Ex-Bengals cheerleader: I’m not the female Jerry Sandusky

Former Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones, an ex-high school teacher facing sexual abuse charges after an accusation that she had sex with an underage student, says she’s angry that she’s being portrayed as a sexual predator.

I read on a blog that I was the female Jerry Sandusky. To read those things and not be able to comment, not be able to stick up for myself is not fair,” Jones told ABC News.

Jones has declined to answer directly whether or not she actually had sex with the boy, but she says the charges have been misconstrued.

“I think people are taking this whole student-teacher thing — yes, he was a student but he was not my student,” Jones said.

So does Jones think it’s OK for a teacher to have sex with an underage student, as long as the student isn’t in the teacher’s class? Jones hasn’t said that, but she has said that the boy’s parents support her.

“He was a family friend and I am very close to his parents,” Jones said. “Had it not been for their support it would be very difficult to get through this without them.”

Jones lost both her teaching job and her spot on the Bengals’ cheerleading squad when she was charged with sexual abuse.

47 responses to “Ex-Bengals cheerleader: I’m not the female Jerry Sandusky

  1. I don’t think this is a serious as it’s being made out to be. If the “victim” and his family are ok with this, then the legal system should be too.

  2. Gotta high five the dude for bagging an NFL cheerleader. He’s going to be a legend at that school

  3. but in all seriousness, this chick must not understand things like laws. if he’s underage, its illegal. that simple. yet she was supposed to be teaching kids…

  4. She’s a teacher and she was teaching him, she was just doing her job people! Lmao that kid is probably still giving fist bumps everywhere he goes. The parents probably support her because it saved them the trouble of “having the talk” with him

  5. Who decides what is under age? How do we know what is “of age”, it varies from state to state and country to country. I think Nature would be best at determining such matters.

  6. I’m a guy. When I was 14 I lost my virginity to a 38 year old female teacher. At the time I thought I was King of the Hill. It went on for two years and I thought I was the bomb!

    Later in life it turns out I had a form of PTSD not uncommon in young victims of abuse that doesn’t come about until later in life.

    We’re decades away from knowing how this affected him.

  7. I sincerely wish there was a teacher like that in my school. The only reason she gets persecuted is so that when it comes time that it’s a man with a girl, they can be consistent about nailing the guy to the wall. No one really cares about teenage boys getting some from a MILF. And if the boy had sex with a girl his own age, no one would blink.

  8. Is that her Friday night DUI mugshot or something? If we’re talking about some teenage kid having it out with an NFL cheerleader, at least give us a good pic.

  9. I am ok with this, only bbecause it was a female teacher/male student….if it was a male teacher/female student, I say throw his rump in jail. Is this wrong of me to feel this way?

  10. He’s 17 and she’s an NFL cheerleader! This is not a crime. This is the man who would be King.

    The reason the pic only shows her from the waist up is that he broke her in two!

    Like – I get the whole thing about children not being old enough to understand the consequences of their actions, and adults having all the power … but … he’s not a child, and he’s definitely not a victim.

    Where’s the link to her legal defense fund?

  11. Two things bother me about this story. 1. The guy told. What the heck is wrong with people sometimes? Had a good thing going and now he ruins it. 2. How come I never had a teacher like this when I was in school? I promise, I wouldn’t have said a darn thing. None of my teachers ever looked like this. But for some reason I would always popped a wooder in reading class.

  12. The clarify some of the details in this case:

    – Jones was 26 when this happened, the alleged victim 16. In Kentucky 16 is the age of consent. Under normal circumstances it would not be illegal for people of that age to get together.
    – the big issue is that Jones, as a teacher, is considered to have a position of authority over the victim. Even though she was not his direct teacher, the law is written rather broadly and forbids any kind of romantic/sexual relationship under those circumstances.
    – Neither the victim or Jones have admitted to a sexual relationship and there is some question as to whether the prosecution has any evidence they did anything.

