Falcons coordinator calls Matt Ryan a Top 10 quarterback


Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan had career highs in passer rating, yards and touchdowns last season, but when he had a disappointing performance in Atlanta’s postseason loss to the Giants, there was talk that Ryan wasn’t delivering the way the Falcons needed from their franchise quarterback.

But Falcons offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter doesn’t see it that way. According to Koetter, Ryan is one of the 10 best quarterbacks in the league, and Koetter sounds confident that Ryan is going to lead an explosive Atlanta offense this season.

“How he’s won as a starter in the league, we think he’s a top 10 quarterback,” Koetter told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “His play backs that up. We have an excellent group of players on the offense. Players, offensive staff and coach [Mike] Smith are fun guys to work with. We have a lot of talent and a lot of guys that can make explosive plays.”

Many others don’t see it that way: When NFL Network unveiled the list of the Top 100 players in the league as voted on by their peers, 13 quarterbacks made the cut, but Ryan wasn’t one of them. And ESPN’s Ron Jaworski, who recently ranked all the league’s quarterbacks, put Ryan at No. 11.

PFT Planet, tell us where you think Ryan ranks.

55 responses to “Falcons coordinator calls Matt Ryan a Top 10 quarterback

  1. Yes.

    1-2-3 is Brees, Brady, Rodgers in any order.
    4-5-6 is Eli, Peyton, Big Ben in any order.
    7-8-9 I’d go Rivers, Ryan, Romo in any order.
    10 would be either Stafford or Newton.

  2. Ryan’s not a top 10 QB, but he is in that “next tier” of guys who can end up as a top 10 guy if he really steps up his game and one of the top 10 guys declines.

    11th-14th is about right, though.

  3. He’s right on the border with the likes of Flacco, Cutler, Cam, and Vick. You can easily make the argument for top ten or not top ten for any of them.

    Top 9 is pretty much set: Rodgers, Brady, Brees, Eli, Peyton, Big Ben, Rivers, Stafford, and Romo.

  4. Top 12 guy. He does a great job of not losing games, but isn’t always a game winner when he needs to be.

    Honestly, if he doesn’t take us to at least one playoff win with the offense tools he’s surrounded by, this is one Falcon fan who would like to see a movement for a changing of the guard.

  5. Well, he’s better than Flacco and Flacco is the best. Ryan must be god.

    Seriously, Ryan is 11-15 range. There are some good QB’s to compete with for QB rankings sake.

  6. Flacco is better than Ryan, Romo and RIVERS. Rivers has not won squat. Romo chokes in big games and for the msot part sucks. Ryan has had better weapons than Flacco and less success.

  7. Throwing to Julio Jones, Roddy White, Tony Gonzalez, and the occasisional 3, 4 and 5 WR plus a couple of RB’s would tend to make a lot of QB’s look better than they are. In crunch time, Ryan hasn’t proven to be a game-changer yet, so until that time he’ll have to be considered early to mid-teens.

  8. *Newsflash*

    Coaches want to give their guys confidence and keep the locker room happy all while answering the same inane questions from the media. Assistana Coaches are paid to coach, not do rankings. If you were to ask any coach what he thinks about one of the team captains, he always is going to say that he’s a great guy and special. What else is he going to say? “Don’t tell anyone, but I think are QB sucks and he is the reason why we lose.”

  9. He’s middle of the pack…he plays way too conservative to be an elite QB.

  10. QBs I’d take over Ryan:
    Brees, Rodgers, Brady, Eli, Peyton, Stafford, Romo, Big Ben, Rivers, Cutler, Newton. And if I was building a franchise I could probably be convinced of taking the potential of Luck or RG3 over Ryan.

    I’ll always group Ryan and Flacco together as players who have been surrounded by tons of talent and been given too much credit for their teams’ success.

  11. 3 playoff losses. Has never thrown for more than 200 yards in a playoff game. Top 3 pick and has been in the league 4 years now. Has an embarrassment of riches as a qb and still does nothing with them. If this kid didnt look like the Opie from Happy Days he would of been on the bench by now. His image has kept him in the league more than his play has. His sub-par arm hasn’t helped much either. I would rank 3rd in qbs and thats just his own division!!!

