Former NFL running back Art Malone dies at 64

Art Malone, a running back who played five NFL seasons for the Falcons and two for the Eagles, has died at the age of 64.

A second-round draft pick of the Falcons in 1970, Malone finished his NFL career with 2,457 yards rushing and 1,465 yards receiving. His best season came in 1972, when he scored 10 touchdowns and gained 798 yards on 180 carries, plus another 585 yards on 50 catches.

At Arizona State, Malone is being remembered as one of the best players in school history, a two-time all-conference running back and a member of the school’s hall of fame.

Malone’s brother Benny Malone was also an Arizona State star, a second-round draft pick and an NFL running back for seven seasons, with the Dolphins and Redskins.

A memorial service is scheduled for Saturday. No cause of death has been announced.

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  1. Art Malone wasn’t just an ASU legend, he is also an Arizona high school legend. The Eloy High teams that the Malones played on are regarded as some of the best in state history. The run of the Cade brothers and the Malones are some of the legendary seasons of Southern Arizona football. RIP Art, you are a legend in AZ.

  2. Hello, kingdm8

    I am Benny’s oldest daughter and we cherish, are humbled, and thank you for your kind and thoughtful words. Our family has always loved the support and respect the fans have unconditionally given. God Bless. My uncle was a great uncle, father, and athlete. He will be missed.

  3. kingdm8, it could not have been better stated. As an Arizona resident, we still hear tales of the legendary Malones. Goodspeed, Art.

  4. Don’t have many memories of Art (probably cause Falcons weren’t on TV much where I live back then) but I’ll never forget Benny and his unusual running style. Never seen anything like it before or since.

  5. Growing up in Atlanta, playing back yard football with my older brother … one of us was Art Malone the other was Dave Hampton. I’m sorry to hear he’s no longer with us in body but still with us in Spirit/memories. Thanks for being a part of our lives Art and wish only the best to the family.

    Go Falcons…

  6. I knew Arthur Lee through his BFF in Eloy, Paul Ray Powell. BOTH of them went to ASU together from Eloy. BOTH were ALL Americans. Paul Ray loved the Malone family and told me Art was the toughest running back in the NFL as well as being a wonderful and loyal lifetime friend.


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