  13. These laws exist to help parents protect their children from abuse or protect the child from abuse by parents.

    I don’t think the law is meant to protect the children from the parents allowing abuse or the parents should be charged. If a parent lets their 4 year old get involved with a teacher then we would charge the parents. So in this case if the parents let the child continue a relationship with a family friend either you charge the parents (and the teacher) or you charge no one.

    Her defense should be parental consent, but that may require self-incrimination so that’s risky especially since she was a district employee.

    Call in Franklin & Bash!

  14. Punk says: Jul 31, 2012 12:42 PM

    I’m a guy. When I was 14 I lost my virginity to a 38 year old female teacher. At the time I thought I was King of the Hill. It went on for two years and I thought I was the bomb!

    Later in life it turns out I had a form of PTSD not uncommon in young victims of abuse that doesn’t come about until later in life.

    We’re decades away from knowing how this affected him.


    I’m calling bs on this. You weren’t abused, you said so yourself that you thought you were king of the hill and the bomb. What you were doing was no different than what every other teenager does, which is have sex (the age of the other person doesn’t really matter psychologically since you were enjoying it so much). You may have been “abused” legally, but psychologically you were not abused. Find something else to blame your PTSD on.

  15. The issue is about power. Face it, and as I guy I know this, a 16 year old kid is in all likliehood an idiot. As a kid you are supposed to be naive (and as a result vulnerable – which is why you should hang out with kids your own age for most part).

    This was a grown woman in a position of authority having sex with a kid almost half her age.

    To make matters worse she was a family friend. Now it is not unreasonable if she was actually a close friend she didn’t instantly become one before what went down (and I doubt the incident brought them together and made them close as a result) so IF she was a close friend she knew the kid for years before all this went down. That means she knew the kid when he had to have been around 12 if not younger.

    Now all kidding aside, I don’t know how many people could be close with a 12 year old and then a few years later start having sex with them unless something is going wrong there.

    Yes she is pretty. Yes as a grown man (or a young one) we are designed taught to want to grab the most attractive person. But this isnt an issue of a one night stand. This was a sexual relationship with SERIOUS boundry issues.

    In the humble opinion of this guy, if it was my kid, I’d be outraged if my friends tried to have sex with (even worse succeeded) my kid.

    And by the way I’m suuuuureee (sarcasm) it was a perfectly normal, healthy, appropriate relationship that just happened to casually result in occasional sex between two people illegally that are half each other’s age one of which was a minor.

  16. mazenblue says:
    Jul 31, 2012 1:12 PM
    Billy: Tommy, what you doing after school?

    Tommy: I got in trouble. I have to go to Mrs. Jones house and mow her lawn.

    Billy: Tommy, what are you doing after school?

    Tommy: I got in trouble. I have to go to Mrs. Jones’ house to lay some pipe…

  17. I always knew the world was filled with ignorant, ignorant people. But the sheer numbers of them are simply astounding!

  18. Wow – interesting to see the role reversal of gender on this regarding this comment section. If it was a male teacher and female student…the tune of this comment section would totally be different.

    Doesn’t matter…it’s still wrong and illegal. The student will turn 38 years old one day and think to himself when he sees someone that’s in HS and go “Wow…that’s just wrong”.

  19. No question it’s illegal and debatable in terms of morality of the situation but I do agree with her in the fact that she’s not even close to being a female Sandusky.

    He was 16 and old enough to a) know what he was doing and b) strong enough to physically push away her advances and it’s unlikely she locked the room on him and forced him to do anything against his will.

    So yes it’s twisted on her part because she was the one that likely instigated the whole thing but just not Jerry Sandusky level of twisted.

  20. Does that say Kentucky on her sweatshirt? I thought the legal age of censent in that state was 12, 10 if your cousins. Come onnnn….mannn!! America needs to lighten up a little. This young man who was probably over 16 just lived a fantasy that every , well almost evry young man has. Like the Beatles sing..”Let it Be..”

  21. There’s a reason she’s banging a minor, and it’s probably not good. That being said there’s no way the underage “victim” should care.