  12. Kind of sad when your OC doesnt think you are the best in the league.

    oh and Dstebb i would say stafford and newton are miles ahead of tony romo, hes seriously very weak.

  13. Matt Ryan = rich man’s Chad Pennington.

    Flacco has better arm strength, but is worse at reading coverages. However, Flacco has also won 4 playoff games (3 if you exclude that 2009 game against NE). Once Matt wins a few playoff games, then he can be a top-10 QB.

  14. Ryan is nothing more than the next generation of Tony Romo. Talent is there, potential is there, shows up for a solid regular season but can’t seem to make the push into the post season and when he does, it’s a choke show. When you’re surrounded by Roddy White, Julio Jones, Tony Gonzo and Turner for the occassional dump off, there’s absolutely no reason you can’t have the numbers Ryan has. Now that’s not to say a Matt Moore or Mark Sanchez could step in and be just as successful; Ryan surely has some promising qualities that keep him in the upper half of the leagus QB’s, but until he wins a playoff game, it’s hard to even consider him in the top 10 (which is why I see Romo out of the top 10, and Rivers barely in).

  15. Ryan’s a fine QB, but he’s not going to crack the top ten until he wins in the playoffs. He’s got an 0-3 record, and his team got whomped the last two times, including a loss to the Giants where his offense was shut out.

    I’m not saying it’s fair, but until he sees some postseason success, he’s as high as he’s going to get.

  16. Seriously the NFL needs to drug test some these athletes, first Ryan Khali guarantees a Panther Super Bowl & now this? & Don’t forget Joe Flacco who somehow believes he should be paid more than Tom Brady? WTF is going on?

  17. Considering his choke jobs in the playoffs, he’s not even top 15. Hell, Sanchez has won FOUR playoff games on the road…and he’s regarded as top 17-20 qb.
    This isn’t baseball. Stats are overrated. Win big games.

  18. Yes he is.


    E. Manning
    P. Manning
    On the verge:

    Ryan (tie)
    Stafford (tie)

    That’s your top 10 right there.

  19. Flacco outperforms Ryan right now, and that with Torrey Smith, Anquan Boldin and Ed “Big Drop” Dickson, and Cam Cameron running the offense. Not saying those are bad weapons, especially Torrey Smith who will be one heck of a player in this league, but they’re not Roddy White, Julio Jones and Tony G.

    Give Flacco (or any other QB not named Matt Ryan) those weapons and they’d be a pro bowler. That talent is wasting away on that team with Ryan as the QB.

  20. For the life of me, I can’t understand fans & the media trying say how good this guy is. He’s surrounded with the best offensive weapons in the league and STILL can’t win in the playoffs. The guy reached his peak in 2008 and the only reason his reg. season stats have gotten better each season, is they keep giving him more and better tools. But when it’s money time the guy shrivels into the fetal position. One of these days soon they’ll pull the plug on this guy, but by that time the Falcons window will have slammed shut and it’ll be ANOTHER 45 years before they legitimately talk about a Super Bowl victory!

  21. As a Falcon fan, I’d say 10-15th is fair and accurate. I can’t wait to see what he does under another OC, unfortunately I have zero faith in Dirk.

  22. You asked for PFT Planets’ opinion, here it is: we don’t care where the Falcon’s staff has Ryan rated. As a Ravens fan, I am so damn sick and tired of the media feeling the need to quantify players, many of which have few similarities to one another other than the positions they play. Just like Flacco is the right guy for the Ravens, Ryan is the right guy for the Falcons. It has been said over and over, but this is the ultimate team sport and while its easiest to put the praise or blame on the QB, it is the WRONG opinion in this case. Ryan got ZERO help from his line last year in that playoff game, sorta the same way the Ravens’ o-line almost comp th letely let them down against the Texans in the playoffs, but were saved by their defense and Flacco putting two Td throws right on the money. So there’s your answer: we can’t stop, others from quantifying player rankings Doesn’t mean you have to report it like its “news.” Camp has started everywhere, surely you guys can find better things to run now that there is actually NFL news.

  23. Ah yes Matty Ice,

    What’s his away record from the dome?

    Has he thrown for more than 200 yds in a playoff game?

    Has he won a playoff game?

    Why is this a debate on where he stands because he’s slightly above average with ridiculous talent surrounding him.

