Fred Davis suggests single use led to multiple failed drug tests

Redskins tight end Fred Davis must have enjoyed his stint as a lawyer earlier in the offseason.

Davis represented himself in a lawsuit against a celebrity broker accusing him of harassing her, but he was in a less formal setting on Tuesday when discussing the multiple failed drug tests that led to his suspension for four games last season. Davis took issue with the idea that he continually failed drug tests by arguing that he was set up to fail the tests because of the way marijuana remains in the system after smoking it.

“So, it’s one of those situations where you guys are all like, ‘Oh, you failed it again and again,'” Davis said on 1o6.7 The Fan in D.C., via Sarah Kogod of the Washington Post‘s D.C. Sports Bog . “No, it was three weeks in a row they test you, and anybody who smokes weed knows that weed isn’t going to be out of your system in a month. So, of course they’re gonna say it’s repeated.”

One could counter that not smoking marijuana would keep you from the first failed test and the consequences of such a testing schedule, but there’s no point in rearguing something that’s already happened. Now is the time for Davis to stop talking about the circumstances of his suspension and turn all of his attention toward the season so he can put up the kind of performance that gets him the long-term deal that eluded him this offseason.

On that front, Davis said that it’s been almost a year since he’s smoked marijuana so he’s already one step ahead of staying on the field than he was this time last year.

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  1. I passed a drug test one week after smoking… if you work out and sweat a lot and stay away from fatty foods it will leave your system faster.

  2. I was a div 1 colleigate athlete who was regularly tested for peds and drugs. with a failed test, they test you in consecutive weeks thereafter to ensure the level of said drug decreases. either he kept smoking after the failed test or someone was fixin’ to keep him out of the game. methinks he said “F it, i already failed once”

  3. As dumb as Fred David is, and he is really dumb, he has a valid point. Three failed tests in three weeks does not make it three proven uses of the illegal substance, it simply makes it three failed tests. Stretch out the tests and take away their lame excuses.

  4. He is full of it! One time usage of mary jane will leave your body after a few days… maybe 10 days at tops. Now if you smoke multiple times…

  5. That’s not a counter point because it doesn’t attack the validity of his point that one use could lead to “repeated” failures under the current testing structure.

  6. I don’t condone drug use, but here’s the newest excuse category: marijuana metabolites.

    It’s sounds plausible to a degree because drug metabolites can stay in your system for a long time. However, very few will believe him.

  7. Weed only stays in your system longer than a week or two if you are a pretty regular user.

  8. Oddly enough, Doctors disagree with Prof Davis’ estimate of how long THC metabolites can be detected in a urine test after ingestion.

    “Some THC metabolites have an elimination half-life of 20 hours. However, some are stored in body fat and have a elimination half-life of 10 to 13 days. Most researchers agree that urine tests for marijuana can detect the presence of the drug in the body for up to 13 days.”

    It depends on how much weed you smoke because the THC metabolites are stored in fat when you smoke heavily. If you only smoke a little weed the THC metabolites do not get stored in fat and are gone in 20 hours.

    So, Prof Davis, it appears that your assertion is negated. You could not have failed multiple tests over a one month period because of a single use of MJ.

  9. what if these guys have medical prescriptions in CO or CA? do they still get the suspensions?

    i can see still suspending a player with a prescription for steroids or something similar because it is performance enhancing. but marijuana is not performance enhancing, just illegal. with a valid prescription (and assuming it is consumed in the particular state) MJ is neither illegal nor performance enhancing.

  10. “No, it was three weeks in a row they test you, and anybody who smokes weed knows that weed isn’t going to be out of your system in a month. So, of course they’re gonna say it’s repeated.”

    Typically anyone who smokes weed should not be commenting on the pharmacokinetics of the drug when they have no idea what they are talking about.

    It was said before, a one-time or rare user (which Fred Davis claims to be) will typically only have it in their system for a few days. A habitual user may have it in their system for 1-2 months.

  11. And there you have it. Nobody knows how long it takes for cannabinoids to leave the body.

    Everyone’s metabolism is different, and a very large man could retain traces of metabolites for over 6 months. Additionally, if Mr. Davis had been a regular smoker up to that point, there’s absolutely no question he would test positive for several months with a urinalysis test. If he was clean, a blood test would have revealed a negaitve test within 10 days.

    Let us not forget, the cannabinoid metabolites they detect in these drug screens are not cannabis. They are what the body creates when the cannabis is broken down in our systems. It is stored in fat cells (and a big man has lots of cells), that’s why it stays in the body for so long.

    The feds have blocked most research into many questions that come not only from opponents of cannabis, but supporters too. Make it legal and let’s move past this type of petty dialogue.

  12. it’s certainly not a PED and so it shouldn’t be banned for that reason. on the other hand, there are many examples of guys letting it mess up their careers (Charles Rogers, anyone?) and i understand why teams and the league would want to discourage its use.

    i’d tell players: weed’s great and all, but you’re a professional now and there’s no room for laziness. put your piece in storage until you retire.

  13. So when did he start getting clean results? Seems pretty odd that theyd test 3 or 4 consecutive times then stop testing all together if he was still coming up positive. Should be legal anyways though.

  14. Fred, Fred, Fred……….only regular users of ganja call it “weed”. Talk about self incrimination!

    Put down the pipe and get to work.

  15. Fred is right. He’s still an idiot but he’s right. The tests are too close together and wouldn’t give an accurate reading of drug use if the marijuana is still in his system.

  16. actually weed only stays in your system for 30 days if you are a habitual smoker. If he only did it once, it probably would have left his system in a few days. Being a professional athlete helps get it out of your system much faster than a normal person too. THC sticks to fat cells. Getting your metabolism up and burning fat cells will get the THC out of your system quicker.

    it’s a stupid lie over a stupid situation. The whole reason it’s called a substance abuse policy instead of a drug abuse policy in the first place is because marijuana isn’t a drug.

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