  22. C’mon guys, lets not try to play armchair lawyer here like. 16 year old boys are the most perverted demographic we have. I was once a 16 year old boy. This kid hit the JACKPOT. I dont wanna hear any of that nieve innocent garbage, he knew perfectly well how awesome it would be to not only bag a cheerleader, but also a hot teacher at the same time. You have got to be kidding me! That is legendary.

    Do you remember being a 16 year old dude? This is awesome stuff! I dont want to hear no double standard anything, because they are put in place for a reason. Chicks can hit dudes but dudes cant hit chicks, you dont hear me yelling about a double standard!

  23. I took my friend’s 16 year old daughter to the Kenny Chesney/Tim McGraw concert on Sunday and some drunk drown man tried to “dance” with her and I about had a fit. I turned around when she called my name to see this guy…disgusting to even think about it. I grabbed the guy by his shirt with my left and my right in a tight fist and said, “Take your (expletive) butt down the stairs. NOW!”

    I don’t know why this world has a double standard when it comes to grown woman/younger boy vs grown man/younger girl relations but I couldn’t see myself letting what she did go and I can’t look at a girl I know to be under 18. When my kid is grown he can do whatever to all the Mrs. Robinson’s he wants, until then Mrs. Robinson had better keep her distance.

  24. Politically correct thing to say: That will deeply scar the young man, and he will need counseling and support to learn to live with the abuse he endured.

    The truth: The kid is an instant legend with his friends and will probably grow up to rule the world.

  25. This ranks right up there with steroids and perjury cases that prosecutors should not waste valuable tax dollars on.

  26. pooflingingmonkey says: Jul 31, 2012 12:13 PM

    I don’t think this is a serious as it’s being made out to be. If the “victim” and his family are ok with this, then the legal system should be too.

    Ain’t that the truth. Makes no sense. If everyone is ok with it, why is it a problem?

  27. Judging by that photo, the Bengals cannot use “distracted by the cheerleaders” as an excuse for being so bad.

  28. Pretty sure my dad would have patted me on the back then taken me out for ice cream if I banged this chick when I was underage. Jussayin.

  29. Crazy how some people think. So because the adult was a woman and the student was male, that means it’s ok? If a male teacher had sex with a student, they’d get heavier sentence and a scarlet letter. It’s wrong no matter what gender is involved

  30. Yes – I’d be a lot more angry if the student was a girl and the instructor was a guy.

    There is a legal precident at play here known as a “the double standard” (15 points if anyone can remember the name of the Cheers character who said something like this – and it was not Cliff).

    With regard to the kid’s age – there’s a big difference between 14 and 17, especially with guys. 14 year old boy, I’d have problems with it and I’d think she’s a kook.

    If he was 17 … I’d have zero issues with this. The fact that he’s 16 and that it sounds like a serious relationship … I need more data to draw a conclusion, but for now I’ll give them both the benefit of the doubt. The two of them may be insane, but so are most couples when you look at them closely.

  31. This is not my opinion on if its right or wrong. merely an observation of fact.

    In two states legal age is 16 with parental consent, 18 without.

    In this case he is over 16 and apparently there is parental consent.

    It also seems that he was just a few months from legal age in all 50 states.

    So apparently society doesn’t think its so outlandish.

    The DA seems to be pushing this just for the spotlight and recognition

  32. This kid was playing just-a-tip with a bengals cheerleader and he and his family have the nerve to say he was abused? Come on now that’s just stupid…I wish I could be abused by a hot (although you couldn’t tell from that picture) 26 year old flexible cheerleader and I know I would have told everyone I met about it

    But seriously the female Sandusky? This kid knew exactly was he was doing and I’m sure he was more than willing to take part in it so other than her being his teacher she wasn’t breaking any laws since he was old enough to consent to it…This kid should consider himself the luckiest guy in the world for having this happen to him

  33. Amazingly, this isn’t even a bad picture of her. She looks just as bad in most images I came across from a quick google search.

    At 17 I’d rather be hooking up with other 17-18 year old’s. They are hotter, firmer, & better in about every way.

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