving in a different direction. By drafting 3 corners in the last 2 years A.williams, Gilmore, and Ron Brooks. Even free agent cris hill is putting in work. Hopefully McGee gets his chance to continue his career on another team.

  2. McGee was a fourth round pick if I’m not mistaken. He’s been injured most of the past 3 years, hope he pulls through, he’s one of the longest running Bills. Plus, if he doesn’t make it then it makes cutting Drayton Florence an even dumber move.

  3. McGee is one of my all time favorite Buffalo Bills. He has given a lot to the team and I believe he can continue making his mark in Buffalo. He still has another 2 good years left in him. A sure tackler with great run support skills. He may not be as agile as he once was, but I wouldn’t hesitate to put him against the NFL’s top receivers.

  4. How could Terrence be so selfish & wonder about how long he will be staying in Buffallo??? Doesn’t he know the Bills don’t even know how long they will be in Buffallo!!

  5. Only player in history with a pic6 and kickoff return for a Td in the same game. One of my favorite bills ever and vastly underrated for his time in buffalo. I’d hate to see him go!

  6. He hasn’t stayed healthy. If it’s him or Justin Rogers I think McGee will be out. McKelvin would be the other name Bills fans will bring up to be cut. I think he makes the team because of special teams.

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