  24. If his coordinator says he’s “Top 10”, he probably really thinks he’s top 15. He’s gotta pump up his guy a little. You can win with him, but you’re not going to win because of him.

  25. Everyone on this comment string is pretty retarded. The only non-elite part of Ryan’s game is arm strength. He’s elite at avoiding sacks, avoiding turnovers, and pre-snap recognition. Accuracy is probably not elite, but he’s certainly in the top ten in accuracy.

    What do you think Tom Brady prefers? An elite offensive line or elite receivers? He has both. Brees also. Rodgers not so much with the o-line but rodgers is on another level

    Look at the playoff losses. Last year the giants front four mauled the falcons patchwork o-line. Baker hurt his back mid season, and right guard was a problem all year. McClure is fine but old. That same giants team severely disrupted the rythym of Rodgers and Brady’s offenses and btw won the super bowl last year.

    The year before, did anyone watch that game? Rodgers had the single greatest playoff game for a QB in the history of the NFL. Watch the highlights. The throws he made were unreal. No QB could hang with Rodgers that game.

    The other playoff loss, Ryan was a rookie. Give me a break.

    If Baker is healthy and can be an average LT this season, and Konz can hold down right guard, Ryan will throw for close to 5,000 yards this year.

  26. Football Outsiders rates every play of the regular season. They take into account down and distance. They put Ryan at #6, ahead of Rivers, E. Manning and Rothlesberger. Doesn’t sound outrageous to me. Manning stepped it up in the playoffs, but lost a lot of games during the season.And Rivers and Big Ben didn’t do much last year.

  27. This reminds me of Rondo saying he believed he was the “best PG in the NBA” a few days ago.
    Ryan may or may not be a Top Ten QB but the statement is far from unfathomable.

  28. I’m sorry but some of you guys are clueless. Neither Ryan or Romo are top 10. Ryan is slightly better then Romo but both are in the mid to high teens.
    Elite, no question, in any order you want. Eli, Rodgers, Brady, Brees, Peyton. The next group is Big Ben, Rivers, and I would put Flacco in there. All of those guys besides Rivers have won multiple big playoff games besides having huge talent. Rivers is on list because he is that talented.
    The next group is now pure talent cause no other qbs have proven tone big time winners. 9- cam newton, I don’t care about it was one year, he is a stud and will be top 5 very soon. 10- stafford, can throw with anyone in nfl. 11- hates me to say it Vick. He’s injury prone but so is Romo, and Vick when healthy is a lot more dangerous. After 11 it’s pretty close with rest of group of Shaub, Cutler, Ryan, Romo, Alex Smith, and a healthy Sam Bradford.

    There are a llllllot of talented qbs in NFL, you cant rank by just fantasy numbers. What has always defined that position is ability to win big games. Romo and Ryan are a dime a dozen in the NFL

  29. Matt Ryan, has been top 5 in ESPN’s Total QBR rating, Top 6 in PFF’s rankings, won 43 games in 4 years, including 12 gamewinning drives. He’s got a 2-1 TD INT ratio, and he’s one of the best QBs in the league on 3rd down. He’s coming off a near 30 TD season, with 4K+ yards.

    He’s accomplished this, in a system built around Michael Turner a great RB, but completely one dimensional, who adds virtually nothing to the passing game.

    He’s accomplished this with poor protection from a weak interior OL, a horrific bust at LT in Sam Baker, talented wide recievers who were handcuffed in a Mike Mularkey scheme that’s route tree had no screen passes, and was comprised of mostly outs and comebacks, with little or no opportunity for YAC.

    He accomplished this with one of the worst 3rd down defenses in the league. Consistently at a disadvantage in TOP and field position because the defense can’t get off the field.

    Matt Ryan has to do more to prove he’s elite, and that’s win in the playoffs. That said, I have no doubt he is a top 10 QB. He’s far better than the lazy media and the idiots on the comments sections give him credit for.

  30. There is only one real measure of a top-notch QB – has he led his team to a SB win with under two minutes left in the game?

    Roethlisberger, Brady and Eli can all say yes to that question.

  31. Falcons lost last 3 years to…
    Giants – won Super Bowl
    Packers – won Super Bowl
    Cardinals – lost Super Bowl

    I’m I the only one that noticed?

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